It ain’t over in California — vote YES on recall…
September 14, 2021 (5d ago)
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5 days ago

Looks like the Sadistic Socialists will abuse Californians for another year, proving why people can’t have nice things.

5 days ago

Don’t vote, it just adds to your taxes and your family’s debt burden. There is nobody running to lower taxes so greater participation helps make unelected government officials and state contractors more comfortable driving up debt and inflation.

California already thinks it has a moral right to raise prices on natural resources to curb usage, like with water. Billions and billions raised for the State and the roads are full of potholes, being filled by middle aged adults who don’t understand English.

5 days ago

This was a foregone conclusion… They remember RBG, they aren’t gonna let an old horse like Feinstein die on ‘em w/o a Nancy boy to appoint her successor. Your democratic rights are fictitious; KYS, 187 on Newsom too

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