Economists to Cattle Ranchers: Stop Being So Emotional About the Monopolies Devouring Your Family Businesses…
October 24, 2021 (1mo ago)
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1 month ago

If you raise cattle pigs chickens etc. You have drive miles for a butcher or do your own. There is a monopoly in Big Ag and it should be destroyed. Kick out the Chicom investors at the same time. My kids butchered their own chickens this year because it cost more to butcher the bird then raise them and they were free range. They could easily end up butchering their own hogs too. One private butchers building burnt down. Another old butcher could not find help. Now its an 6 hour drive to the current USDA current butcher booked months in advance. Big A is like Big Medicine and Big Pharma bad for you

1 month ago

Deregulate! Go straight to the people!

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