[VIDEO] Trump Will Sign Epic “Buy American” Executive Order Today
August 6, 2020 (2mo ago)

Trump supporters cheered after the administration announced the president would finally sign his “Buy American” executive order today. Watch:

More details here:

President Trump is expected to sign an executive order Thursday that White House trade adviser Peter Navarro touted as “pure Trump” in an interview with “CBS This Morning.”

“What this executive order does, it’s a beautiful thing,” Navarro said. “It sweeps away some of the regulatory barriers to traditional manufacturing, pharmaceuticals on our shores here. And innovation so we can keep drugs’ prices down.”

The order will require the U.S. government to buy medicines it deems “essential” from American companies, and is also designed to roll back regulations on drug manufacturing.

“If we’ve learned anything in this pandemic, it’s that we are dangerously dependent for our pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and equipment on the rest of the world,” Navarro claimed. [CBS]

President Trump will deliver a speech on the matter today, in Ohio.

Big Pharma is already whining about the executive order. Their cries are like music to our ears.

Make America Great Again.

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  1. LOVE his Drudge replacement. Shame Drudge sold out, but seems to do a good job as a replacement.

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