Mega-vaxxed Portugal experiences surge in Covid cases… new travel restrictions…
November 25, 2021 (2w ago)
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Don Giovanni
12 days ago

Yes, mega vaxxed indeed. ~85% vaccinated, of which ~3% of adults are not vaccinated (the 3%s…) and the rest are children. Nothing new, every other nation that mega vaxxed had a covid surge after, right? Maybe ADE? Maybe relaxed measures after the shot? I don’t know and I’m not an expert. My parents raised saying I should not inject myself with strange stuff :))

12 days ago

Love this story: Anyone seeking euthanasia in Germany, must first get the vaccine!

12 days ago

Negative Covid test required for entry, despite vax status. This is a good thing. It means vaccination is meaningless, and actual testing matters instead.

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