If the 2020 Election Was Held in a Foreign Country, the State Department and Western Media Would Declare it “Fraudulent”
November 10, 2020 (11mo ago)

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Guest Post by Mark Chatham

With one fell swoop, CNN, NBC, CBS — and yes, even Fox News — converged in a full-court press to declare Joe Biden the President-Elect on Saturday. World leaders followed suit to congratulate Joe and Kamala, and all of a sudden a Biden presidency became the default reality — despite the slim margins, impending court contests, and active vote counting in key states.

“Not so fast,” a foreign observer inspecting the legitimacy of our elections might say. It just so happens that our government, other Western governments, and many western NGOs have spent quite a lot of time and money looking for election fraud in Russia, Bolivia, Ukraine, and Iran, among other countries.

This raises the natural question of how, if judged by the standards we apply to other nations, the 2020 election would be evaluated by election observers and analysts in the United States. In order to answer this provocative question, we can turn to a number of major themes which appear frequently in attempts to document and describe fraud in these countries.

They are as follows:

  1. Independent observers (poll watchers) are removed or limited.
  2. Reports of widespread procedural irregularities.  These include suspicious activities at polls
  3. and suspicious timing or behavior of vote-counting.
  4. Deviations in the very procedure each side uses for voting
  5. A media which is firmly in one side’s camp, and a restriction of the availability of information for the other side.  We often see attempts to restrict the other side from communicating.
  6. Statistical anomalies in the results which the (fraudulently) elected government and its media simply ignore.

Let us then don the cap of an American election observer using the standards above. This thought exercise will help to underscore how far American standards of democracy, competence, and rule of law have fallen. In truth, we are dangerously close to becoming a corrupt tin-pot country, the likes of which we are all too used to lecturing on democracy (at least, before we invade them).

Ever since the insurgent Donald Trump won the Presidency, American politics might be described as the American Presidency, led by Donald Trump and representing the interests of the people, versus the corrupt permanent American regime, representing special interests and oligarchs.

Like the populist insurgent parties that America often promotes against corrupt regimes overseas, Trump supporters have the moral high ground and a duty and obligation to fight the corrupt regime that is attempting to disenfranchise them.

After reviewing the evidence, we cannot help but come to the stunning conclusion that if the 2020 U.S. presidential election was held in a foreign country, the State Department and Western media would declare it “fraudulent.”

Allow us to explain.

Election Observation

Nearly every publicly available report of of election fraud contains reports of independent or foreign observers being denied appropriate access to monitor the proceedings. It is virtually impossible to read about election fraud in a place like Ukraine, for instance, without hearing about how observers’ access was limited.

The United States media demands that the American public take their word for it that the election was legitimate. Strangely, they even defend obvious efforts to hide and obscure election procedures.

But when we introduce the standards typically applied to foreign elections, we see a radically different standard of legitimacy.

A report given to Congress in 2009 about Iran’s Presidential election criticizes that regime for obscuring election observation.

Since no independent international observers were present for Iran’s elections, it is difficult to ascertain the extent of alleged vote rigging or election violations that may have taken place. The expulsion of most foreign journalists from Iran and the government’s interruption of mobile and internet communication have further complicated efforts to gain a clear picture of the events surrounding the election and its aftermath. [Congressional Research Service]

Testimony from longtime US diplomat John Tefft criticizes the Ukrainian government for ejecting opposition election observers in 2004.

The following are examples of the most egregious, widely observed and reported examples of election-day fraud on November 21:


Opposition Observers Ejected: Observers from Our Ukraine and other opposition groups were expelled from most polling stations in eastern Ukraine on Election Day. For example, in Territorial Election Commission (TEC) district number 42 in Donetsk oblast, Our Ukraine observers were kicked out of all but a few polling stations. [State Department]

Interestingly, those elections famously precipitated the “Orange Revolution.”

According to the United States State Department, then, ejecting opposition observers as was done in Philadelphia on November 4th is itself a form of fraud.

A piece in The Independent about Ukraine’s parliamentary elections in 2012 criticizes the government for a “non-transparent” vote tally.

Hundreds of Ukrainians protested alleged fraud in last month’s parliamentary election and the opposition threatened to boycott the new parliament and call for a re-vote today.

Western observers deemed the Oct. 28 parliamentary election unfair, saying the imprisonment of President Viktor Yanukovych’s arch-foe, Yulia Tymoshenko, and non-transparent vote tallying were a step back for democracy. [The Independent]

It is plainly obvious that, when talking about foreign elections, Western media considers transparency of voting and vote-counting procedures to be of the utmost significance.

Procedural Irregularities Abound

During the 2019 coup against against Bolivian incumbent Evo Morales, the vote count was stopped — without explanation — for four days, and then resumed, only to discover he was the narrow victor.

Bolivians found this so obviously implausible that the army suggested he leave power.

As you read this excerpt from the BBC, you’ll have to remind yourself it’s about Bolivia, not the US.

With 83.8% of the votes verified, its website showed Mr Morales leading with 45.3%, leaving Mr Mesa in second place with 38.2%.

That result suggested there would be a run-off, prompting celebrations in the campaign camp of Mr Mesa, who jubilantly declared: “We’ve made it to the second round!”

But then the website with the quick count stopped being updated for 24 hours, prompting electoral observers from the Organisation of American States (OAS) to express their concern.

As counting was suspended, Mr Morales told his supporters he was confident that when votes from rural areas were tallied, there would be no need for a run-off.

When the quick count was finally updated on Monday evening, Mr Morales had a lead of 10.12 percentage points — just wide enough to stave off a second round.

The OAS electoral mission called the change “drastic and hard to explain.” [BBC]

Clearly, the BBC and other western media found this deeply suspicious and an obvious indication of illegitimacy. Western media does not credulously accept a “winner” who emerges with a wide victory margin after a sudden and inexplicable suspension of the vote count.

When describing foreign elections, our press gives extra attention to individual abnormalities, even if they might not by themselves shift the outcome. Foreign governments invariably describe these anomalies as circumstantial or irrelevant. Western media and governments assert that they are not — at least if the anomalies occur in a foreign election.

The Iranian election of 2009 presents a perfect example.

The Guardian Council…acknowledged ‘minor violations that happen in every election and can be ignored,’ but insisted that… the results were valid. Musavi [the opposition candidate]… [has] continued to reject the election results, and Musavi has called for ‘independent arbitration’ of the election disputes. Meanwhile, the government continues its crackdown on protestors… and continues to level accusations of ‘foreign interference’ in Iran’s domestic affairs by Great Britain and other Western countries.” [Congressional Research Center]

A corrupt regime will argue that fraud is just a matter of a few bad apples and not a systemic problem. They will downplay widespread reports of election fraud as nonexistent, insignificant, and unlikely to materially change the outcome of the election. This encourages supporters of the “opposition candidate” to waste their time chasing individual examples. The only way to stop election fraud is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy — commit any fraud, and we accept none of your results.

If there is evidence of any fraud by the other side, the burden of proof is now on them to show that the election was legitimate. Granting them the benefit of the doubt is always a losing strategy.

Without question, the media would find these Google search trends deeply alarming if they were happening in the Donbass instead of Detroit.

Source: Google Trends, 2020-11-07 12:52:15-08:00 GMT

In Michigan, a GOP chair found a profoundly alarming software bug with the Dominion vote counting software. This software is used in many states.

In Georgia, engineers uploaded a poorly-understood, last minute software update to the state’s Dominion election machines.

A technology glitch that halted voting in two Georgia counties on Tuesday morning was caused by a vendor uploading an update to their election machines the night before, a county election supervisor said.

Voters were unable to cast machine ballots for a couple of hours in Morgan and Spalding counties after the electronic devices crashed, state officials said. In response to the delays, Superior Court Judge W. Fletcher Sams extended voting until 11 p.m.

The companies “uploaded something last night, which is not normal, and it caused a glitch,” said Marcia Ridley, elections supervisor at Spalding County Board of Election. That glitch prevented pollworkers from using the pollbooks to program smart cards that the voters insert into the voting machines.

Ridley said that a representative from the two companies called her after poll workers began having problems with the equipment Tuesday morning and said the problem was due to an upload to the machines by one of their technicians overnight.

“That is something that they don’t ever do. I’ve never seen them update anything the day before the election,” Ridley said. Ridley said she did not know what the upload contained.

Neither Dominion nor KnowInk responded to a request to comment. A spokesperson for the secretary of state’s office also did not respond to follow-up questions about who uploaded the dataset and whether it had been reviewed and tested by anyone beforehand.

Georgia uses Dominion voting machines and KnowInk Poll Pads statewide — systems that the state only deployed in every county for the first time this year after replacing its previous 20-year-old electronic voting systems. It’s not clear why other Georgia counties did not have the problems Morgan and Spalding had. [Politico]

Let’s put our foreign election observer hats back on for a moment. The Georgia incident is extremely similar to something that happened during the 2019 Bolivian elections, according to a report by the Organization of American States.

In this case, the head of NEOTEC changed the official count software more than once in the middle of the process; recompiled it (at which time it lost integrity in terms of what was saved during the freeze); and put it in production. A significant amount of research has established that this is bad practice that is unacceptable in an electoral process. This confirms the negative effect of the lack of use cases, software testing, and acceptance tests, as previously described, all of which without question impacts the transparency of the process. [Organization of American States]

Any American who can count should be immediately suspicious of “software bugs” in vote-tallying systems. And if the Dominion glitch weren’t alarming enough, 4chan hackers discovered a major exploit which allowed them to hack into Oregon’s voting system and change someone’s vote.

Now, let’s turn to another criterion that US election observers use to critically evaluate the legitimacy of a foreign election.

Deviations in How Each Side Votes

Of all the hot election procedure topics this year, universal mail-in voting, ostensibly in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, has been the hottest.

We were told over and over again this year that voter fraud is rare, that mail-in balloting is secure, and that Republicans are whining only because this thwarts their voter suppression efforts. Funnily enough, when absentee ballots were seen as something which favored the Republicans, the New York Times was more than happy to point out its obvious problems.

While fraud in voting by mail is far less common than innocent errors, it is vastly more prevalent than the in-person voting fraud that has attracted far more attention, election administrators say.

In Florida, absentee-ballot scandals seem to arrive like clockwork around election time. Before this year’s primary, for example, a woman in Hialeah was charged with forging an elderly voter’s signature, a felony, and possessing 31 completed absentee ballots, 29 more than allowed under a local law.

The flaws of absentee voting raise questions about the most elementary promises of democracy. “The right to have one’s vote counted is as important as the act of voting itself,” Justice Paul H. Anderson of the Minnesota Supreme Court wrote while considering disputed absentee ballots in the close 2008 Senate election between Al Franken and Norm Coleman.

Voting by mail is now common enough and problematic enough that election experts say there have been multiple elections in which no one can say with confidence which candidate was the deserved winner. The list includes the 2000 presidential election, in which problems with absentee ballots in Florida were a little-noticed footnote to other issues. [New York Times]

Perhaps 2020 New York Times should have listened to 2012 New York Times?

Indeed, a different 2012 op-ed in the New York Times went even further, arguing that the elimination of absentee ballots provides more election security than requiring IDs at the polls.

One would be hard pressed to uncover a single case over the last few decades in which impersonation fraud had the slightest chance of changing an election outcome — unlike absentee-ballot fraud, which changes election outcomes regularly.

Let’s put our foreign election observer hats back on. During the 2009 Iranian election, opponents of the regime were urged to vote in different locations than supporters of the regime. Western media concluded that this made the election susceptible to fraud.

“Excitement and wishful thinking may have combined with an underestimation of the scale of possible electoral fraud, though there were warning signs there, too: a senior ayatollah was rumoured to have issued a fatwa sanctioning moves to ensure victory for Ahmadinejad, and Mousavi supporters were advised to vote in schools rather than mosques or Basij militia offices.” [The Guardian]

The media obviously finds such voting behaviors indicative of fraud when talking about foreign elections, as it makes it especially easy for those in charge of the vote-counting procedures to skew the outcome by treating the different groups of ballots differently.

The Media Controls the Narrative, which Defines Reality

Perhaps the most important feature of how US/Western observers and governments write about foreign election fraud is their focus on the way the local media describes the process. In these countries, the governments control the media. These governments want to crack down on their opponents’ ability to coordinate. During the 2009 Iranian election, Western media described “restrictions on foreign and domestic journalists, reported disruptions of mobile phone networks, limited accessibility of some internet sites, mass arrests, and clashes between civilian protestors and [government] forces.”

During the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the President’s Twitter page was littered with censorship and warning labels.

Twitter blocked a NY Post article showing how Hunter Biden had leveraged his father’s position in his business dealings in Ukraine. Working in lockstep with the favored candidate to suppress information which reflects him in a bad light is essential to rigging elections.

Facebook — which, like every other tech and media company, views itself as the government, and President Trump as the opposition — even banned a #StopTheSteal group coordinating pro-Trump political activism.

Countless Trump supporters were deplatformed from major social media sites. Google unilaterally removed Breitbart from their search results for the query “Joe Biden.” Media ghouls like Brandy Zadrozny were sicced on Trump supporters who dared to question the regime’s narrative.

Now let’s return to the report about Ukraine’s 2004 election and see how it applies to today.

Deputy Assistant Secretary Steven Pifer, described in detail the many problems in the electoral campaign, including … a near-monopoly of media attention for Yanukovych; violence and intimidation directed against independent media outlets; and eleventh-hour attempts to change the Ukrainian Constitution to extend the current authorities’ hold on power.

Every American patriot is now familiar with the reality of media interfering with the ability of the opposition candidate to speak and trying to shut down independent media outlets and voices.

Just recently, the New York Times was forced to correct a tweet on Tuesday after the paper initially claimed that “the role of declaring the winner” in the presidential election “falls to the news media.”

“The role of declaring the winner of a presidential election in the U.S. falls to the news media. The broadcast networks and cable news outlets have vowed to be prudent. He’s how it will work,” The Times’ verified account tweeted to accompany a link to an article about how the media will report election results. [Fox News]

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg gave an interview, months ago, telling us what they were going to do.

Big Media and Big Tech told us they were going to censor the opposition, and they did. After all, as our own media reminds us (when talking about other countries), to finish the job of stealing an election one must squelch the ability of opposition activists and supporters to organize.

Strange Statistical Anomalies

Analysts of Russian elections have spent a lot of time developing statistical models to detect the extent of fraud. These analyses often involve looking at bizarre turnout statistics or even things like unusual number patterns.

Mainstream institutions consider the American President “toxic,” and the Republican National Committee can’t be bothered to look into statistical anomalies, so the work of digging into the data is left to anonymous internet users. They’ve uncovered some fascinating things.

The most damning analysis for this election is undoubtedly from Twitter user Shylock Holmes, who alleges the following:

-During the late night vote tabulations which occurred in Milwaukee, Democrats wildly outperformed.

-Rather than Trump losing votes to both Democrats and third-party candidates late at night, the average difference in each dump between Trump and the third-party candidates, compared to the election day counts, averaged zero. In other words, Dems outperformed Trump and all third party candidates, while Trump’s performance with respect to the third party candidate did not vary from election day to the late dumps.

-Meanwhile, this seemed only to hold true for races which were competitive, e.g. the Presidential race, but did not seem to apply to various Congressional races where the Dem candidate was going to win comfortably.

-Critically, the Dem over-performance seems to vary with the net significance of any particular vote, at that time.

-In other words, this is entirely consistent with the hypothesis that, realizing they were losing, Democrat operatives filled out fake ballots in a hurry and didn’t bother voting on less contested races. [Twitter]

This is a powerful line of reasoning which should be investigated further. If this holds up to peer review, it is likely the strongest statistical evidence yet that something was profoundly unusual about the ballots counted during the early hours of the 4th (the day after the election).

It strongly appears that, during the middle of the night, the ballots counted all of a sudden just happened to favor Democrats much more dramatically than before. Non-competitive races were impacted far less drastically.


We have an idea of what fair elections are, here in the United States. We also have an idea of what they aren’t. We are told that elections in places like Russia, Ukraine, Iran, and Latin America tend to fall into the latter category.

Our own critical standards toward other countries are less than honest. They tend to be applied more to advance our geopolitical agenda than out of any objective, ethical consideration for defending democratic norms.

But the hypocrisy works both ways — just as we might stringently apply standards to other nations for ulterior geopolitical purposes, so do we tend to give ourselves a pass because of the outdated notion that election fraud just isn’t the sort of thing that happens in America. The critical exercise of evaluating the American 2020 election as a foreign observer allows us to temporarily suspend the “halo effect” and realize just how far our nation has slouched toward third-world incompetence and corruption.

The fact pattern presented above strongly suggests that if the 2020 election had taken place in a foreign country, American observers would cast serious suspicion on the legitimacy of the outcome.

Every American has an obligation to ensure a fair outcome in the election, and to demand that every legal vote and no fraudulent votes be counted in the final tally. If the perception of widespread voter fraud is allowed to persist, no serious person will ever trust an election outcome in this country again. If we allow the corrupt American regime to overturn the legitimacy of the American President and the American people, there may be no turning back from the darkness that will follow.

To Make America Great Again we must secure our vote and secure our victory. This is our sacred obligation to ourselves and our posterity. Never give up. Never back down. And never concede.

Mark Chatham is a Software Engineer and Data Analyst who, for now, resides in California. He can be reached at [email protected]

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11 months ago

This is sick and scary!! I think the only thing left to do is take it to the streets like we saw over the summer #MyBallotMatters!!!

11 months ago

Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan stop vote counting suddenly, human error plagues Arizona primary voting, a software glitch in Michigan incorrectly send 6,000 Trump votes to Biden, the staffs of the counting centers open the postal ballots and immediately cancel these ballots unaware of the live TV broadcasting, The FBI just released a statement that multiple military mail-in ballots were found thrown away in a ditch in Pennsylvania!!!! ALL of them were for President Trump, republican election observers are not allowed to monitor the election process in two states, judges in 3 states reject Trump campaign lawsuits over unsubstantiated claims of fraud, different media come out swinging against Trump and the difference between two parties’ votes in some states is significant and abnormal. what’s up? It is shameful and dangerous for USA democracy future. All these show that elections can be not free and can be just a lie (false slogan) even in the United States and Democrats are terrified of president Trump’s power in attracting votes. This is unprecedented and an unjustifiable catastrophe in the history of USA elections. It is a major insult to the American people’s consciousness and discernment. I am sorry to say that the United States is falling into a deep slope of destruction and immorality, and if people ignore this case, they have not only violated their own rights, but also allowed domestic and foreign political thugs to gain more control over them, oppress them more, deprive them of their own rights more and violate the rules and regulations of USA without fear and caution. The corrupt politicians who have the upper hands intend to destroy the reputation of the United States and call into question the freedom in the United States. President Trump is one of the best president in USA history and the most honest people I have ever seen. He advocates for true law and order in the world, and some oppose him because they can carry out their sinister intentions only if there is irregularity. During 4 years, president Trump has shown that he wants the world to move in a better direction and make a better place to live, because he knows that this is in America’s favor, but his enemies are some trumpery and ill-natured people with dirty and evil hands behind the curtain. They say beautiful words to hide their bad nature and try to oppose him and fight against his ideas and decisions and show a opposite face of him. They see President Trump as an obstacle to their personal interests and evil intentions and want to get him out of their way. President Trump intends to take big steps to fight corruption and injustice in the world and not only in USA, and so it is dangerous for them. Unlike politicians, Trump is not a swindler. He is exceptional, wealthy and genuinely compassionate and has no need to be hypocrisy and playing role. True lovers of America must support him so that political leeches can no longer roam. We all know that parasites grow larger and are more active in the dirtiest areas. His enemies are supporting terrorists like the Islamic Republic, and give China and Russia more opportunity to devour the world. In fact, they are protecting USA enemies and competitors not USA because for them, only their interests are important and the people are just a means to reach them their goals. Now, it is president Trump’s task to defense people’s votes. We are also responsible for our future generation and if we sit silent against injustice and allow corrupt people to decide for and instead of us, take control of the fate of the country and change the history path badly, We have oppressed our children and our country and we have to answer to them one day. So, do not let them think we are stupid, indifference, weak or surrendered and steal our election results easily and in broad daylight.

Joe Kehoskie
11 months ago

Straightforward from here:

1. The Republican-controlled legislatures of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Arizona either refuse to certify the results or send Republican electors.

2. Corrupt Dems pound sand.

11 months ago

How the hell can there not be any arrests yet? If we do not have major arrests by Friday it will most likely mean the Justice Dept is in on the fix.

11 months ago
Reply to  Zsne

I agree. Conservatives are patient people, but they are really pushing their luck.

11 months ago
Reply to  Zsne

The DOJ is on the take like all other intelligence. Why do you think the Durham report is still not done. They’ve been buying their time.

11 months ago

The same media that went along with naming Bruce Jenner “Woman of the Year”? The same media that refused to air reports of sexual abuse committed by Jeffrey Epstein, even when supported by a wealth of evidence? The same media that prematurely reported that WTC7 fell, while the building was literally still standing behind them in the shot? The same media that thinks that Britney Spears shaving her head is “news”? The same media which accused Trump of saying that Nazis are good people *for years* when it would take all of 30 seconds to find the video of that speech and confirm that wasn’t true?

Yeah, it’s time to stop expecting the truth from people who only ever write fiction, and on the off-chance that they do publish truth, it’s only really in the form of: “Look at what [insert name of washed-up celebrity] was wearing while walking their dog!”

For all intents and purposes, we don’t have a media. We don’t have news. We don’t have a press. We have the illusion of it. And, that’s a problem because it’s kept us from seeing the fact that we need to BUILD ONE, and we need to do that desperately because a free country doesn’t work without one. Thank goodness for sites like Revolver.news! But, we need more and we need it to spread among the people. Because, right now we don’t have news or media. We have a giant propaganda arm associated with a group of people who would be happy to throw our Constitution out the window, then we have a few legitimate companies for media, news, and social media, which are only just catching on with people, and still only have a fraction of the market share.

Michael H.
11 months ago
Reply to  J.D.

J.D., this is your very next post…

“We’ve lived through things like this before in this country, and concentration camps didn’t happen. We dealt with it then, and we’re hoping to deal with it now. That doesn’t involve rising up and crushing anyone. It involves working the system, which is what conservatives are doing. I get that it’s not as emotionally appealing….”

“It involves working the system…”? Unlike the rest of the last 2 1/2 centuries, our system was never
so afflicted by an all pervasive cancer called Marxist ideology. Maybe you should open a book and
take a gander at the reality we are facing right now. What we are facing right now has NEVER taken
place where we face potential disintegration from within due specifically to a widespread Marxist death cult. Yes, there existed obvious leftist tendencies before in the guise of the Democrats and then “Progressives” but none of that holds a candle to what is happening now to America. JFK and the rest of the Democrats of the 1960’s, for example, would not recognize the “Democats” of today.
They would be in shock.

You just got through trashing the system in this post above. Working the system? And, you seem to
get “emotional” while you trash the very same corrupt, untenable system you claim you want to work through. I thought stone cold pseudo-cerebral conservatives like yourself were not so “emotional”? You sound very emotional.

You claim to want to work through the “system” yet you just outlined how screwed up and corrupt the
“system” is. You contradicted yourself and you seem to do that consistently.

How do 78 million Americans believe in an election system that the Left/Democrats just got through
manipulating and easily steering their way? How can anyone be stupid enough to naively believe they
can “work” a system that just got through reaming them and their own right to a “free and fair” election?

You still don’t get that it – do you? The system is absolutely corrupt and unworkable and the
Left have guaranteed that the very same system you claim to want to “work through” is going to
stay corrupt and unworkable.

So, by your bizarre “logic” we should keep trying to work through the same corrupt “system” that the Left have managed to manipulate and control- right? What is the definiton of insanity?….going down
the same road over and over again and bizarrely expecting a different destination.

J.D. , your fake “reason” has failed you and the rest of us.

In other words, your use of “reason” is neither persuasive nor consistent.

You need to step it up a notch….

Or, I suggest that you just lift a few more weights to work off your frustration at failing to provide a
persuasive argument.

Wolf Strike
11 months ago

Our Achille’s Heel on the Right?

We believe in playing fair.
We believe in decency and playing by the “rules”.
We believe that if we keep being Boy Scouts, in the face of PURE EVIL (the Left) that
somehow we can prevail.

Our fatal mistake is trying to deal with the Left in this way …

And, the Left knows it.

If we are to survive as a people we must fight Evil with
absolute ruthlessness and crush them while we still can.

The Left controls nearly every major lever of power in the country.

They control the Mass Media and have transformed it into an Orwellian Propaganda Platform.

They control much of our communications technology, Silicon Valley is the Left’s
Command and Control system over us. They have crippled our ability to organize and
communicate with one another and it is only a matter of time before platforms like Revolver
are targeted as “Hate Speech” sites and silenced into oblivion.

They control much of the political establishment with many corrupt Republicans playing along.

With Marxist Obama’s help, they’ve managed to infect much of the Pentagon with Leftist ideology
to the point where President Trump may not even be able to depend on them to counter a violent Leftist insurrection.

They control the education system indoctrinating our young with the Marxist mindset.

They have managed to destroy much of our Christian base by indoctrinating many churches to think woke.

They have destroyed the core of our family structure by introducing every corrosive amoral idea to
break it down over time. How many genders are there now? Twenty? Thirty? Fifty? How many
single-parent families are there now? How high is the divorce rate?

In other words, with the help of all of the above, and the greedy international corporations, Soros, and the Deep State, they have staged a slow-motion coup over the decades leading up to
this very moment of decision.

We can’t bring fists to a knife fight. The Left doesn’t care about our “rules”.
They don’t care about decency, or morality, or goodness, or any of those other traits
that has made America – America.

The Left cares about crushing and destroying us because they crave and lust for…


And, if we let them steal this election, we will never see another actual election again – not a real one; –
they will all be rigged and staged for the benefit of the Marxist Media to portray as “fair”.

After this coup, we will only see Stalinist elections where people pretend to vote.

If we let them get away with this evil, we have just thrown away our lives to tyranny.

The Left is already putting together plans to persecute the American people who dared to
defy their ideology.

Where will they go with this persecution? First, it will be “Re-education Camps” (their words) and
those camps will quickly morph into….

Concentration Camps and inevitably they will attach the “Final Solution” to those camps…

Gas Chambers and Crematoriums with smokestacks.

This is the road we are walking on and those Gas Chambers are our destination…


11 months ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

We’ve lived through things like this before in this country, and concentration camps didn’t happen. We dealt with it then, and we’re hoping to deal with it now. That doesn’t involve rising up and crushing anyone. It involves working the system, which is what conservatives are doing. I get that it’s not as emotionally appealing. But, conservatives are more even-tempered, as a people. Crushing things is really more of a Leftist sentiment. We’ve seen how badly people are hurt by cities burning. We don’t want more of that to happen. If you have a lot of that “I want to crush things” energy in your system, I get it. So do I. Lifting weights and exercising helps. And, more importantly, it doesn’t hurt people.

Wolf Strike
11 months ago
Reply to  J.D.

You do understand that the Left and their Marxist ideology are not America’s interanl traditional
political opponents – right?

These are not even the radicals of the ’60s, though that is when American Marxism/Communist
movements became openly organized.

These people are full-blown power lusting radical Communists in everything but name only.

And, ….


Do you actually think you can defeat that kind of ideology by magically and naively following
the rules?

You are dreaming. Your approach will never overcome the pure Evil that they represent.
They just spent the last four years trashing our system, our rules, our laws.

Wake the hell up, fella.

Wolf Strike
11 months ago
Reply to  J.D.

There is only a smidgen of the remaining rules-based political system that the Left
have not fully taken over and that is the Supreme Court and that one
hangs by a thread because even some of the “Conservatives” like Kavanaugh are
too pussified, woke softly to protect the nation.
And, when the Left manages to steal those last two Senate seats in GA this
January, you can kiss the Supreme Court goodbye as well.
They obviously are trying to control all three branches and they are nearly there.

And, I will press this point again into your sleeping face…
You can’t beat these people by trying to follow the rules.
They don’t give a damn about the Law.
They don’t give a damn about or I or the United States of America.
They hate and despise the whole idea of America.

Here….let me pour you a piping hot cup of Folgers coffee….so you can…

Wolf Strike
11 months ago
Reply to  J.D.

And, we damn sure have not lived through “things like this before”
The history of the Marxists is replete with tens of millions of human beings being
lined up against walls and shot, exterminated, enslaved and worked to death, etc.

I suggest you bone up on the history of their ideology instead of naively pretending
it “can’t happen here.

They were saying that to themselves in Europe and Russian not too long ago.

11 months ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

If you’re right — and I’m not saying that you’re not — writing things that come across so emotional, with no sources cited, in the comments section of web pages isn’t going to change people’s minds. It’s more likely to just put them off. On the other hand, if you’re just looking to let off some steam and this works for you, by all means.

Speaking personally, you didn’t change my mind. I only bothered replying because it seemed like you had good intentions and really want to help people. I wanted to return the favor and give you some feedback in the hopes that maybe next time, you’ll be able to reach people in a way that doesn’t put them off.

If the situation is really so dire, it’s that much more of a reason not to waste time putting people off, isn’t it?

Wolf Strike
11 months ago
Reply to  J.D.

I see the point you are making. Believe me, J.D. –your response is emblematic of the problem
at hand.


Because your very approach of using “reason” has failed to negate the very points I made
in my remarks.

What part of what I’ve pointed out about the Left do you not see? Where is your “reason”?

You say my remarks are “emotional” Of course they are emotional. We are watching our nation
being destroyed by the Left; why wouldn’t a response be chalked full of emotion?

What you don’t seem to understand is that people are moved by emotion not reason.
The Left get that simple politcal equation while Conservatives like you don’t

Why don’t Conservatives get that equation?

Because you try and use the solace of “reason” to justify passivity and complacence while the nation
burns down.

“Reason” doesn’t defeat spur the Righteous to action.

Emotion spurs the Righteous to action and the defense of the American people.

“Reason” was not the motivation used by America defeating facism in WWII and
“reason” was not the basis America used to war against Communism and Marxism just
a few decades ago.

The basis for America’s traditional hatred of Marxism/Communism is a
visceral hatred for tyranny.

Laughing at You
11 months ago
Reply to  J.D.

Apparently, you didn’t understand Wolf Strike’s comments.
You write:
“If you’re right — and I’m not saying that you’re not — writing things that come across so emotional, with no sources cited, in the comments section of web pages isn’t going to change people’s minds”
He pointed out the history of the Marxists and their commitment to the destruction
of Western Civilization beginning with the destruction of our institutions and our
entire political system.

He pointed the history of the Communists and their murdering of tens of millions of
human beings…

All of these points are not just “cited” but obvious throughout recent history.

So, who is using reason and who isn’t ?

Armed to the Teeth Patriot
11 months ago
Reply to  J.D.

This is just on the newswire:
CNN is putting persecution lists of Trump supporters.
Guess where the Left is taking this approach?
Death Squads? Concentration Camps?
“Can’t happen here…”
Just how is your “reason” going to defeat that level of evil???????

How exactly do you “reason” with the Devil????

Greg St. Pierre
11 months ago

Yes indeed. Hell, many of the Leftist politicians are threatening all sort of retribution against Trump supporters. They can certainly try. Frankly, it’s time they learned to be afraid.

Armed to the Teeth Patriot
11 months ago


We are on the same page.

They are going to learn very quickly how to be friends with Death.

American Citizen 2.0
11 months ago

The obviousness of the fact that we are being socially engineered from the top down galls practically everyone on the right except for the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan types who seem to be willfully oblivious to it for some reason. I think they (the RINOs) have such disdain for ordinary people that they don’t really care whether we all are forced to live in the Cantina at the end of the Universe like in some Star Wars movie. They think we were idiots or something. Yet, every once in a while they will swing by and give a speech about being pro-business and having “American” values and all of their localized Chamber of Commerce friends will pony up donations and vote for them. That worked in the olden days but the equilibrium that sustain it has been broken by mass immigration and whatever you would call the ethos coming out of San Francisco that has permeated everything social.

All of which I mention because once you give up on the idea of the individual being the local of moral and civic virtue, which our new globalist/Marxist overlords certainly have, then the idea of a fair election is thrown into chaos. That’s because “individuals” in the sense we would have asserted they are important only a few years ago are now the problem that has to be defeated for justice on earth to prevail. In short, the ideas of free and fair now apply to whether or not the system as whole represents groups ethically. In short, sticking it to the heteronormative white male individualistic voter is the whole point of our globalist overlords.


11 months ago

The legal fight needs to continue, but do not expect the judicial process to flip the election. At best that process will delay certification. The best chance to flip the election is in the Republican dominated state legislatures in the battleground states. While the legal cases proceed, those legal arguments need to be used as political arguments to secure the support of those state legislators. Those votes (of state legislators) need to be being whipped right now. Trump needs to start holding massive rallies in each of the battleground states doing his comedic routine mocking the Democrats efforts to steal the election, then he needs to urge his followers to pressure their state legislators to vote to invalidate the election. I’m sure that among those state legislators there are plenty of GOPe aspiring swamp critters. Trump needs to apply pressure to make sure they don’t go wobbly.

Greetings from Germany
11 months ago

Of course all those dead people are voting for Biden. You would be too if you’ve just died because of Trump’s COVID-response. Duhh.

Goy I am
11 months ago

Nice try troll! You’re too stupid to realize the Jews have been raping your country for decades with no end in sight! In fact, when a Jewish diplomat was asked by Jewish reporters a few years back when the relation between Germany and Israel would normalize, she said “NEVER”!!! Of course idiots like you would support Joe “you don’t have to be a Jew to be a Zionist. I am a Zionist” Biden! Enjoy giving Jews money ever year for eternity, moron!

Greetings from Germany
11 months ago
Reply to  Goy I am

So how come Biden is more Zionist than Trump who moved the US embassy from the Tel Aviv beach to Jerusalem (where it belongs!)?

Asking for a Trump-supporting, Israel-supporting friend….

11 months ago

They’re not very smart dead people.

I’d blame the democrat governor who forced COVID-positive patients into my nursing home, thus infecting and killing me, even while there were emergency military hospitals and ships set up where they could’ve gone to instead. I’d blame the democrat mayor for keeping my family from visiting me, thus making my last moments on this Earth miserable and isolated. I’d blame the democrat media that hyped up a virus that 99.9% of people survive, resulting in my family members losing their jobs, having their small businesses close permanently, and leaving them in financial dire straits, socially isolated, and depressed.

I wouldn’t blame the republican president who pushed back against most of that, criticizing it almost constantly, sent out medical ships and ordered military hospitals built, and pushed for treatments that were cheap, effective, and have been successfully used around the world to treat and prevent COVID deaths, and when democrats criticized all of that, pushed for vaccines at an accelerated rate which is unprecedented, and would be available free of charge to anyone that wants or needs it.

Jendi Carroll
11 months ago
Reply to  J.D.

Well said DJ. I am from Australia where the COVID response has been primarily from the State Premiers. Like Trump, our PM could close borders and provide resources. That done, he can try to plead with Premiers to keep schools open, plead with them to open state borders, but can DO nothing. I am always amazed that the media in America can just blame Trump. In Australia we just blame, or applaud Premiers.

Greetings from Germany
11 months ago

Guys, that was a joke about lefties justifying dead people voting. Trump didn’t kill anyone and dead people should not vote. Two truths the left can’t handle – and instead is more likely to combine two fallacies to prove each other.

Well, joking is not one of our national strengths so bear with me…

Armed to the Teeth Patriot
11 months ago

The Left doesn’t care about America’s rules and laws.
They want to destroy the country.
Here is a Breitbart headline a few minutes ago…


They intend on “transforming” America by destroying everything beginning with the

Michael Hollingsworth
11 months ago

A tribute to Veterans who served…
from a Revolver News article …
2020 is the Veteran’s Election
We have been betrayed and it’s time to stop tolerating it.
By Samuel Finlay

November 10, 2020
We have been in service to a country run by people who don’t believe in countries.

If you’re reading this and have done a stretch downrange, you probably know this already on some level. (At this point in the game, you probably know it even if you haven’t.) For a long time now, it has been a hard lesson that many of every generation who serves under the Star-Spangled Banner wind up learning. Yet somehow the lesson is lost and forgotten by the time the next war rolls around and the managerial class needs Americans to pay the blood price.

I suppose we grow content in the peace after our time of trial, wanting only to surround ourselves with home and family and visions of prosperity and plenty, free from the hardships we’d known. Perhaps there are grand designs burning a hole in our hearts revolving around the love of a sweetheart or ambitions involving the GI Bill, or maybe doing something as simple as my Paw-Paw wanted to after his war: “move off back in the woods so far they gotta pump in daylight.”

I wonder if coming to grips with this knowledge was as hard for you as it was for me. I was born and raised in Oklahoma and my family has been putting sweat in the dirt of this country somewhere or another since before the Founding. And we have fought in its wars. Willingness to serve our country, should it call, has been a part of my family’s culture as I’m sure it has for many of you. Whatever our grievances with the politicians of the day, if push came to shove, we would fight.

Over the course of my life though, I came to see the things my family loved or believed attacked from every corner by those who shape the opinions and agenda of this country. As a college student in the back half of the 1990s, it seemed to reach a fevered pitch with what was becoming known as “political correctness,” but I soon enlisted and was too busy learning the world of the infantryman to devote much time to thinking about it, and it became merely an inchoate frustration. Returning from my second deployment would change that.

As those who fought in the early years of the “War on Terror” will remember, there had been a great deal of ire directed at the Bush Administration. (Rightfully so, in my opinion). I noticed around the time of the 2004 election, however, the narrative began to shift from President Bush to Red Staters as a whole. While at Walter Reed, I remember reading a particularly vicious editorial reprinted from the The Stranger and variations of its theme threaded through the media: people like my family were standing in the way of Utopia and were no longer worthy of representation as a constituency.

After a time spent traveling, I had hoped to serve again in some capacity despite my reservations and found my way back to the university. It soon became apparent that for the people on the other side of the curriculum, the post-World War II world had grown much too small and the stakes far too high for the continued existence of countries and their delusions of sovereignty, and it was the role of all enlightened people to foster institutions of global governance in their stead.

It was all spelled out in black and white, available for all to see, and had been since before I was born. The future was to be a borderless world in which people, money, goods, and services moved unfettered under the custody of an international class of credentialed technocrats, and the United States was to be its prophet. Globalism wasn’t a conspiracy; it was the consensus. It was institutionalized. It was the ethos of those who shaped and implemented policy, whether they be entrenched in academia, business and finance, or government and its bureaucracy, “and if you didn’t like it, you better learn to love it” as the poet said.

With the 2016 election, I was floored to find a candidate running for office who dared to call it by name. America was being betrayed by corrupt and incompetent leaders and looted by scavengers, and by God, that was gonna change. There was to be an end to open-ended wars abroad with vague objectives. American policy, whether on economics or immigration, would be fashioned to benefit actual Americans rather than the nebulous false god of Humanity at large. Whether he was sincere or if he’d make good or not was almost irrelevant. It was worth voting for him, if for no other reason than to put a shot across the bow of globalists.

The years since then have been a parade of funhouse mirrors with one grotesque caricature or farce after another portrayed to us by a hostile media driven mad with their diminishing loss of control over the proles. The usual suspects trot out their “experts” and act out an almost vaudeville routine to try and seduce the world with what we later discover to be half-truths if not outright lies.

What has happened with this year’s election, however, is beyond the pale.

First there was the sudden freeze in counting within the battleground states followed by the late night drops of pro-Biden votes in statistically impossible ratios that put Third World dictators to shame.

Then there was the dead apparently rising en masse to vote, the removal of Republican poll watchers, the senile Biden receiving a higher percentage of votes in the states that had stopped counting than his predecessors Hillary Clinton or President Obama had at the height of their popularity. We saw tech leader Mark Zuckerberg contributing millions for polling locations and drop boxes in the battleground states that saw the drastic spike in Biden votes.

The very address of the Biden-Harris transition team website is based on the same slogan espoused by “The Great Reset” advocated by the globalist World Economic Forum. And we know there was a gathering this summer of high-ranking Democrat and NeverTrump operatives to war-game options for removing President Trump and the unfolding of events in suspicious lockstep with “color revolution” tactics used abroad. Reports of voting fraud continue to pour in, and if we saw or read of such things happening in other countries we’d call it corruption and everyone knows it.

In their obsession to oust the orange monster in their minds, the aspiring global managerial class has crossed a line and this demands a response.

When we enter the service, we swear an oath to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic.” What does that mean though when the majority of those on the other side of that oath see it merely as a means to manipulate your sense of honor or love of country? What does it mean when that constitution no longer describes the way power really works in America now, or fails to address the international networks of patronage that truly dictate policy today? How do concepts like treason even apply when almost the entire political class (and especially those who teach them) ceased to believe in nations long ago and have elected instead to offer up what remains on the altar of a utopia that will never come?

We have been betrayed and it’s time to stop tolerating it.

We can begin by refusing to accept the results of this election as it stands; to call the fraud for what it is and demand those who presume to be our leaders to take action on our behalf. If they truly believe in what can be said to remain of the rule of law and the Constitution, hold them to it and require they support what investigations and hearings are to come. Let them know our loyalty must be returned and cannot be bought. Make it clear that this is our home regardless of what the parasites say in Davos or Harvard or Wall Street or D.C., and we will not be intimidated by bullies, mobs, pretenders, and frauds.

And then we wait . . .


American Citizen 2.0
11 months ago

You had me right up until the “then we wait” part. Seems like our plan might need a few more details there at the end for this to really succeed otherwise it’s sort of like Dr Evil’s ill tempered sea bass.

We have all been triggered, insulted, and provoked by the globalists who rule over us but no one is providing a way out here.

Michael Hollingsworth
11 months ago

When the Left finally manage to completely shut down all dissent, all free speech, every point in the
Bill of Rights and the Constitution, what is left besides…

mass violence against tyranny?

“When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty”
Thomas Jefferson

Greg St. Pierre
11 months ago

The enemy of freedom is on the move, salivating at the sweet results of nefarious efforts and the delicious power and revenge that awaits. And as always, we spend time arguing and being 100% correct which accomplishes absolutely nothing. It’s going to take more than complaints and courts to stop these monsters. Sorry, but you know I’m right.

Michael H.
11 months ago

Lock n Load.

11 months ago

I have to agree nice guys finish last, that is not just a baseball thing. People are ruthless, we must do everything possible to defeat the enemy. I have a liberal attorney he wants to fight nice drives me crazy, needless to say he will not be my lawyer much longer. Unless we can strike a blow to the Democrats that is heard around the world they will continue to destroy our country. I am not sure how that looks, but when we figure it out I will be all in. Obviously I thought voting was the only way, but clearly now that is not the case.

Wolf Strike
11 months ago

If Biteme Biden and his best Hoe, Comrade Camel-Toe get to steal their way into
the White House, their ….

EXECUTIVE ORDER #1: Manadatory Tranny operation on each soldier, sailor, and marine;
no exceptions. All done at taxpayer’s expense. Big Boobs, massive vagina, and adam’s apple
whittling – the Carnival Lefty Freakshow on full parade. They’ll even through in a complete

EXECUTIVE ORDER#2: The immediate excution of all Trump followers.

EXECUTIVE ORDER#3: Instant surrender to the Chinese Communist Party.

Welcome to the National Nightmare. America going full postal.
Straight jackets provided free of charge.

11 months ago


11 months ago

Pompeo seemingly concurs, based on his comments about the State Dept. handling fraud on 11/10.

11 months ago

The worst part of the whole story is that so many people will ignore and even condone just to spite Trump rather than realize the negative direction we are heading as a country.

D. Kelama
11 months ago

“It strongly appears that, during the middle of the night, the ballots counted all of a sudden just happened to favor Democrats much more dramatically than before. Non-competitive races were impacted far less drastically.”

We’re at the point now where they don’t even care that you know it’s all fairy tales. The fake plague, the fake elections…but guess what’s not going to be fake. Guess what’s going to be very real. The vaccines.

The Marcionites haven’t been shut down yet so if you want to get the Religious Covid Exemption forms (free), here’s the link: https://www.marcionitechurch.org/covidscam.html

Steven E. Roberts
11 months ago

Don’t ever buy a used car from a guy a at your church.

Jendi Carroll
11 months ago

How did this suddenly become a very dirty racist rant about Jews? Please keep on track.

Din Djarin
11 months ago
Reply to  Jendi Carroll

Agreed. He is entitled to an opinion, but it is off topic in this thread.

Wait, “Lieh Geis” is “Sieg Heil” spelled backwards.

Lookey here, Mr “Geis”, the more you keep trolling the forum here, the more likely these comment boards get shut down. So cool it.

This is the Way

American Citizen 2.0
11 months ago
Reply to  Jendi Carroll

Like the Anita Sarkeesian thing, certain people know they can stifle any dissent by swamping comment sections with fake “hate speech”. In Anita’s case, it’s widely speculated that she herself was the source of all the anti-feminist “hate” spewed at her online by “gamers”. Likewise, if you don’t like a website’s comment section, just create a fake email address and start pounding it with anti-semitism. The ADL and other such organizations will do their job and get your site deplatformed, your credit cards canceled, and on and on.

In reality, the mods should put filters on the comment section to remove words they don’t like.

This problem always appears in comment sections online and it’s going to lead to Chinese and European style hate speech laws in the US, which is of course the whole point.

In short, there are crazy people in the world and unfortunately a lot of those crazy people have internet connections. There isn’t a heck of a lot you can do about it. Unz.com is almost a model for how you would deal with that kind of commenter by the way.

President Elect Dave
11 months ago

As President Elect I am outraged by this and I am speaking to world leaders about it now.

Michael H.
11 months ago

How evil are the Left?

They have manipulated the election system so completely that they will achieve the
the same result no matter if their fake votes prevail or not through the courts or, even
if the Right is forced to resort to using straight electors from battleground states to
overcome the fraud.

How will the Left achieve the same result they’ve wanted all along?

The Left is not stupid. They are scheming and manipulative demons and they are good at fomenting chaos. Creating and sustaining chaos is their means to absolute power.

We just witnessed a primer on their Chaos Maxim over the last several months as cities
burned down.

Scenario A: They prevail at defrauding the American people out of a “free and fair” election
and Harris/Biden get into power. From that point on, they will set about “re-imagining”
America and transforming it into a dystopian Socialist Orwellian nightmare and through the bad dream, they will create one chaotic and anarchy-filled event after another to keep
the “Revolution” going. They took lessons from their mentor, Mao and the Cultural Revolution
in Communist China in the 60’s.

Scenario B: Either the Right prevail in the courts or we somehow manage to get state electors
from Battleground states to elect President Trump to a second term.
-If Scenario B takes place, we are guaranteed massive violence, mayhem, anarchy and chaos across
the entire United States. That will satisfy the Left to no end.

Chaos and disruption and confusion is exactly what the Left want.

For months the Leftist Media have set up America’s mindset for either scenario. If we prevail
in the courts or through the electors, the Left will scream bloody murder and disenfranchisement
and begin their violent rampage across America.

If the courts or the electors fail us, they
begin to radically take over every political arm of power, beginning with the U.S. Senate and the
Supreme Court and their revolution will not stop until either we stop them, or they rule over the ash heap that was once
our naton.

Edward Pope
12 days ago

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