Acquittal Aside, The Rittenhouse Saga Shows America Is Still A Media-Run State
November 27, 2021 (2mo ago)

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America’s journalist class took the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict hard, to say the least.

The Kenosha jury’s acquittal of Rittenhouse was a severe defeat for the constellation of newspapers, TV channels, blogs, and Twitter bluechecks who are America’s self-appointed checkers of fact and setters of narrative. They came close to victory. Their power was nearly enough to send a teenager to prison for murder, even though he had done nothing wrong and there were absolutely zero factual disputes in play.

But criminal juries are one of the only things left in America where the left’s dominance of the airwaves and institutions counts for nothing. A jury can look at the facts and decide for itself, and if they acquit, there is nothing the left can do about it.

Make no mistake, though: Despite its happy ending, the Rittenhouse trial still makes it plain that America is a media-run state.

The “media state” doesn’t manifest through the press holding executive power. They don’t write laws or directly enforce them. Rather, the media state consists in its power to define what reality actually is in the first place.

Why is Russia America’s chief international bogeyman? Because the press erects an international reality that centers around Russian “collusion” and “interference,” where Russian operatives roam the globe shooting diplomats with laser beams that cause “Havana Syndrome.”

No actual evidence exists for Havana Syndrome or collusion, but the press has memed them both into being, so America spent most of the Trump Administration hunting collusion, and now may pass new laws penalizing Russia for Havana Syndrome. American law is dictated by the obsessions of a delusional journalist class.

Similarly, why is America in a permanent Maoist revolution over “racism”? Again, the single most powerful driving force is an invented media narrative. Only about a dozen unarmed black men are shot dead each year by police, but most “very liberal” people think the number is in the thousands, or even tens of thousands. The only reason for this is a press that treats every day as a new chance to celebrate criminals, slam police, and vilify white people as a race.

The effort to imprison Kyle Rittenhouse was a test of just how far the press’s power to invent reality could go. Within 48 hours of the Kenosha shooting, the following facts were clear:

  • Joseph Rosenbaum attacked Rittenhouse before being shot.
  • Anthony Huber and Gaige Grosskreutz attacked Rittenhouse before being shot.
  • Kyle Rittenhouse did nothing to provoke either attack, and never tried to harm anybody else.
  • Kyle Rittenhouse was legally allowed to carry his gun, and did not take it “across state lines.”
  • Rittenhouse showed no signs of being a “white supremacist.”
  • Every single person involved in this drama was white.

And yet, in flagrant disregard for facts that were obvious from day 1, the press created what was in effect an entire alternate reality for the Rittenhouse case. In this alternate reality, there were no Kenosha riots and Rittenhouse was a white supremacist spree shooter, whose victims were unarmed blacks peacefully protesting against racism.

This wasn’t mere deceit. The press’s “white supremacist spree killer” narrative became so entrenched and so repetitive that it’s quite likely a great many journalists actually did not know the truth. Consider Nikole Hannah-Jones, NYT writer, Pulitzer winner, and MacArthur “””””genius””””” (one cannot put enough quotation marks around that word).

Hannah-Jones’s comment is so oblivious it can’t really be chalked up to mendacity. She is just a relatively dim, uncurious progressive, happy to sit in her sinecure (have you noticed she hasn’t published anything in 16 months?) and denounce America for racism. And being both physically and mentally lazy, it was easy for her to sit in a press bubble and believe wholesale nonsense.

That, to greater and lesser degrees, is the entire American ruling class. The press’s alternate reality was so strong that it drove Kenosha DA Michael Graveley to file unjust murder charges. It was so strong that the Biden Administration had to publicly mourn Friday’s verdict.

It was so strong that Judge Bruce Schroeder lived in fear of the rage that might be unleashed by a completely fictional reality. He expressed that fear during the trial itself.

“I’m gonna think long and hard about live television at trial again, next time,” Schroeder said Wednesday. “I’ve always been a firm believer in it because I believe the people should be able to see what’s going on. But when I see what’s being done, it’s really quite frightening.” Specifically, Schroeder seemed to take issue with some of the reactions to his unusual method of selecting the final 12 jurors who will decide the fate of the 18-year-old Rittenhouse. … Schroeder felt compelled to defend the method on Wednesday, arguing that critics were trying to “undermine the result of the trial.”

Schroeder then continued to rail against the media, lamenting what he called the “grossly irresponsible handling of what comes out of this trial.” He defended, once more, his controversial pretrial ruling prohibiting attorneys from using the word “victim” to describe the men shot by Rittenhouse, while saying that “rioters,” “looters” or “arsonists” could potentially be used.

“Is it so difficult to just use the term ‘complaining witness’ instead of prejudging what the jury is here to determine, as to whether there was a victim and whether there was a crime committed?” he asked. [Yahoo News]

Near the trial’s end, Schroeder even had to ban MSNBC from the courtroom after one of NBC’s freelance journalists allegedly stalked the jury’s bus. He recognized that, thanks to the media’s invented narrative of the trial, it was easily possible that they would inspire violent attacks on jurors for rending a just verdict.

This alternate reality persisted all the way until acquittal. During the trial, many Twitter onlookers mentioned their surprise upon learning how obvious the self-defense claim was, and how contrary to what they had believed for a whole year, none of the people shot by Rittenhouse were black.

For many, even acquittal wasn’t enough to dispel the alternate universe they lived in.

And going forward, it’s entirely possible that the fake reality around Kenosha will reshape American law. Already, progressives are talking about the need to rewrite the nation’s self-defense laws to make sure future Kyles Rittenhouse go to prison:

We could deny the right to act in self-defense to people who illegally possess a weapon and are in a place where they are not allowed to be. We could also restore the requirement that before someone has the right to use deadly force, they have a duty to retreat.

We could make self-defense an affirmative defense that must be proven by the defense by clear and convincing evidence, not disproven beyond a reasonable doubt by the prosecution. One of the challenges facing prosecutors in the Rittenhouse case is that once the issue of self-defense is raised, the law requires them to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant did not act in self-defense. It is fair and reasonable to require that the person who felt privileged to use self-defense bear the burden of persuading the jury that they acted in self-defense.

We could prohibit testimony that the defendant feared that the weapon they were carrying could be used against them. [Wisconsin State Journal]

State laws may change across the whole country, to placate anger over a fake narrative invented by a vengeful, anti-white, mentally ill press. The media are quite simply the chief vanguards and enablers of the Globalist American Empire and its multi-faceted, intensifying war against patriotic American citizens. There’s a reason President Trump called this corrupt institution the Enemy of the People. It’s a lesson we would do best never to forget.



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24 responses to “Acquittal Aside, The Rittenhouse Saga Shows America Is Still A Media-Run State”

  1. No, America is a BUREAUCRATICALLY run state. The tail (millions of leftist bureaucrats) are wagging the dog (congress, executive, judicial branches). THAT IS THE PROBLEM WITH THE U.S.!

    These bureaucrats protect Dem corruption, target innocent conservatives, and even assist lib friendly monopolies in media, tech, banking, Wall Street, etc.

  2. BINGO. Since 2008 and the rise of Obama, I’ve been wondering. Is there an objective reality, or is reality what the media says it is? They think they control reality! I guess we’re all going to find out.

    Anyway, props for writing this. It’s probably the most important question we face right now, and I’m glad someone with a platform is asking it.

  3. So why do we tolerate the media? Each and every employee of the MSM should be deathly afraid to show their faces in public. Same any government employee, elected or otherwise. Start treating them like the scumbags they are.

  4. Discussing Rittenhouse in isolation from the myriad other trials and tribulations of members of the Historic America Nation is an abomination. The commutation of Julius Jones’ death penalty. The Charlottesville civil trial. The McMichaels’ trial. All occurring coincidentally just prior to our national holiday giving thanks for our way of life. The McMIchaels in particular abandoned because they are Southern men. No LEO, attorneys, pundits analyzing the video there ad infinitum, the District Attorney shopping, the District Attorney intimidation and persecution, the venue change (or lack thereof). A man who was diagnosed as mentally ill whose autopsy toxicology report confirmed he was off his prescribed meds but imbibed an illicit substance and who had been convicted of several crimes (out on parole at the time) and his own mother warned LEO of his propensity toward violence; the same man who had been caught on surveillance cameras 5 times at night but during the day when he was confronted by neighbors, he chose to attack by grabbing the barrel of a gun not pointed at him and punch in the head the one man who confronted him. You could talk about that and the prelude to it – a nice, safe family neighborhood that was abandoned by the police and judicial system and that transformed into a place where security cameras and neighborhood watches and armed citizens became necessitated. Three honorable men convicted of murder of a person whose own family warned against him. But it was Georgia, and you can write off self-defense as crackers and rednecks. As far as the rest of the country (and you’re getting killed a lot), you had one 17-year-old stepping up. That won’t be enough. But don’t come here looking for us to save you.

  5. Even those so-called “journalists” who agree that acquittal was the only just outcome, continue to assert that Kyle Rittenhouse was “not smart” to have brought his AR with him, or to have even been attempting to minimize the looting, arson, vandalism and assaults being continuously inflicted on his community. Their assertions are as specious as those still being made by the vacuous and imbecilic left. It’s far past time to quit bowing to the utter insanity of the left, coddling criminals and reinforcing the completely invalid claims of entitlement by the racist idiots comprising BLM and Panty-fa. The principal and likely only reason those criminally insane brats don’t show up in places like South Central Texas is they know they’ll be hospitalized at best or, optimally, buried with their stupid flags and bandanas. Every American citizen has not only the right, but the obligation to defend themselves, their families and their property from criminal aggression. This is not a close call and is not subject to debate. If one does not want to be injured or killed, one should not attack someone else. Last tip: “peaceful assembly and protest” does NOT include assault, arson, vandalism, destruction of public or private property or interference with law enforcement in the performance of their duties.

  6. Kyle is going to become extremely wealthy the next couple of years as his law team goes after all of the slanderers for libel and win. I’m guessing the ones who continue to double down on claims of white supremacy and murder even after the verdict are top of the to-sue list. That will hopefully put a bit of slow down on media lies when individuals and corporations alike are forced to pay up…

  7. T.V. Networks in America and Hollywood are almost completely Jewish owned. It’s time to address what is in the Talmud, and therefore why Jews have a problem everywhere they go. Grow a pair and start the discussion Darren Beattie.

  8. It was a good essay, although minimizing rather than confronting the issue of freedom and liberty in the US.

    What could be a greater contrast between the limited government ideal of the Republican Party with individual liberty being protected by that government versus the pervasive, all encompassing, regulatory government at the heart of the Democratic Party, with wholesale support by big media.

  9. Rittenhouse eliminated two antifa BLM (Burn-Loot-Murder) thugs, both criminals, one a child molester, and wounded another who will think twice before he every runs up and points a gun in someone’s face. Rittenhouse should be given a medal for service to society.

  10. Media run, or corporate-run?

    It was a trick question: corporations own the media; MSM is a bunch of private propaganda operations. Corporations own congress too — but the banks own the corporations. We learned that in 2008, that’s why “too big to fail” is a thing.

    Banks have spent the last century taking over everything, including political parties, universities, researchers, courts, regulators, and government. Everyone is in their pocket, that’s the root of all ills.

  11. Blake was a CONVICTED rapist. He Served 7 yrs of a !9 yr. Prison Sentence. He fled Minnesota on a SECOND Rape charge and a Violation of a Court Protected Order From Blakes # 2 Victim Which is Why the Knife Wielding Fugitive Blake was arrested and Shot by the Police in Kenosha Wisconsin. . No mention of that or Blm Antifa Rampage there in Burning Kenosha etc. either. hmm.!!!.

  12. It’s obvious this is happening all over the World especially the West. Same talking points. This is in unison with the great reset. The real question should be the US Government is getting orders from outside the US in a Global cabal.

  13. So close.
    Kyle Rittenhouse (Look up Laura Rittenhouse and Moses Rittenhouse) is related to the first head of the US mint. Kyle Rittenhouse is Jewish. At least 4 of the 5 “attackers” were Jewish. The news media is owned by Jews. The CEO of Pfizer is a Jew. The CEO of Moderna is a Jew. The CEO of Johnson and Johnson is a Jew. The head of the WHO is a Jew. The head of the CDC is a Jew. The head of the NIH is a Jesuit. What do I know about Jesuits? The Jesuit order was founded by Ignatius of Loyola who was a ‘converso’, morranos, Sephardic Jew. The Federal Reserve Bank is a Rothschild bank thus is a Jew bank.

    So no. Not controlled by the “media”. Not controlled by “bureaucrats”. Controlled by JEWS.
    How can you come so close, yet be so far away?

  14. I have never liked Twitter. I prefer discussion to uninformed, often nasty, quips. Twitter is a forum for the spread of nastiness and misinformation. The suggestion that our laws be changed to permit the murder of those exercising their 2A rights is moronic. America’s laws aren’t going to be changed to deny the right of self-defense as in Rittenhouse, nor to permit what was obviously not self-defense, as occurred in Lubbock Texas.

    I think Judge Schroeder was okay, but too halting and confused for my tastes. His suggestion that trials should not be televised because of media coverage is a case in point. The media coverage was in fact so false and dishonest that most Americans would not have known the truth but for trial being televised. On the issue of whether trials should be televised because of fake media coverage Judge Schroeder got it exactly backwards.

    I much preferred the precision and clarity of Judge Timothy Walmsley who presided over the trial of the killers of Ahmaud Arberry.

  15. America is a soft dictatorship…
    The Pentagon can’t account for 22 trillion dollars and
    nobody in our Congress cares.

    The media doesn’t run America, the kosher bankers do…
    ever since 1913, when Wilson, then later FDR betrayed
    the American people and took us to war against the
    wrong enemy.

    Communism was the enemy, not nationalism.

  16. So many Socialist indoctrinated, illiterate Karens and soy-boy whiners and cry babies educated way beyond their level of intelligence.

    Thank God for the Second Amendment.

  17. It really bugs me that people’s answer to the accusation of racism is that No! It’s not racist, he shot “”WHITE”” people!!

    Because that’s so much better. Oh my mind is at ease knowing he’s shooting white people. What terrible rhetoric.

  18. As a relatively famous former Mayor of Dearborn, Michigan said in the late 60’s, “I’d rather be on trial for murdering them than have them on trial for murdering me”.

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