Why Is Breitbart Doing Mitch McConnell’s Bidding?
December 4, 2020 (2mo ago)

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Breitbart News became a leading voice on the right by refusing to suck up to worthless Republican leaders. Yet now, in the wake of the 2020 election, Breitbart seems content to do Mitch McConnell’s dirty work for him.

The issue in question is Atlanta attorney L. Lin Wood. Wood has supported President Trump’s effort to dispute the 2020 election results, and has argued that Republicans shouldn’t vote in January 5’s Senate runoff. Wood argues that Georgia’s elections are grossly vulnerable to voter fraud. State Republicans could have easily improved matters by holding a special legislative session and updating the state’s laws. But Gov. Brian Kemp has refused to call such a session, and Senators David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler have put no pressure on him to change course.

In response, Breitbart has launched an all-out attack on Wood. For two days in a row, their lead articles have blasted Wood in the harshest terms:

The first article, a lengthy diatribe from Matt Boyle, attacks Wood for not voting in Georgia’s Republican primary and for donating to Democrats in the past. It’s a naked form of character assassination. Wood has made no secret of supporting Democrats in the past, and if donating to a Democrat is an unforgivable sin, then it’s worth pointing out that Donald Trump himself made many such donations.

Along with Boyle’s story, and the other headline article featuring Newt Gingrich, Breitbart has published a wave of articles focused not merely on the Georgia runoff, but specifically on attacking those who aren’t enthusiastic about voting in it. “Roger Stone Rebukes Those Urging Georgians to Sit Out Runoffs: ‘Imperative’ Trump Supporters Vote for Perdue, Loeffler,” says one typical headline.

Revolver does not say that Wood is correct, either on his specific voter fraud claims or on the desirability of not voting January 5. But what is indisputably true is that Breitbart shouldn’t be doing McConnell’s bidding by attacking those who aren’t happy with the GOP.

The biggest hindrance to Republicans winning the Georgia Senate runoffs isn’t Democratic saboteurs or bitter Trump supporters– it’s the Republican Party. Republicans have complete control of Georgia’s state government for 16 years (and for six of those years, Sonny Perdue was governor). It is entirely their fault that Georgia’s electoral system was so vulnerable to a suspicious surge in mail-in votes. They could have prevented it at any time, but were too lazy, stupid, or deluded to act.

Meanwhile, it is entirely the fault of Mitch McConnell and other Senate Republicans that their base is lukewarm on even letting Republicans hold even a sliver of government without Donald Trump in charge. For four years, Senate Republicans hobbled the Trump administration as often as they helped it. They allowed the Russia collusion hoax to play out for years on end. They refused to pass serious immigration reform, despite holding a majority in both houses of Congress. They fought to keep U.S. troops fighting in Afghanistan and Syria. After last summer’s George Floyd riots, several Republican senators openly endorsed Black Lives Matter and joined the left in attacking both police (and the United States as a whole) as racist. And just in the past few days, they unanimously approved an awful bill from Senator Mike Lee that seeks to widen the floodgates for Indian H-1B visa holders into American workplaces.

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Now, McConnell is panhandling for Georgians’ votes. Who can blame them for being hesitant?

Breitbart didn’t become a leading news outlet on the right by falling in line behind the GOP establishment. They did so by aggressively disrupting that establishment. And it wasn’t just their willingness to promote Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Even well before Donald Trump came down the escalator, Breitbart was giving the establishment headaches. In 2014, Breitbart touted Dave Brat’s primary challenge against House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Cantor’s defeat was an early warning sign that Republicans weren’t satisfied with Republican leadership and were ready to consider alternatives, even an alternative as unlikely as a billionaire ex-Democrat real estate tycoon. Once Paul Ryan became House Speaker, Breitbart was his top critic, attacking him relentlessly for his anti-American priorities.

If Breitbart wants Republicans to vote in the Georgia primary, there’s a better way to do it: They should pressure Republican lawmakers to take positions that will make Republicans eager to support them. If they settle for anything less, than they might as well kiss their audience goodbye as they sail off to irrelevance on a National Review cruise.


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