Firebrand Congressman Matt Gaetz Demands Answers from Merrick Garland In Wake of Revolver’s Bombshell 1/6 Reporting
November 3, 2021 (3mo ago)

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Congressman Matt Gaetz and eight other House Republicans have sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding more information about the U.S. government’s possible role in the leadup to the January 6 incident, Revolver News can exclusively report.

Gaetz’s letter is short enough to post in its entirety right here:

Merrick Garland
Attorney General
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, D.C. 20530-0001

Re: Status of the FBI’s Capitol Violence Most Wanted List

Dear Attorney General Garland:

Following January 6th, were there people that you took off any of the Most Wanted lists that were federal assets or federal agents? If so, did any of the decisions to remove those people come as a consequence of cooperation between the federal government and the people that were animating the violence?

We look forward to your truthful and transparent response.

Along with Gaetz, eight other House Republicans affixed their name to the letter: Thomas Massie of Kentucky, Paul Gosar and Andy Biggs of Arizona, Louie Gohmert of Texas, Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, Bill Posey and Greg Steube of Florida, and Bob Good of Virginia.

Gaetz’s letter is built directly on Revolver’s breakthrough reporting highlighting the role of likely federal informants in fomenting the events of 1/6. In fact, the letter quotes Revolver’s proposed question for the attorney general nearly verbatim. In its Ray Epps exposé, Revolver asked:

Here’s a question we’d like to see Merrick Garland dodge: Mr. Garland, is there now, and has there ever been, any individual(s) who appeared on the Capitol Violence Most Wanted List whose activities at the Capitol turned out to be part of their work as agents or assets of a US government agency?

Garland cannot fall back on that question probing to an ongoing investigation. We’re not asking about an investigation. We’re asking a process question related to the FBI’s decision-making process for adding individuals to its Most Wanted list.

Revolver looks forward to an honest response from the attorney general, or to his desperate attempts to evade a fully truthful answer. As Revolver wrote in its exclusive last week:

[O]n January 8, 2021, the FBI begged the public for information regarding the identity of Suspect 16, Ray Epps, and even offered a cash reward.

The public obliged, and in less than three days, Ray Epps was identified as Suspect 16. Researchers corroborated his identity with troves of unassailable direct evidence, including an effective confession from Epps himself to his own local newspaper.

Then, for nearly six months, amidst the biggest manhunt in American history, the FBI did nothing with this information. As the FBI did nothing on Epps, it was simultaneously investigating, arresting, raiding and imprisoning hundreds of completely benign MAGA moms and social media trolls — mostly for minor misdemeanor trespassing charges.

As Revolver noted, not only has Ray Epps never been arrested, despite the FBI’s tremendous initial interest in his identity, but in July the FBI belatedly tried to pretend it was never interested in him at all:

[O]n July 1, between the hours of 3:37 a.m. and 5:55 p.m., the FBI finally took action on Ray Epps. But not to prosecute him, or to announce a sweeping investigation or FBI SWAT raid on Epps’s house for all of his phones and electronics. Instead, someone at the FBI quietly and stealthily purged every trace of Ray Epps from the Capitol Riots Most Wanted database.

Using the Wayback Machine from, we see that from January 8, 2021 until 3:37 a.m. on July 1, every archived version of the website shows Ray Epps as Suspect 16. … To anyone checking the January 6 FBI Most Wanted List today, “Suspect 16” is just a ghost.

More than practically any figure in Washington D.C. on January 6, Ray Epps fomented the intrusion into the Capitol, all the way up to the point where the barricades were overrun. The FBI very publicly indicated that his behavior was criminal in nature. Yet ever since, they have preferred to pretend that his behavior was benign, or even non-existent.

Revolver isn’t just writing speculative pieces to get clicks and attention. We badly want our questions answered, just as we want answers to our reporting over the summer concerning Stewart Rhodes, the leader of the Oath Keepers who has gone mysteriously unindicted despite being the central figure of a “conspiracy” to penetrate the Capitol.

Revolver applauds Congressman Gaetz and all his allies for their pursuit of the full and complete truth about January 6, and we look forward to Attorney General Garland’s response. There is nothing that Merrick Garland, Christopher Wray, and their FBI lackeys would like more than for these questions to go away. It would be easy to get lost in the news phantasmagoria and not persist with these questions.

Revolver will not be distracted or diverted. The stakes are too high and the issue is too important. The American people deserve the truth.

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18 responses to “Firebrand Congressman Matt Gaetz Demands Answers from Merrick Garland In Wake of Revolver’s Bombshell 1/6 Reporting”

  1. Get the 1/6 out of jail. They should not be there. The DC jail should be investigated. If those thugs are their guards and its that filthy the DC adm must pay. The injuries that happened there are guard related and inexcusable. WTH they are giving these prisoners drugs to keep them quiet is DC the new Soviet Union? Show the American people what is going on believe me it will cause an explosion. Equal justice my A$$

  2. While he’s at it, perhaps he should ask why:
    The head of the CDC
    The head of the WHO
    The CEO of Pfizer
    The CEO of Moderna
    The CEO of Johnson & Johnson
    The majority of the mainstream media
    Garland himself…
    Are all Jewish?

    While you’re at it…
    Have any of you ever heard of the Holodomor?

  3. The AZ AG is doing the same slow-walk tactic; guys like Ray Epps and Crew are the reason DC cannot and will NEVER release all videos!

    Exposing the federal op trying to coach and p_ss people off with BOMBS and enough violence to stir up a mess; they still had to use their own assets to break and enter!

  4. 🍓 Hi) My name is Katy, I’m 24 years old) Beginning S E X model) I love to be photographed in the NUDE) Please rate my photos at 👉

  5. “We look forward to your truthful and transparent response.” Don’t kid yourself. One has to be naive and completely gullible if they expect that from MG.

  6. Who cares…why doesn’t every republican law maker stop this gd vaccine horseshit now. We don’t have months or years to go thru election process ect…shit needs to fucking end today. What, am I going to get the vaccine taken out of my body if a new president is elected?

  7. Just heard MTG on War Room talk about her and Louie Gohmert’s visit to the DC jail last night (Nov. 4) to see J6 detainees. We must demand of our Republican representatives to get involved in this “Banana Republic” travesty! Unacceptable! Want to help, go to

  8. Gaetz would be better served if he would accuse Garland and Pelosi of supporting the insurrection by only prosecuting selective participants. He could start a backfire movement against them that the the nation could also particpate in with tee shirts, placards, etc.

  9. Have you read the lawsuits from Trump and his lawyers in 2020? From my seat He verbally said there was voter fraud, “there always is,” but His lawsuits filed by his lawyers with his name on it. Had to do with the election and the contention it was unconstitutional. I don’t remember the courts listed as an alternative. The courts after 200 years of Judicial scrutiny within a 2 week period saying its unconstitutional? No. His evidence for the above was never reviewed. His lawsuit losses were technical reasons. The courts turned down hearing the case. I ignore people who say Trump can just pop back and be President again. Those are people who slepped through their Civics class. Also there is no Constitutional remedy even if he proved his case. I’m positive he knows that because he has lawyers. Plus the election for President and Vice, is not a Democratic process. It’s also erritating when the news paints him in a lab mixing chemicals like he does everything himself. It’s a low IQ, stupid argument. It was Biden and Kamala who drove people away from the vaccine by saying because it’s from Trump they won’t take it. Pausing distribution, and promising goal of 1 million doses in 100 days which had already been met. Beyond that the article on 1/6 I truly enjoyed. Due I need permission to use a couple of quits from your article. It’s just a personal post on Facebook but Google and Facebook are saying I have to conform to some EU rule. Since I start adding URL’s for my quots they left me alone until a few Months ago they told me I needed to certify my sources and I’m leaving people astray? I’m not getting paid and it’s my personal opinions. I just back them up because they kept labeling my posts as no context. Thank you.

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