Dominion, Maricopa County refuse to comply with state Senate subpoenas in Arizona…
August 3, 2021 (3mo ago)
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2 months ago

There’s no need for the AZ Senate to vote on whether to hold the Maricopa Cty. Board of Supervisors in contempt, as they had been earlier this year, regarding this same audit. They’ve shown a pattern of disregard for the rule of law, and are to be considered scofflaws. Simply ask AG Brnovich to send the State Police to confiscate the election materials in the subpoena. As for Dominion, if they won’t allow a full forensic audit of their equipment, they must be considered in breach of contract for refusing to adequately prove they are NOT in breach. As a result of this, they must forfeit all funds paid them by the State for the leasing of their equipment.

2 months ago

And you really thought they would comply after thumbing their nose at you once before ?! If you were get hold of these routers ? And were to find they were rigged ! They would be put out of business ! The dumbAturds payed them well to rig this past election ! They don’t want to lose that ! If you want those routers ? You need to kick the door down AND TAKE THEM !

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