Pentagon Introduces New “Diversity Rules” Allowing “Scalp Tattoos” and Beards… What’s Next, Crossdressing?
August 26, 2021 ( ago)

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Since its inception 75-years ago, the Air Force has always cultivated a crisp, clean, All-American look to represent America’s “best of the best” in the sky. Just like elite businesses often require a certain pristine clean aesthetic, the Air Force was famous for applying that concept as a matter of military discipline and presentation.

But recently, the Air Force decided it was time for an extreme makeover. More precisely, the Air Force announced that they are finally allowing personnel to have scalp tattoos — all in the name of diversity and inclusion, of course. After all, what better time than the present, as the situation in Afghanistan unravels towards an embarrassingly tragic conclusion?

The Air Force said Tuesday it will allow airmen to wear morale patches on certain days, put hands in their pockets, and to tattoo their scalps as part of an upcoming revision to dress and appearance standards.

The changes, as well as several others, are expected to take effect in early October when the service plans to release an update to Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Appearance of Air Force Personnel.

The Air Force said in a press release that it made the changes — more than 30 recommendations in all — based on feedback from airmen as part of the 2020 Uniform Board, as well as testing and reviews.

Female airmen will have the option of not wearing hosiery with their dress uniforms, in any combination. Currently, women must wear hosiery when wearing a dress uniform with a skirt, though they are allowed to instead wear plain black socks with slacks.

And the upcoming relaxation to dress rules will remove language prohibiting airmen in uniform from putting their hands in their pockets while walking or standing, or using a cell phone or drinking water while walking.

The relaxed dress rules also will increase the length of hair allowed for men from the current 2 inches to 2.5 inches, and will allow women to wear 2-inch hair accessories, instead of the maximum 1-inch accessories now allowed.

And the updated AFI will allow airmen with piercings to wear transparent spacers, so their piercings don’t close up.

The Air Force has made several changes to dress and appearance rules since last summer as part of a broader effort to improve diversity and inclusion. Previous changes have allowed women more flexibility in how they style their hair, such as by wearing braids or ponytails. The service also started approving longer shaving waivers for men who suffer from a medical condition — typically experienced by Black men — that causes painful ingrown facial hairs when they shave. []

It goes without saying that these reforms are painfully embarrassing and ridiculous, and indistinguishable from something you would read in the Babylon Bee. But take a quick trip down memory lane to really realize how much has been lost. We were once a great nation that took pride in high standards and clean aesthetics, and the discipline it takes to maintain them:

Here’s a clip from the famous 1972 recruiting film, “Who Has Touched The Sky?”:

And here’s another from the 1970s, “Find yourself in the United States Air Force”:

It almost makes you want to weep at how far our great nation has fallen.

When President Trump came down the escalator and proclaimed that he would “Make America Great Again,” the clean-cut family man and ace in the sky is a perfect example of what millions of patriotic Americans envisioned.

In the 1986 blockbuster Top Gun, Tom Cruise’s character typecast the American fighter pilot as the apex icon of the All-American Boy. Technically, Cruise’s character was a Navy pilot and not an Air Force pilot, but you get the picture. Far from being just a bunch of caricatures, the film’s characters mirrored the shatterproof image of real off-screen elite warfighters. See for instance the clip below (0:36-2:04) of Tom Cruise’s discussion with radio personality Jimmy Carter.

Whether Air Force or Navy, the flying ace elite typified the global American all-star. Fighter pilots then were so well-kept that they could often look cocky. They certainly were never so ill-kept and slovenly that they could be mistaken for a gang of criminals.

Technically, the Air Force still requires a clean shave (to complement the clean look one typically associates with people who don’t have tattoos on their scalp). Shaving waivers can only be issued on certain medical or religious grounds. But back in June of last year and under intense pressure from the howling Social Justice mob, the Air Force Surgeon General increased the one-year waivers to last five years and implemented a speedier approval process. But of course, these measures were still not enough to satisfy the forces of “diversity and inclusion.”

After a deluge of pressure from diversity industry professionals, a 50,000 person survey invitation study in Military Medicine concluded that even the concept of requiring a shaving waiver, instead of just allowing beards outright, disproportionately hindered black promotions.

The lack of significant interaction between shaving waiver status and race/ethnicity indicated that shaving waivers are associated with an equivalent negative impact for members of all races. Black/African-Americans members, despite being only 12.85% of the study cohort, constituted 64.18% of the shaving waiver group; a difference that is likely due to the high prevalence of PFB which often can only be managed with a shaving waiver. This uneven racial distribution of shaving waivers caused a disproportionately negative effect on Black/African-American members. [Military Medicine]

Given relaxed standards originally designed to accommodate women, pressure mounted from men to allow beards without restrictions. Evidently, the baying mob eventually even demanded that scalp tattoos be allowed.

To put it bluntly and charitably, Top Gun would simply not work with the main character Maverick possessing a Michael Fanone jailhouse Spiderman neck tattoo. If such a slovenly and criminal-looking slob was selected to play Maverick, America simply wouldn’t be casting their best:

Look out for Top Gun 3, starring Michael Fanone as a truly modern bi-curious pilot (he/them) who cries inconsolably after every mission. Directed by JJ Abrams.

How did we get here? Contrary to the well-known saying, the slowly-unraveling failure of our modern military has many fathers. One especially important and often-discussed factor that you are probably already familiar with is a doctrine that goes by the name of “disparate impact” — a doctrine that has now been codified in our legal system, and, in fact, resides in the very heart of our “Civil Rights” regime.

Disparate impact is the legal theory that a policy or practice can be illegal under civil rights law even if nobody is actually treated differently on account of their race. That is, even if a policy is totally race-neutral and meritocratic on its face and in its execution, it can still “perpetuate” a “racist outcome” which our brutally unjust clown regime labels discrimination, or as they call it, “disparate treatment”.

It might not be racist in and of itself to require shaving in the military. But if such a requirement “disparately impacts” certain protected classes like race, gender, or religion, then the policy is in effect racist and ought to be revised or abolished entirely.

With the disparate impact doctrine you can absurdly have “racism without racists.” Today, in light of the insidious creep of critical theory into every facet of our society, “systemic” racism is the default assumption of how our economy, society, culture, and government really work. In other words, our overlords have decreed that there is an invisible racist hand manipulating everyone in the land, and every aspect of our society.

Despite its fundamental impact on the functioning of our country, no one actually agreed to or voted on the doctrine of “disparate impact” when it became the law of the land.

It was not baked into the 1964 Civil Rights Act or the 1965 Voting Rights Act or the 1968 Fair Housing Act.

Shockingly, the legal doctrine that would eventually bring this entire nation to its knees was invented, whole-cloth, by a 1971 Supreme Court decision called Griggs v. Duke Power.

In Griggs, an employer required employees seeking promotion into middle management to have a high school diploma. Technically, the policy also required passing two aptitude tests, but this ultimately wouldn’t matter. When a black employee sued under a brand new legal theory tantamount to what today critical race theory (CRT) activists call systemic racism, the Supreme Court took the CRT argument’s side, and ruled that even the high school diploma requirement created an illegal “disparate impact.”

To recap: because white folks tended on average to have high school diplomas more often than black folks, the Supreme Court actually decreed that no employer can require high school diplomas.

Technically, with disparate impact, there are certain limited defenses like the doctrine of “compelling business necessity.” Inevitably, the Supreme Court had to invent even more legal fictions to prevent the country from collapsing under the absurdity of its new pet legal doctrine. But we don’t need to get into that for the purposes of this piece.

Today, not even the most well-thought-out defenses can stop activists from filing multibillion-dollar lawsuits, and most legitimate defenses are ill-equipped to stop lawsuits before the discovery stage, at which point every institution gets held at financial and existential gunpoint.

Unsurprisingly, standards of merit and law and order have collapsed across the country. But until this point, most who oppose this unwelcome development and its ill effects have been virtually clueless about the cause of their woes. They ask: Why can’t we have nice things?

Why can’t Oregon make reading or math a condition of graduating high school?
Why can’t San Francisco arrest people for shoplifting?
Why can’t high schools discipline disruptive students anymore?
Why can’t major universities use standardized testing anymore?
Why can’t people show an ID to prove who they are before they vote?

Every single time, the answer is the same: disparate impact, the doctrine that destroyed America.

There is no bottom to disparate impact. Look to South Africa, where there are whole classes of stock in corporations that white people are barred from owning, purchasing or trading. In the name of ending disparities, of course.

Such broad-based economic empowerment proposals are inevitable in America. Indeed, the American domestic diversity industry mafia is tightly connected to the foreign policy blob that helped shape South Africa’s BBEEE doctrine.

With disparate impact being a rogue creation of the Supreme Court, it is perhaps worth noting that the Globalist American Empire’s favorite modern Supreme Court Justice, who LARPing liberals gave the embarrassing moniker “Notorious R.B.G.”, pined openly for our nation’s shared fate with South Africa:

Given the magnitude of destruction the disparate impact doctrine has left in its wake, the simple issue of whether or not soldiers are allowed to wear beards might seem comparatively trivial. In a way, it is. In fact, the push for men being allowed to wear beards in the military arose from the fact that grooming and presentation standards had already been relaxed for women.

And it is in the realm of gender (or rather the denial thereof) that disparate impact doctrine and ideology threaten to do the most damage to the military.

Not too many people know that post-apartheid South Africa was labeled the “Rainbow nation” by Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu. But while the Globalist American Empire may be imposing the Rainbow Nation’s policies and practices, it is a rather different “rainbow” mafia now seizing institutional hegemony, if you catch our drift.

Ultimately, scalp tattoos in the military may end up being far less prevalent than elective genital mutilations and men in dresses.

As Revolver detailed in our series on Bishop Garrison — the Pentagon hatchet man tasked with purging MAGA sympathizers from the U.S. Armed Forces — restrictions on transgenderism are now considered by top military brass to be a genuine national security threat:

[P]romoting inclusivity and respect within the ranks is not only the right thing to do morally but also a matter of national security: a more cohesive unit is a stronger fighting force. Moreover, in order to address a diverse set of threats across the globe, we must strive to include a diverse set of life experiences and perspectives.

It’s also important to note that some of the current discourse in American society and some of the current administration’s policies could be affecting interest in serving, especially among minorities. The militarization of our nation’s southern border; the deportation of veterans; the potential rescission of the Parole in Place program; tenuous status of Dreamer service members and veterans; the transgender service ban; the fact that many major military bases are still named after Confederate leaders; the ongoing worries about white nationalism in the military’s ranks; and the fact that an individual who holds extreme views on race, continues to serve at the highest level of immigration policy-making—these factors risk causing a detrimental impact on our military’s ability to recruit and retain new and diverse talent. [YouTube]

The Pentagon has spent $15 million in just the past five years on treatments for nearly 2,000 transgender troops. You read the right. The Defense Department actually pays for the surgical and chemical castrations of the transgender super-soldiers tasked with our nation’s defense.

At time of publication, the black hole in the Pentagon’s budget now stands at $35 trillion. That’s 25% more than the entire U.S. national debt. The DoD has been a festering pit of corruption for decades.

But at least, or so we were already told, it was because, “Son, we live in a world with walls, and those walls need be guarded by men with guns. Who’s gonna do it, lieutenant? You? You?”:

But today, there are no walls and no guards.

Instead, we have trans-women with scalp tattoos targeting 90% innocent civilians with drones.

God bless America?

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24 days ago

Need to fire the rainbow sprinkled CRT staff and brass. Their job is to kill the enemy,fight wars, be an actual deterrent NOT a clown show

24 days ago

They already have crossdressers…transgenders.

John C
24 days ago

Pentagon normalizes Corporal Klinger. Oh, yeah that’s going to work just fine.

John C
24 days ago

America is done, Joe Biden is a disgrace. The corruption that some the American people “voted” for must be ended, otherwise America will not exist. Only the people can turn this around.

24 days ago

Stalin organized units of these types, too. They were the first sent into battle – without weapons!

24 days ago

Did he forget to pay them?

24 days ago

Adadicktomy’s and Takeadickfromme’s, pregnant tranny’s learning to “chest feed”
These mental nutbags are put in HR; they can’t be deployed. But they will be paper pushing and pen whipping any REAL soldiers pay/leave/retirement/disciplines records.

24 days ago

The military discourages individuality on purpose. Soldiers wear UNIFORMS. The point is for soldiers to think and act as a unit. Each soldier must look at those around them and essentially see the same person. That is because as they are ordered into harm’s way, they put aside their individuality and simply carry out orders. This is madness.

24 days ago

Perhaps now allowing beards is a way to fictitiously allow transplanted Afgans into the military.

John Nugent
24 days ago

The US military fell to “wokeness” faster than Kabul fell to the Taliban.

24 days ago

The air force has become the laughing stock ! Along with all branches of the military ! How did these woke assholes infiltrate them all ? What happened to American pride in being in the military ? At one time Police were looked up to by kids and the public as were military personal ! Now the police are hated and the military is a terrible joke ! Wokeism and liberal dumbAturds have just about destroyed this country ! WHY ? How could they ?!

24 days ago

Like the increasingly liberalized Catholic church the military is putting policies in place that reduces rather enhances their appeal. There is a recruiting crises in their future, at which time they will have to revert to a draft.

24 days ago

You do realize that the Tom Cruise interview is not with ex President Jimmy Carter, right?

You’re not that lazy are you? Do some f’n research before you beclown yourself like this.

That interview is another Jimmy Carter, just look at his pic on his youtube channel. That aint President Jimmy Carter lol.

24 days ago

No cross dressing won’t come first. The ability to marry your dog will come first

24 days ago

Your rocking with General Milley Anti Vanilly now!

24 days ago

The pentagon is full of fags!

24 days ago

You just know crossdressing is comming.

24 days ago

When I enlisted under the Reagan presidency, at the very end of the physical exam a military doctor came in and had us all drop our pants and grab our ankles while he carefully checked our anuses to make sure there were no homosexuals among us. I am not kidding, I am telling the absolute truth here. The military was strongest in my lifetime under presidents Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. NOT, like right now.

23 days ago

Just more Liberal Dysfunction to further weaken and destroy America from within! This will not end well and needs to be stopped immediately if not sooner…

23 days ago

Just unbelievable how far we have fallen. Uniforms were made for one reason- to be common and uniform. No person over any other. Today’s uniforms for all the armed services look like the serviceman or woman rolled out of bed. Its disgusting. Slovenly looking military that looks ripe for slaughter.

23 days ago

Would anyone be shocked if The Pentagon turned out to be as full
of homosexuals as the Vatican?

Marty G Kirkpatrick
23 days ago

I saw the same disregard for enlisted mens on-post housing at Camp Lejuene, N.C while working hurricane relef near twenty years ago.

23 days ago

I wonder what the job of the American people is?

23 days ago

Oh my God can people get more stupid it seems so.

21 days ago


“Intelligence officials estimate that China has now stolen all the personal identifiable information of about 80% of Americans, and it has a good start on collecting information on the remaining 20%.”


14 days ago

They have told the hard working/achieving white guys for decades that the Army, etc., Strengh is in Diversity; Not then. Now the only recruits are gang members lookin for some training, and the ability to train othrs.

The DoD/Fed Govt has been infiltrated. Incompacitated/decapitated. The takeover was started with theformation of the SES (private school/wealthy elite); thank JIMMY Carter, a CFR fellow. Part of the long term plan.

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