Future president? Kamala Harris popularity numbers the worst since the 1970s…
August 1, 2021 (2mo ago)
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1 month ago


Zippy the Turtle
1 month ago

She was dead last in the Dem primary, so this is not a surprise. Still, the Democrat Party will rig elections to put her into the Oval Office, so poll numbers are really meaningless at this point.

America the Beautiful
1 month ago

Future President???
She’s not even a natual born citizen… it is NOT LEGAL FOR THAT SCUM TO BE PRESIDENT

1 month ago

She is a cold hearted. Baby murdering ex call girl who sits around eating cake or partying instead of doing her job. Her tenure as AG of CA is HORRIBLE. She is going to be less popular than herpes. She spent alot of time in CA protecting her hubby’s law firm from being inspected he is a Chicom EU globalist scumbag with Dominion ties

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