WaPo freaking out as “Trump asserts his dominance inside GOP”…
October 15, 2021 (2mo ago)
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1 month ago

So many lies spewn in this article. WaPo still likes to push the lie that the Left’s ANTIFA & BLM protestors were peaceful. The Domocrat who was quoted in the article likely asserts that the police who were murdered by BLM was not a “violent” act or maybe that never happened.

1 month ago

Amazon is a monopoly and will be broken up under the next Trump administraton. Your sugar daddy will have to sell you off. Bye wages, buy perks

John Bonvillian (@johnbon35)
1 month ago

Another crap article – your rag may become useful as toilet paper is going to be on demand

John Bonvillian (@johnbon35)
1 month ago

Pay attention boys and girls – a lesson of faith in action

John Bonvillian (@johnbon35)
1 month ago

Really WalMart! Its bad enough that you are in the pockets of the CCP

John Bonvillian (@johnbon35)
1 month ago


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