WITCH HUNT… Jan 6 committee votes to prosecute Bannon… “criminal contempt of Congress”…
October 19, 2021 (2mo ago)
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Undieturd (@frankstiles)
1 month ago

Their subpoena of Bannon is without legal standing. The committee is “investigating” what happened at the Capitol, Bannon’s role was to organize Trump’s rally, which was 2 miles away.

1 month ago

They are so pathetically stupid. There are so many Dems we can haul in fir contempt of congress. But by all means you fools elevate Steve Bannon even higher in the public eye. He is going to be a Rockstar and the faux Dem committee will be poo on peoole’s shoes

Fonky Honky
1 month ago

It should be a criminal offense for anyone with decent patriotic values and a lick of sense to NOT hold the current Congress in contempt. Bannon should get a medal.

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