Critical Race Theory is Even More Stupid and Evil Than You Thought
October 1, 2020 (1y ago)

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Earlier this month, President Trump issued a much-needed executive order abolishing all use and funding of critical race theory by the military, federal bureaucracy, and federal contractors.

The President’s order immediately triggered furious howls of doom and denunciation from the left. During Tuesday evening’s debate, President Trump’s opponent Chris Wallace joined the chorus, whining that the President’s executive order equated to a ban on all “racial sensitivity training.”

Wallace’s contention could not have been more misleading. To falsely equate poisonous critical race theory with “sensitivity training” is a crime against truth. Sensitivity training suggests something fairly innocuous, like instructing trainees to avoid racial slurs or inappropriate remarks in the workplace.

Critical race theory, on the other hand, is a deeply ignorant and immoral doctrine of anti-white, anti-American poison whose only purpose is to turn Americans against their history, traditions, families, and fellow citizens.

Carol Swain has a pretty good elementary explanation of critical race theory:

Let me explain what critical race theory is. It comes out of Marxism. And it divides the world into oppressors and the oppressed, or the victims. Minorities are the victims. White people are the oppressors. It argues that all White people are racists. That they have a property interest in their whiteness. That they should divest themselves of their whiteness. And they divest themselves by becoming anti-racist.

And you become anti-racist by actively engaging in the society in fighting racism wherever it appears. The problem is the left continually redefines what is considered racist. And the whole exercise of this diversity, equity and inclusion training focuses on making white people aware of their privileges that are undeserved – that is tied to the sins of their fathers and themselves.

It argues that all white people are racist. It’s not enough to say that you are not a racist. You have to actively do something that proves that you aren’t. The problem in America, and the problem for churches, is that it’s like a whole new gospel, because it requires every white person to confess with their mouths that they are racists.

Because they were born with white skin color, they are required to become woke. And when they become woke, then they have to engage in anti-racist behavior to make themselves right on this issue. And we know that for Christians that racism is a sin, just like there are other things that we do that are sins.

And that all a person has to do is to confess that sin. And we believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our past and present sins. And so it’s not a thing that you have to continually apologize for. And we also believe, I mean the whole thing is ridiculous. But here’s the issue.

In America it is unconstitutional, I believe, it’s a violation of the equal protection clause to single out one particular race for shaming or for discrimination. And it’s also a violation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibits racial discrimination. And what takes place in those sessions, and in many orientation exercises, is a shaming of white people that would be inappropriate if it was being done to any other group.

They have forced sensitivity training. And for one thing, it doesn’t work. There is no evidence that it actually works. It creates more resentment. [Tennessee Star]

As you can see, President Trump was completely correct when he described it as a doctrine that demands Americans hate their own country.

To get a better sense of the vileness and absurdity inherent to critical race theory, we merely have to take a quick look at its practitioners.

One representative “expert” is Rosa Clemente. Clemente, whose Wikipedia page describes her as a “hip-hop activist,” went on Twitter to complain about losing a lucrative contract with a government agency as a result of the President’s order:

Did she mean to say she is going to submit a bill in a “defiant” manner? Or did she just misspell “definitely?” It’s impossible to tell, because Clemente’s writing is a grammatical mess. One thing is defiantly clear: Clemente is no intellectual powerhouse.

But Clemente isn’t simply dumb. As one would expect from a person making a living pushing anti-White, anti-American hatred, she is a morally repugnant figure. Before complaining about losing her taxpayer-funded grift, Clemente’s most-recent tweets celebrated Anthony Bottom, who ambushed and murdered two police officers in 1971.

Bottom’s release has completely devastated the family of one of the police officers who was killed.

A man convicted in the 1971 Black Liberation Army assassination of two NYPD officers will be released on parole in October, the widow and daughter of NYPD Patrolman Joseph Piagentini told PIX11.

A state source confirmed the decision late Tuesday afternoon, telling PIX11 News 68-year-old Anthony Bottom, who now goes by Jalil Abdul Mutaqim, has been granted “an open release date of October 20, 2020 or earlier.”

Bottom’s been in state prison since 1977, more than 43 years.

“I am very angry,” widow Diane Piagentini said about the decision.

Piagentini accused Bottom of being the most ruthless of the killers, who lured the two patrolmen, one Black and one White, to Harlem with a phony 911 call. Both NYPD officers were fathers.

Bottom and two other BLA members had come to New York from California specifically to assassinate police officers.

When the officers responded to the housing project, they were ambushed from behind with a fusillade of bullets.

Bottom shot Piagentini’s partner, 33-year-old officer Waverly Jones, first. Jones, who was Black, was shot five times.

“He (Bottom) shot him in the head and down his spine,” Diane Piagentini recalled.

Piagentini said Bottom then turned his gun on her 27-year-old husband, who had 22 bullet holes in his body when he was pronounced dead.

“He (Bottom) used Joe’s gun to complete the killing because they were running out of bullets,” Piagentini said of her husband’s death. [Pix 11]


Clemente also demanded murder charges for police in the Breonna Taylor case, where police accidentally shot and killed Taylor after her drug dealer boyfriend opened fire at them while they were serving a search warrant.

Clemente routinely engages in vile anti-police rhetoric on her Twitter account:

In one barely coherent tweet, Clemente lashed out at ALL white people, saying they were “all guilty” for the rise of Trump:

If there’s a repugnant take on race, Clemente has likely peddled it. She even was a believer in Jussie Smollett’s ludicrous race hoax:

Clemente’s Twitter is a never-ending fountain of racial hatred and bizarre neuroticism:

Until the president intervened, this hateful and stupid woman was set to receive thousands of taxpayer dollars to lecture the National Credit Union Administration, a body tasked with insuring credit union deposits. Clemente has been paid enough for this worthless work that she can afford a “bomb ass lawyer” to sue taxpayers for more.

Rosa Clemente isn’t the exception. When it comes to the racial grievance grift that is infesting our colleges, our corporations, and even our military, she is the rule.

Consider this viral image that made the rounds in August:

The image isn’t from a Saturday Night Live sketch in some alternate reality where the show is still funny. It’s a real presentation at Netroots Nation in 2017. The presenter is Ashleigh Shackelford, who now goes by the name Hunter Ashleigh for some reason.

Ashleigh’s unfinished website reveals that she prefers the pronouns “she/they” and self-describes as a “Black fat cultural producer, multidisciplinary artist, nonbinary shapeshifter, hood feminist, and data futurist based in Atlanta, Georgia.”

Shackelford is a ridiculous woman whose only assets are grievance, plus about two hundreds extra pounds, but critical race theory has transformed her into an “artist” and “educator” eligible to join the the most profitable grift in town.

And the grift is profitable. A recent report by The Washington Free Beacon revealed that since 2018, Loudoun County School District in the suburbs of Washington D.C. spent $422,000 on diversity training informed by critical race theory.

In neighboring Fairfax County, educators spent $20,000 for a one-hour digital “conversation” with racial radical Ibram Kendi. They then spent another $24,000 to buy hundreds of copies of his book “Anti-racist,” so they could be inflicted on students and teachers in the future.

Kendi has called for the United States government to add an “Anti-Racism” department to the executive branch and pass an “Anti-Racism” amendment to the United States Constitution.

Dumb liberals, willing to blow money on people who will teach them to hate themselves and their country, have created a vast ecosystem of people like Kendi, Clemente, and Shackelford. These people are the chief victims of President Trump’s executive order on critical race theory, and the chief reasons the order is such an excellent policy.

The zealots of the left have nothing of actual value to contribute to society. They have no useful knowledge and no valuable skills. They generate no meaningful scholarship. They are simply the modern priestly caste of our corrupt globalist ruling class.  The proper purpose of a priestly class is to preserve traditions and uphold the moral order. These priests, on the other hand, destroy traditions and dissolve morality while preaching a poisonous theology of racial victimhood and anti-white hatred. Their purpose is to preach a false religion of division, discord, and self-hatred — all the better to keep the country weak and under the steel boot of the globalist ruling class.

Because these people have nothing of value to contribute, they can only survive by obtaining political power and leeching off the public. And that is exactly what they have done. They have seeped into our nation’s once-great universities. They infest human resources departments and government contractors, exploiting bureaucratic rule-making and the public’s fear of lawsuits to get sinecures and contracts for themselves. Like barnacles on a whale, they survive only because the public supports them. And that is why conservatives everywhere must copy the President. State governors should imitate him by banishing all critical race insanity from their administrations. State legislators should ban its use in any state-funded universities or school districts. In fact, they should go further, and abolish the very departments that spawn these theories at any schools subject to their reach. Every woke priestess stripped of her livelihood is one less person pouring poison into the heart of the American body politic.

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Beau L.
1 year ago

Are we still pretending that tribe monsters aren’t the ones behind this shit? Are we not going to point out that if this truly WERE a “white supremacist” society, there is no way this garbage would be allowed? Am I the only sane person on the planet? Or the only insane one? Sometimes I wonder.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Beau L.

You are sane.
I am damn sure I am too.
We are only the two left
on the planet.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Nope. Whypipo waking up. Black people are also. We all know who is trying to get us to fight each other. They’re making a big mistake if they don’t think we can see it.

H.R. Revels
1 year ago
Reply to  Beau L.

When you start out with blatant racism, it puts at their level. You are what you detest.

Vision of Truth
1 year ago
Reply to  Beau L.

Agree. This Anti White dangerous organized vile hatred is not coming from White Christian leaders, nor any other minority Race.
Instead the brain, and cunning of the Marxist movement Promoted, relentlessly by Hollywood, Entertainment, Radical Government, Education, Unions, all financed, promoted and led by the Agitators behind the curtain, as Soros tribal ilk.. The Communist Agitator Marxist tribes always rile up the lower victim groups into a rabid frenzy, against their only obstacle cohesive White values society to ruling over the world. This has been written a century ago, and the ultimate goal. NWO world domination by the Masters over the dumb slave serfs after Whites are abolished bred out with other races, hordes of third world welcomed in for this sole reason. Future for alien brown uni-race. without White people. This is the plan folks.

Ed Cottingham
1 year ago

I would like to take a page from Breonna Taylor’s fans: Why did the name “critical race theory” never get spoken during the debate. SAY THE NAME. SAY THE NAME. SAY THE NAME.

If you don’t know, the name doesn’t sound so bad. BUT THAT’S THE NAME, not “racial sensitivity training.” We need to speak the name so we can be specific about the evil insanity that we are referring to. Learning the name is the first step toward learning what is going on.

We also never heard “defund the police,” among other well-known phrases that describe the full-blown insanity of the left. Trump is congenitally vague so I give him a pass. But Chris Wallace should sure as heck have NAMED things. (There is at least one other glaring example of this extreme dogginess that is part of the strategy of Team Biden. Maybe Pence will do better in this area.) We have to make them NAME things and OWN them!

Digital Samizdat
1 year ago
Reply to  Ed Cottingham

Why do you assume Chris Wallace is on our side? Just because he works for Fox? That sounds like a dangerous assumption to me. If he were so pro-Trump, after all, the Biden people would never have agreed to having him as a moderator.

Ed Cottingham
1 year ago

I don’t assume that Wallace is on our side. I do assume that he saw himself as a neutral referee. In that role he should have called out dodginess that anyone used to distance himself from who he has actually been in the various polical/cultural struggles that have been playing out. Of course, we know that Wallace was not a neutral referee.

BTW, the other thing that we didn’t hear was “systemic racism.” I think we heard “systemic” a time or two but attached to a more vague word than racism. Biden had success in distancing himself from the mob in the streets, the media, academia, and everywhere that has been screaming “systemic racism” for many months. This is absurd, because alleged “systemic racism” is the heart and soul of what the Dem side is fighting against. But in the debate Biden wanted to sound moderate and forgot what he and all the others have been crusading about. He forgot what team he was captain of.

Ed Cottingham
1 year ago

The woman in the photograph should be put in a zoo with a warning that her exhibit is frightening and not suitable for young children.

Digital Samizdat
1 year ago
Reply to  Ed Cottingham

I think they let her out of the zoo on furlough! She´s the rare Negress Willie-Hortonensis.

1 year ago

Love this article from you guys. CRT is a disgusting, anti-White, anti-American evil that should eradicated from government trainings. We need nationalists, paleocons and identarians who are willing to confront this, not grifters and losers.

paul hease
1 year ago

Good article. Listen though, Dumb Liberals (and there are SO MANY!!) ALREADY hate themselves and America especially. This dogs-manure-posing-as-intelligent-thought just gives them a reason for that hatred so that latch onto it like starved hyenas…

Trever Harkins
1 year ago

Only in a country where the targeted group no longer has control of their society is such a thing possible in the first place, which makes the entire thing ridiculous on its face. The clear intent is therefore to take an already defeated enemy and pummel it into absolute abject submission and eventual eradication.

Patricia Larkin
1 year ago

People like this used to be in insane asylums. Now they are paid big money to spread their insanity.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

Where does the Left’s “White Supremecy” and “Racist” accusatory paranoia came from?
Where does this bizarre, psychotic obsessiion come from?
It can be traced from years, decades of relentless
Critical Race Theory indoctrinaton taught in every institution of our society.
It has influenced our language, our behavior, our reality as a people and a nation
and it is a cancer that will kill our country if we don’t rise and destroy it.
Critical Race Theory is a derivative disease of Marxism
and it has metastisized into ideas like the 1619 Project.
It truly has morphed and grown insidiously
to be a mass hysteria crisis
that will show up everywhere on November 3rd and afterwards
as the Left create a level of chaos and violence
America has never seen before.
Americans who have resisted this Marxist Hysteria, the Right half,
the Conservative, the sane half…
will be the ones to face the crucible
of saving America from the Left, from Communsim, from tyranny…
from destruction.

1 year ago

“And we know that for Christians that racism is a sin, just like there are other things that we do that are sins.”
I guess Christians should denounce God because him dividing the “one human race”-being racially diverse-that united to build the tower of Babel, makes God a racist.
The new tower of Babel is not a building, it is a new system with a new religion. And the only thing stopping it from finally “reaching into heaven” are those damn pesky racists…
So, to the new Babylonians, Jesus is an antisemite and God is a racist.
Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.

1 year ago
Reply to  BareWitness

It’s written in the bible, in Leviticus 19-65. Tho shalt be Politically Correct.

1 year ago

fantastic article.. i forwarded it to all and will upload to Gab.

Brian Skiffington
1 year ago

The once-great United Kingdom fell without a shot being fired, by agreeing with their enemy’s accusing voice against their national history. And America is eager to drink from the same poison, the cup of self-condemnation spiked by an enemy. Words fail, while tears flow.

1 year ago

“Racism” is a global norm outside of the West, to protect people’s lives, cultures and prosperity from threats. Borders and homogeneity are nonwhite privileges, apparently.
“Racism” kept white South African women and children from being gangraped and tortured to death.
“Racism” would have kept Channon Christian, Christopher Newsom, and Cannon Hinnant alive. That list grows daily, as documented by Paul Kersey of Unz.
This isn’t “antiracism”, it’s antiwhiteism. The goal isn’t “diversity”, it’s something else.

1 year ago

Considering Antifa’s Jewish origins and their continuation by Jews,Chris Wallace should have asked Biden and Trump what they intend to do about the organized Jewish terrorism of Antifa that is running rampant across the nation, burning down and destroying businesses, attacking and murdering citizens.
The whole anti White agenda is a Jewish agenda using every race and ethnicity as proxies for their war on White people of European descent to “end Whiteness.”

Vision of Truth
1 year ago
Reply to  Jolly

Agree. The truth must be spoken every day to illuminate the simple minds of the sheeple to what’s happening and why. The sudden, vicious open Anti White hatred fueling violence, attacks, assassinations, random White beatings of elderly men and women, white kids killed, tossed over mall railing, assassinated out of psychotic racial hatred the media is very quiet, censoring on these shocking White race deliberate sport killings, Non Stop false White Hatred spewed 24/7. This is an organized strategy. Pay attention

Digital Samizdat
1 year ago

White are the new Kulaks. Look it up.

H.R. Revels
1 year ago

If this woman was standing next to a poster that said “All negroes are lazy”, we would want her head on a stick. That’s the first insult. Next is her appearance. This is how you dress to go to the gym, not to present a seminar to professionals. Her subject matter is stupid and her personal presentation is an embarrassment to herself personally and to black people everywhere. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t care that she is obese (her inability to deal with that is her problem, not mine), but, her choice of attire is totally inappropriate and whoever hired her should have that responsibility removed from their duties. They obviously did not review the subject matter or the presenter. She, herself serves as a distraction to an already confused message.

1 year ago

Living in Portland for a year I got a taste of what these grifters are all about. Portland isn’t much more liberal than my hometown of Syracuse, NY, but the people there are absurdly friendly and nice. As a result they fall prey to immoral con-men who have leveraged their fear of being called racist into an entire industry. It’s basically like mafia “protection,” except instead of fire insurance you pay for being a White business owner! Actually, since I’ve been gone it may have moved up a notch to “arson insurance.”

1 year ago

Eventually, all this racial grievance business simply boils down to money: Pay me. Because I’m a victim, and you white people are the victimizers.

Well, we need to refuse to pay anything. America is the best nation on Earth–for blacks, whites, or anyone else. Whatever our history, blacks are better off here than anywhere. Nowhere is perfect, and there’s no saying that had blacks been enslaved in Italy, they’d have fared better. No one knows.

We DO know, however, that descendants of black American slaves are FAR better off today, on average, than the descendants of blacks who were never brought here as slaves to start with. The fact that their ancestors were enslaved here is terrible and regrettable. But we fought a Civil War to end it. And their descendants are doing quite well, thank you. Middle class blacks in America are living like royalty compared to the average black in Africa. No comparison.

So before we talk “reparations”, consider how much further ahead blacks are than they would have been otherwise.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jack



1 year ago

Trump’s gag order on branches of the government, not allowing them to hire trainers whining espouse a particular point of view, no matter how ridiculous, is an attack on free speech.

It reeks of McCarthyism. (As does critical race theory, but you can’t fight censorship with more censorship.)

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