Mexico phasing out imports of GMO slop from American mega corps…
August 1, 2021 (3mo ago)
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Diana Barahona
2 months ago

Few noticed when the Global Capitalist Party, lead by Hillary Clinton, interfered in Mexican presidential elections for decades in order to put puppets in power. NAFTA was a disaster for both American farmers and Mexican farmers–they even changed the Mexican Constitution to allow banks to foreclose on family farms. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had his presidential victory stolen from him twice by the corrupt global elites. It was only because Trump became president in 2017 that he was able to take office when he won the THIRD TIME, in 2018. That’s why AMLO and Trump understand each other. That’s why AMLO doesn’t recognize the corrupt senile sexual predator the transnational corporate media imposed as president of the U.S.

2 months ago

That actually may be a good idea

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