Public Service Announcement: Revolver News Has No Official Social Media Accounts
September 14, 2020 (2w ago)

ATTENTION NEWS JUNKIES: We are the new Drudge, be sure to check our news feed by CLICKING HERE

To our loyal readers:

We do not yet have any social media accounts. While we may one day soon open new accounts, we do not want to become addicted to traffic from Big Tech social media companies.

This account, in particular, is an unofficial fan page.

It’s a good account, and you should follow it.

We love our dedicated fans and thank you for your support.

Revolver News is dedicated to news aggregation and analysis. While we greatly respect and admire Matt Drudge, the Drudge Report no longer has its finger on the pulse of America. We aim to fill that void, and much more. We are dedicated to providing Americans of all backgrounds and political persuasions with timely, common-sense, accurate and compelling information. Be sure to check out our news feed.

Please be aware that although we do not like to censor comments, we reserve the right to remove any that are uncivil, vulgar, or completely off-topic.

12 responses to “Public Service Announcement: Revolver News Has No Official Social Media Accounts”

  1. Hi just wanted you know that the revolver link used to appear in the first page of all search engines (Google, Duckduckgo, etc.) but in the past couple of weeks I noticed your address has disappeared and the first option when you search Revolver is now another website with the same name but dealing with music/entertainment.

    • I noticed this also yesterday. I searched and searched for a way to bring it up and none of the search engines would. Seem like a concerted effort to keep you down.

  2. Stay the hell away from social media. The shitbags in Silicon Valley will just cancel you. Also duckduckgo makes sure you don’t show up in search results. You must be doing your job to well!

    We need a ‘right’ revolution in technology.

    • I noticed that too with duckduckgo a few months ago when I searched something else. It made no sense until a few days later I overheard an NPR program playing over the radio. This far left NPR program was in between shows and I heard: “We would like to thank our sponsor, duckduckgo”. I then researched it online and within a few minutes I had all kinds of links to articles showing their contributions and sponsorship of NPR. That is when I deleted duckduckgo bookmark and changed my default search engine to startpage. Also I’ve heard that swisscows is another good one.

  3. This is truly frightening as well as monumentally shocking that there are people so obsessed with power and control that they would sacrifice the very foundation of our country to achieve their extremely selfish and self-aggrandizing motives by using manipulation and division of our country’s citizens by pitting them against each other using one-sided news propaganda pitching lies. I never dreamed this could happen in our country, how in the world can we possibly fight it? Thank you for one of the few places providing the truth, I learned of your existence through Tucker Carlson whom I watch every day.

  4. You should have an iOS app. The current website is not very mobile friendly for those of us whom only access you on our phones. Thanks for the great work and keep it up!

  5. Another was a drudge reader, not visited the site for 2 years now. I did take notice the content slanted, and now a step child of the fake news.

    I will wager my next paycheck that if the blue dress. Were to be discovered today, we would not have read about it on the fatty Matty drudge report.

    Thank you Revolver for a different path to reality .

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