Shock Footage: George Floyd Bodycam Video Leaks, Watch it Here
August 3, 2020 (2mo ago)

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38 responses to “Shock Footage: George Floyd Bodycam Video Leaks, Watch it Here”

  1. I appreciate you being here. I was a Drudge Report follower daily, but can’t stand it now. With the MSM all leaning left and it some cases completely dishonest I need and want another outlook on the news. So far your website appears to offer this. Thank you

    • Drudge sold his site to a front company for one of the big liberal media outlets – that’s why it suddenly took a hard left turn a while back and became no different than CNN.

  2. You don’t get to commit crimes and then cry and say sorry and resist arrest. This is what everyone is up in arms about? Oh wait, no, it’s about pushing marxism and destroying the United States of America. The only people who don’t see through it are the spineless cowards. They push the anti-white agenda because they know that is who will ultimately defend this country.

  3. All of the Soros funded Marxist terror cells like BLM and Antifa and the Communist Party of America were just waiting for a moment like this to light the match and now this is their excuse to try and burn down the country by slinging the charge of RACISM against all resistance.
    The Left, the Marxists, the Democrats can’t wait to destroy America and here is their chance.
    Civil War here we come.

      • I mostly agree with that, because didn’t venomous snake pelosi go on to call Floyd a “martyr”? Sounds fishy to me too. Plus using the “I can’t breathe”phrase to start the narrative.

  4. in other words do what the cops tell you claustrophobic??? you WERE in a car the cops should have just let him stand by the car handcuffed ignorant citizen plus ignorant cops

  5. I am shocked at how much restraint the police showed. Resist the police and that equals possible lethal results. Floyd was non-compliant from the get-go. His actions had predictable consequences. After viewing this, I think the cop was justified in the treatment of this screwed up individual. Floyd was a definite threat by his neurotic actions.

  6. Excellent catch with this body cam. Let’s see more.

    Outstanding coverage. Way better than what Drudge ever was.

  7. This guy was high on drugs, and resisted arrest from the very beginning. I cannot believe the officers were so patient with this crazed fool. I saw a man who claimed to be claustrophobic resisting arrest and being put in a police car after being just fine sitting in his own car. I saw no police misconduct.

  8. Floyd clearly resisted the entire time. This footage is probably enough to give jurors reasonable doubt.

    • Agreed, and if this video is not enough for reasonable doubt, then his autopsy and toxicology reports should clearly show reasonable doubt.
      His blood had a level of fentanyl 4-5 times the lethal dose, plus methamphetamine and cannabis.
      He could not breathe before he was restrained due to his fentanyl overdose.
      Unable to breathe is one of the fatal symptoms of fentanyl overdose.
      In all honest objectivity, it looks like those police officers have a high likelihood of acquittal.
      Imagine the riots that will happen after that!
      Much worse and better financed than the Rodney King riots.

  9. Now we know why the Democrat mayor, Democrat police chief and Democrat judge kept the footage secret – because it shows that Floyd was resisting arrest, screaming he couldn’t breath before he was even on the ground and clearly crazy from the meth and fentanyl racing through his system.

    • Joggers doing what joggers do. Dindu nuffin! But hey…..we wuz kangs!!! Nah, you were the ball washers bro. Sit down and STFU!

    • You forgot the Islamic-fascist Ilhan Omar. It’s the House of Reprehensibles seat she is infesting that this shit storm started in. I know, what a surprise!! Good guy named Lacey Johnson is primarying her.

  10. Some “communities” in this country suffer from the “rescuing syndrome”. See how the old Chinatown gangs were eventually dealt with. It involved trying to rescue some low-life thug caught in a criminal act, and then a final realization that rushing to his rescue was harming the community.

  11. The officers were following the manual in restraining him with a knee on the neck while waiting for the ambulance. He was clearly out of control and resisting from the start. Freaking out from first moment of contact. Claustrophobic about getting in the police SUV but was sitting in his own. Just didn’t want to go to jail. Wanted to go to the ER and maybe get admitted to a comfy hospital bed and then maybe get released. Cops are innocent but will be sacrificed for socialist justice to avoid more mob action…they think! Support your local police by chipping in for some donuts, pizza, burgers or such. Call the precinct and find when shifts change and how many present. Boost moral by just calling the station and telling them you support them.

  12. Police in that state don’t wear gloves? Anyway the guy’s heart couldn’t handle the drugs and the anxiety he was having. It was his own doing.

  13. I suspect that George started out scamming the cops w/his claustrophobia claim, but soon believed it himself. I felt sorry for him, but, in the same position, I’d have just shut my mouth and gone to jail and let the court sort it out. No reason for his resistance. It was foolish, because the cops have little choice – duty bound to run him in for his crimes, and no choice but to use force if required. George’s size and obvious strength made him a formidable antagonist, requiring special holds and methods to subdue him. No one should die in police custody. That said, George seems to’ve put himself in the crosshairs. Just as concealed weapons carriers should not brandish them, big strong guys need to cultivate a special regard for their weaker fellows. It is the essence of civilization.

  14. I was long time Drudge reader but It changed to the point where I no longer read it.Thanks to Revolver for excellent and interesting content. Don’t change it.

  15. I look at this in a totally different way than most. I think this was a planned false flag and that is the reason he is acting like he is in serious danger and insinuating they were going to kill him from the jump.

    Why did Obama have a pic of Floyd up on his foundation website 9 days before this incident ? Things that make you go HHHUUUUUMMMM

  16. Watched the officers cam video. Very different then the news reports. George Floyd obviously was resisting arrest. Another fact is that he didn’t seem very lucid, saying that the officers were going to kill him. He didn’t seem rational. this video should be shown to the country, I’m sure it will change thousands of minds. It did change mine.

  17. I don’t know but if a cop tells me to put my hands on the wheel… that’s what I would do, ah and no lip. But I guess when you’re doped-up it just flows. A pity the blacks have chosen this criminal as the new messiah.

  18. Lord, I feel sorry for cops. Someone whose name momentarily escapes me, has revealed, as an aside, or maybe as pertinent info., that the coroner’s report indicated an overdose of fentnyl (sp.) in Floyd’s system.

  19. Looks like a panic attack. Cops are not trained to deal with that sort of thing other than to just apply more force and enhance the panic. Perhaps Floyd was drugged up; but if you had terrible claustrophobia, would you want that to be you?

    • Oh please. You realize those cops lives are being destroyed based on a lie? You’re pathetic to believe it is anyone’s fault other than George. Cops were trained just fine. Maybe George should have been trained to not ingest drugs.

    • Do you have as much compassion for those who have panic attacks and cannot breathe wearing a mask? Would have been interesting to see a couple of social workers try to take that guy into custody. I feel sorry for the officers who were trying to do their jobs and sorry as for all us who are living under the threat of the thugs who are destroying cities across the nation. And I don’t feel sorry for him at all if he was dealing fentanyl and helping ruin other lives.

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