The only thing more shameful than the BLM and Antifa rioting, looting, and destruction visited on the American people has been the utter worthlessness of the GOPs response to it.

Unfortunately, the weakness, fecklessness, and low-status behavior that Americans have come to associate with the GOP has had its influence on President Trump himself. As a result of this influence, the President has adopted the unfortunate habit of endorsing SWAMP establishment approved GOP congressmen over insurgent, America First alternatives.

This habit has existed for quite some time–what is notable, however, is that in the past few weeks THREE of these SWAMP GOP congressmen LOST to insurgent primary challengers DESPITE the President’s endorsement.

REVOLVER EXCLUSIVE TIP:  Much in the same way that Big Tech companies, with the support of SWAMP Republicans like Kevin McCarthy, outsource American IT jobs to inferior but more compliant labor from India and China, President Trump has effectively outsourced the decision making with respect to congressional endorsements to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. 

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The only exceptions to this practice involve cases in which the President has a personal vendetta, as with Rep. Massie and, most notably, former Senator Sessions.

Let’s take a look at recent cases of candidates endorsed by Trump at the behest of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who lost to insurgent rivals.

Case 1: Denver Riggleman vs Bob Goode (VA-5)

Denver Riggleman entered and left congress to little fanfare—and for good reason, the man was unremarkable in every respect.

He did, however, enjoy President Trump’s endorsement despite advocating for neoconservative foreign policy and, equally disturbing, aggressively promoting H1B immigration policies that would destroy the livelihood and prospects of his fellow Americans.

For a more extensive account of Riggleman’s beatrayal of the America First agenda, please see Colonel Douglas MacGregor’s piece HERE 

Here is President Trump’s endorsement:

Even the words of the President could not help Riggleman—showing that the America First message is stronger than any man, including the President.

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Riggleman lost to Bob Goode, a former employee of Liberty University.

Case 2: Madison Cawthorne vs Lynda Bennett (NC-11)

Even more recent than Goode’s victor is the victory of 24 year old CEO Madison Cawthorne over Lynda Bennett, who enjoyed the support of both President Trump and Lynda Bennett.

Although he ran insurgent, underdog campaign, it remains to be seen whether Cawthorne, the youngest man congressman-elect, will govern according to America First principles. Cawthorne has sent troubling signals that he might in fact govern as a repackaged neoconservative, much like his stated idol, war-hawk Rep. Dan Crenshaw.

Cawthorn: Well, gosh, they might have said that’s what they wanted to, but my goodness they have failed. You know, (Texas Republican Congressman) Dan Crenshaw is a little more centrist than I am. But I think Dan Crenshaw’s done the best job of talking about how the message of conservatism is that we believe in personal responsibility and freedom. [See Full Interview HERE]

Nonetheless, Cawthorne’s victory is a testament to insurgent energy, and to the diminished influence of the McCarthy inspired SWAMP endorsements on the part of the President.

Case 3: Lauren Boebert vs Scott Tipton (Colorado-3)

Lauren Boebert ran a successful insurgency campaign against incumbent Scott Tipton. Boebert, a gun owner and champion of Second Amendment Rights, repeatedly attacked Scott Tipton for being insufficiently conservative, and for deviating from the platform that Trump ran on in 2016.

Despite this, Trump endorsed the swamp candidate Tipton

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And Tipton, despite this endorsement, lost


President Trump’s misjusgments are not limited to endorsements of SWAMP congressmen.

His kow-towing to the SWAMP  has been most conspicuously evident in personnel choices—appointing Never-Trumper social climber and Lindsey Graham accolyte Nikki Haley to a cabinet post, even after she compared the President to Dylan Roof, the terrorists who shot up a black church in South Carolina.

Jim “Mad Dog” Mattis, John Bolton, former Chief of Staff John Kelly… the list of SWAMP creatures who served and continue to serve in the Trump administration is much longer than the list of original America First advocates who remain.

The America First agenda is bigger than Trump, its imperfect vessel at the time being. Luckily, for all of his faults and misjudgments, the President does have instincts when it comes to political survival.

Recent reports of Trump beginning to trust those instincts over his globalist son in law Jared Kushner are encouraging.

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The American people must learn to demand the leadership that they  need and deserve.