Meet the mysterious philosopher behind President Xi’s war on “sissy stars,” video games, and tech monopolists…
October 12, 2021 (1w ago)
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8 days ago

Never thought I’d agree with the CCP before but they’re actually right. Our corporate kleptocracy is destroying the nation.

outside overton
8 days ago

Good for them. It must be nice to live in a Country governed by strong men of the same cultural and ancestral background that actually care if their people continue to exist.

outside overton
8 days ago

Superman was always ghey. He was/is subversive.

outside overton
8 days ago

Wrong. “Hate Speech” was the original excuse for censorship.

Andrew Anglin and the (formerly .com) was banned from all backbone services for making fun of Heather Heyer in 2017.

The real reason he was banned? Because his support of Donald Trump was so influential and he needed to be shut down.

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