Schachtel: Sweden and Belarus prove doing nothing beats doing something…
September 26, 2021 (4w ago)
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28 days ago

He is right. Our govt stole our rights and has destroyed our economy stole an election created a two tier society. What a farce, what a colossal waste of public money and lives

28 days ago

‘Their patience is wearing thin’, that’s why they’ve already started putting mRNA in all other types of vaccines, growing it in produce, and experimenting with aerosolized delivery systems.

Chris Houston
28 days ago

My son who vaxxed himself has had Delta twice in 6 weeks.
The immune system is gone.
He still thinks it’s no big deal because he wasn’t that sick. Got the shots April/May

Chris Houston
28 days ago
Reply to  Chris Houston

By the way he is the most fit person you know and eats clean and cooks for himself. Doesn’t drink or smoke walks 8 miles per day plus works out in addition.

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