Revolver Exclusive: Mike Braun Will Withdraw ‘Qualified Immunity’ Bill
July 1, 2020 (1mo ago)
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UPDATE: Multiple sources now indicate Senator Mike Braun has backtracked under pressure and is refusing to pull the bill.

UPDATE: Despite multiple sources confirming Senator Mike Braun intended to withdraw the qualified immunity bill, our sources now indicate Senator Mike Braun has backtracked under pressure and is refusing to pull the bill.

Ryan Girdusky has confirmed our reporting.

We will keep you updated on this important story.


Revolver News has learned from an inside source that Senator Mike Braun of Indiana will be withdrawing his bill to reform qualified immunity because it is being absolutely slammed in the state of Indiana.

This comes on the heels of Senator Braun’s disastrous performance on Tucker Carlson, which was widely panned by populists and conservatives.

The Indiana State Police Alliance strongly opposed Senator Braun’s bill.

Senator Mike Braun is a rookie, so maybe he became a little too overconfident and a little too dependent on the dishonest mainstream news media, which President Trump has labeled ‘fake news’ and the ‘enemy of the people.’ In any case, Senator Braun would do well to reconnect with the American people and his constituents in Indiana, and forget about what CNN is saying.

You can watch the full Tucker Carlson segment here.


4 responses to “Revolver Exclusive: Mike Braun Will Withdraw ‘Qualified Immunity’ Bill”

  1. I am from Indiana.. I know Mike Pence and you Senator are no Mike Pence… You have brought unwanted attention to our great State and you should be voted out of office for it.
    Retired Police Officer with a big family & a LOT of friends.

  2. He will be very well respected if he comes out and says this publicly that he does not support the bill anymore. And he should go on Tucker and personally thank him for saving his career

  3. I expect we will have to spank a lot of Republicans before they FINALLY get the message. STOP THE MADNESS!

    I don’t give a rat’s patoot about platitudes, virtue signalling, and pandering. DO SOMETHING POSITIVE!!

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