Kyle Rittenhouse Did Nothing Wrong: All Available Evidence So Far Points to Clear-Cut Case of Self-Defense
August 26, 2020 (1y ago)

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In the aftermath of last night’s looting, arson, and carnage in Kenosha, Wisconsin, all of the nation’s attention is now focused on 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse, who allegedly shot three looters, killing two. Authorities arrested Rittenhouse in his Illinois home Wednesday, charging him with first-degree murder as an adult. A fair and honest look at the available evidence strongly suggests that these charges are not warranted. The authorities, in charging Rittenhouse with first-degree murder when all available evidence clearly points to self-defense, apparently desire to kneel before a frothing mob rather than ensure justice is served.

The charges against Rittenhouse reflect two separate shooting incidents. Both incidents were caught on video from multiple angles and clearly show that each shooting victim attacked Rittenhouse in a manner that could reasonably be construed as life-threatening.

In the first shooting incident, Rittenhouse shoots a rioter in the head after a mob of rioters rushed a car dealership that hadn’t been burned down during the previous night of looting. Rioters can be heard on video calling to burn down the dealership.

Here is video of the mob approaching Car Source.

At one point, a man charges at Rittenhouse in a very menacing way. After running out of room to retreat, Rittenhouse opens fire multiple times, killing the man. Watch the graphic video:

Here is the man who is charging at Rittenhouse. You can clearly see that he is the man who is ultimately shot dead, marking Rittenhouse’s first victim.

In the next video, we see what happened in the first shooting from a different angle. This angle is even more exculpatory for Rittenhouse. Before charging at him, the looter who was shot dead appears to throw a Molotov cocktail at Rittenhouse. Rittenhouse can be seen retreating even more clearly in this video.


Here are the screenshots that show Rittenhouse’s victim flinging a Molotov cocktail at him while Rittenhouse retreats.

Here is yet another video with multiple simultaneous angles of the shooting event.

Clearly, Rittenhouse is both in retreat, and has a reasonable expectation that his life is in danger. Both are conditions of reasonable self-defense in the state of Wisconsin.

Under Wisconsin state law, a person “is privileged … to use force against another for the purpose of preventing or terminating what the person reasonably believes to be an unlawful interference with his or her person by such other person.” In plainer terms, you can use force against another person if you reasonably believe force is necessary to prevent the imminent death or serious bodily injury of yourself or another.

The law does not require that you become injured before using self-defense. It doesn’t even require you to actually be in any danger. Instead, the law is all about what you reasonably believe under the circumstances. [Nicholson, Gansner & Otis, S.C.]

Although we at are not offering any legal opinion or advice, it certainly seems that Rittenhouse would have been reasonable to assume that a looter throwing a Molotov cocktail at him and then angrily charging directly at him constituted a serious, imminent threat. Furthermore, Rittenhouse had a gun and the looter could have reasonably been expected to take the gun upon charging him and wrestling him to the ground.

Available evidence from the second shooting incident provides an even clearer example of reasonable self-defense. In this case, as Rittenhouse retreats after the first shooting incident, more looters identify him as the possible first shooter and furiously pursue him, shouting “beat his ass.” Rittenhouse falls to the ground, and shoots a looter who was beating beat him with a skateboard. He then shoots another looter, who was attacking him while brandishing a pistol, in the arm.

Here is the video of the incident:

More video showing initial pursuit:

Here is the incident in ultra slow motion:

Again, we at are not offering legal advice, but if shooting members of a violent mob pursuing you — one of whom is beating you with a skateboard while you are down and the other brandishing a pistol at you — isn’t self-defense, it’s hard to say what is.

Video interviews from before the shooting that Rittenhouse was in Kenosha with anything but murderous intentions. He actually had a medic kit and was very active in tending to the wounded on the scene. He also expressed a desire to protect local businesses.

Rittenhouse was also spotted cleaning up graffiti in the daytime, hours before the shooting event occurred, according to a Getty image captured here.

Will Rittenhouse be defended as the mob and media proceed to bury him? Ultimately, it is likely to be a question of courage in the face of relentless evil, and not a legitimate dispute over whether his actions could reasonably be considered self-defense. Thankfully, as Revolver News has reported, many conservatives are doing the right and brave thing and coming to Rittenhouse’s defense on the basis of the available evidence. From what we’ve seen so far, Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing wrong.

READ MORE: Conservatives Explode in Righteous Anger After Kenosha Announces Prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse

Of course, it is deeply sad when anyone gets shot or killed. Every human life has inherent worth. It is worth concluding with a couple thoughts on the context which led to this sad outcome. First, although Kyle Rittenhouse was acting in self-defense and did nothing wrong, it probably wasn’t wise for him to patrol the streets with a gun in the first place. Quite simply, there is little good that can come out of a situation like that, and it was probably not the wisest thing for Rittenhouse to come into Kenosha from out of town even if his intentions were good.

Secondly, and most importantly, misguided young adults like Rittenhouse would have no reason to attempt to defend Kenosha against violent looters if the authorities whose job it is to do so had the will and the ability to stop the riots themselves. It is simply an absurd situation for this type of looting and violence to go on without any serious response.

Governor Tony Evers of Wisconsin is a fraud, a joke, and a disaster.

Only after bodies started piling up did the failed Democratic governor finally accept help from President Trump.

We will see if the federal agents have the ability or the resolve to stop the looting and the violence. They cannot be everywhere at once. That’s why we have local police officers.

As Revolver has stated repeatedly, the only way to stop this once and for all is for Attorney General Barr to get serious, get tough, and start throwing real charges against the most egregious participants in these riots and their organizers. The time for tough talk is over. Now is time for action on the part of trained professionals whose job it is to restore peace and tranquility to the hard working citizens of Kenosha, and to the increasing number of disturbed American citizens who look at their cities burning and wonder who the hell is in charge.

FLASHBACK: DOJ Deliberately Resists Pressing Charges as Portland Burns

READ MORE: Conservatives Explode in Righteous Anger After Kenosha Announces Prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse

For more video analysis, see below.

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1 year ago

Barr? You cannot be serious. He has a full time job covering up for multiple pedophile rings.

Keith Daryl Cameron
1 year ago

None of this would happen if our so called leaders would take charge.

Keith Daryl Cameron
1 year ago

Jesus says you’re wrong.

david cerminara
1 year ago

exactly where does Yeshua say a person can not protect his own life

1 year ago

Jesus was killed by a govt ……..if He had an AR I’m guessing he woulda used it

So shut your pie hole

1 year ago
Reply to  Dawn

Jesus submitted to an unjust process because it was His Father’s will and because of his obedience was raised by the Father thus showing the futility of man’s power compared to the Father (conquering and humiliating the kingdoms of the world).

The original poster probably was referring to turn the other cheek, but the traditional interp was never taken to mean let a criminal kill you, take your gun, and kill others.

But as the original poster was likely trolling and not looking for a dialectic response.

Jesus approved the firebombing of sodom, the genocide of the wicked nations in Canaan, and is a living representation of Samson who killed thousands with a donkey’s jawbone. David was a type of Jesus and a bloody man who was after God’s own heart. Jesus beat money-changers, called people lying snakes to their faces, and and called heathens dogs unfit for the children’s bread.

So while I disagree with the one responder in part, I do agree that you should shut ur pie hole or as the Apostle Paul put it more kindly, go cut off your own dick.

1 year ago

You sir know the Word well. Thank you for taking the time to detail that Jesus was not passive when it came to evil.

Sly Piggy
1 year ago

And Froto carried the ring to Mordor but Smiegel stole precious along the way, and Gandolf led the Hobbits out of the Shrire with the help of Legolas and the elves on their quest.

1 year ago


1 year ago

Quoting bible at me?
Jesus suffered and dies to forgive… even idiots that can’t see the difference between self defense, that our founding fathers recognized, and murder…
while we can debate the reasons why he would put himself into a position to have to defend himself, his shootings clearly seem like self defense

1 year ago

Defend the patriot from New World Order leftist prosecutors trying to appease Antifa, Black Lives Matter thugs and their God-like figure of their monetary master George Soros. Use jury/juror nullification to set the patriot free. There is ample information on the Web about the tool/weapon every patriot headed for jury duty must acquaint themselves with; jury/juror nullification.

Pete Wagner
1 year ago

He wasn’t misguided. You are misguided.

1 year ago

This article is a perfect example of manipulated narratives..
If you bring a gun over state lines, to a place you don’t live, into a situation like that, you are LOOKING FOR TROUBLE. Automatically means it wasn’t self-defense, he was there to get involved in confrontation. If you do that, you aren’t defending yourself.

And no, someone throwing a bag with a half-full plastic bottle of coke in your general direction is NOT justification to shoot someone in the head. AND a mob chasing you AFTER you shot someone, is also not justification to shoot more people.

Defending what he did, is beyond shameful and dangerous. Quit justifying the destruction of our country. Only one side in this conflict is being murdered so far, quit being the ones peddling fear and justifying those murders. You’re not the ones who should be afraid, the ones being murdered are. SHAME ON THIS ARTICLE!

Princess Trohar
1 year ago
Reply to  OkinSama

Either your reading skills are lacking or you just lied. Wisconsin law applies to all persons within the State of Wisconsin, even persons from Jakarta, and certainly anyone from the other 49 States.

Post the law if such exists prohibiting a person from IL from crossing into WI with a rifle to legally defend property, offer medical aid (apparently KR is an EMT), and use the rifle as needed for self defense. Kyle was apparently cleaning graffiti earlier in the day yesterday.

Other than KR being guilty of being a better shot than most antifa and BLM thugs, and being an honest, cheerful, hard working 17 year old, do you know anything personally about him that makes him deserving of your wrath and hatred?

From the article:

“…Under Wisconsin state law, a person ‘is privileged … to use force against another for the purpose of preventing or terminating what the person reasonably believes to be an unlawful interference with his or her person by such other person.’ In plainer terms, you can use force against another person if you reasonably believe force is necessary to prevent the imminent death or serious bodily injury of yourself or another.

The law does not require that you become injured before using self-defense. It doesn’t even require you to actually be in any danger. Instead, the law is all about what you reasonably believe under the circumstances. [Nicholson, Gansner & Otis, S.C.]…”

1 year ago

He was under 18 and he was therefore illegally carrying the rifle. Look up the law yourself. You need to be at least 18 years old to open carry a rifle in Wisconsin.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jake

Even if it was illegal for him to be carrying the gun it was legal for him to use it for self defense. The one has no effect on the other.

1 year ago

You are 100% correct. I say if these rioters keep destroying property and assaulting people, shoot more of them. If enough of them are shot, the rest will stop coming. They’re doing what they’re doing because nobody has done anything to stop them until this event. The police have been hamstrung by the government and can’t help. So we the people must take care of ourselves and each other. I have some survival tips for the rioters and looters. Don’t steal or destroy things that don’t belong to you and don’t threaten or assault people. If you follow my simple advice, you’ll live longer. No need to thank me. Just pay it forward. Peace.✌️

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  YAD

You make some great common sense points. However, the Left is made up of mindless, hysteria driven scumbags who see fit to write their nasty drivel on threads like this one and, don’t listen to common sense. They don’t give a hoot in hell about the Constitution or our nation. They don’t listen to decency and niceness and fairness and actual justice. They listen to that satanic little voice in their pea-sized brains that says…”Destroy America and burn it all down…” The Left is pure EVIL and the only thing they will ultimately learn to respect in the end is the tip of a bayonet or a 5.56 mm round ripping into them. These Marxists are not Americans. They are traitors and evil and will be put down like rabid dogs in the end. Just watch. We on the Right are coming for them and Hell is coming with us.

The truth
1 year ago
Reply to  OkinSama

You are a —— idiot. He was with a group that was there protecting the city. Stop watching fake news clown. You will all see soon it didn’t matter what so ever that he brought his firearm lol. This will all go away for him soon.

Peter Szabo
1 year ago
Reply to  OkinSama

Another idiot twisting facts and law to fit a false narrative. Sorry but you are I’ll informed on all counts. What is pitiful is idiots like you who conflate rioting, looting and murder as protesting.

1 year ago
Reply to  OkinSama

I disagree with your premise: “you are LOOKING FOR TROUBLE. Automatically means it wasn’t self-defense…”

One can be looking for trouble (perhaps dumb, but not against the law) and also subject to circumstances that require self-defense. Both can be true at the same time.

It’s not clean, easy, or obvious. But I think Revolver did a decent job of pointing out the facts as they appear at this point.

1 year ago
Reply to  OkinSama

Yeah, except his attorney made a statement today that the gun was not brought across state lines, but borrowed from his friend from Wisconsin. And that charge of 17 year old open carrying is a misdemeanor.

The truth
1 year ago


Peter Szabo
1 year ago

That is what real reporting looks like. I commend your efforts in presenting the facts in an unbiased manner. Great work!

Sly Piggy
1 year ago
Reply to  Peter Szabo

Agreed. I disagree with viewpoint but appreciate the way facts were used to express viewpoint.

r Scum
1 year ago

Reminder that a black teen who blatantly beat a 59yo man to death at a fair only received probation and anger management classes as his sentence.

The criminal justice system only exists to destroy Whites. There will be no just but that we make with our hands, like this brave young boy was forced to do.

An important lesson for what’s to come.

Fuck you
1 year ago

You’re a ——– idiot. Self defense? Take an — beating and move on with your sorry — life. [CENSORED]. —- you. —- Trump. Can’t wait for your kids to be killed due to “self defense” —–.

1 year ago
Reply to  Fuck you

Wahhh….Looks like some Antifa coward didn’t get a [CENSORED] from his boyfriend this morning.

Take an --- whooping
1 year ago
Reply to  Fuck you

What are you talking about?! I would like to see you take an — whooping after trying to make some type of good difference in this world. That young man was actually trying to do something for our country and your knocking him for it. Ignorant — people going around looting for no ——- reason cause what is looting going to do for anyone??!!! Absolutely nothing but hurting Innocent business and people who have worked there —– off building there own little empire. For what ??? For ignorant people to burn it down. They just ruined people’s lives . Who didn’t even have anything to do whatever the heck is going on. How are people supposed to work ?? If it’s been burned down?? —- You are you going to help those people?? I mean I wanna know … no ur not but guess who is going to help them TRUMP 2020 .. 🖕

R. Lee
1 year ago

A number of you need to look at yourselves in a mirror and ponder what the —- is your actual problem. Some of these comments are more disturbing than these incidents.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  R. Lee

Yup. I was reading these comments. Bizarre. It reads like a troupe of Marxist Trolls escaped the circus and slithered onto this news piece. Evidently, trolls get bored and fussy and awful nasty reclining in Mama’s basement.

Test Trump
1 year ago

Is this real?

Sly Piggy
1 year ago

Although I disagree with you and am probably on the other side of the political spectrum, I appreciate the respectful way you made your case in this article. You used evidence to express your point of view without blindly defending him and admitting that 17 year olds walking around with AK’s trying to be police is not a good idea. Never been to this site before but I will bookmark and come back in an effort to expand my worldview and hear opposing viewpoints. Thanks.

Trevor Hering
1 year ago

Actually by Wisconsin state law you can’t claim self defense when you yourself are committing an illegal act. Rittenhouse was committing a crime by being a minor with an assault rifle. And carrying it across state lines. Quit trying to make him out to be a hero. This is the polices job. This kind of stuff is only going to make the case for gun control even stronger. I support the right to bear arms. Legally. This was not a legal act. And that will ultimately screw him over.

Tornado Allie
1 year ago
Reply to  Trevor Hering

Exactly. This is the job of the police. The police that have had their hands tied by Democrat mayors who allow this violence to fester for political purposes. The same police who are quitting in droves because they are targeted for defunding, assault, and worse without allowing any room for their defense. This should have been stopped long ago. This was not a “little bottle of Coke” hurled at him. This was a Molotov cocktail. These thugs and rioters have killed people and committed arson in cities across the US. These people are terrorists. Thanks to Democrats and BLM, we cannot rely upon the police anymore. How do you not see that? My old neighborhood in Minneapolis looks like fricking Beirut.
I don’t feel safe there anymore, even to visit. This is appalling. I’m surprised someone hasn’t shot in self-defense before now. With no cops, this will be a way of life. Progressivism owns this. Completely.

1 year ago
Reply to  Trevor Hering

That only applies to a felony, not a misdemeanor. If you try to rob a 7/11 with a gun and the clerk pulls out a gun, you can’t shoot him and claim self defense.

roxie Paine
1 year ago

thank you!!

1 year ago

The shootings are clearly self-defense, but lay off the “molotov cocktail” bit. The apparent “flame” was a photographic artifact in some videos, not a real flame. You can see the plastic bag and its contents at 0:50 et seq in the video immediately below “Rioters were about to torch it”. Also, there’s earlier video of Rosenbaum with that (I think) bag, where he’s confronting the gas station defenders and yelling “Shoot me!”

Like Travis McMichael shooting Ahmaud Arbery, the justification is all about the perp grabbing for the gun, with evident ill intent.

Frank G
1 year ago

The seventeen year old was breaking the law in that state by possessing a firearm. Had he been arrested immediately, he would not have killed anyone.

What did you expect?
1 year ago
Reply to  Frank G

Had the rioters all stayed in their mommy’s basement, none of this would have happened.

1 year ago

This is a sad deal God is sad behind people’s actions people need to stop burning and looting and jumping on people he was clearly in self defense and who runs up on someone with a gun . Be glad I wasn’t him there would have been a lot less running and lot more shooting

1 year ago

This is a sad deal God is sad behind people’s actions people need to stop burning and looting and jumping on people he was clearly in self defense and who runs up on someone with a gun . Be glad I wasn’t him there would have been a lot less running and lot more shooting

1 year ago

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