Glenn Beck is battling COVID-19 again, and it’s bringing out the worst in PMC liberals…
January 14, 2022 (5d ago)
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3Nemesis 61
4 days ago

The covid nonvaccine is a fraud. You still get and transmit covid with it. Supposedly it helps you recover from covid faster but thats only if you have no comorbidities. Basically the ‘vax’ has killed and maimed more people in the US than covid. 6% of the CDC’s overstated deaths are pure covid deaths thats about 48,000. Meanwhile the ‘vax’ has killed over 150,000 and injured some SEVERELY around a million. The ‘vax’ is also collapsing immunities worldwide and creating its own variants. Pray for Mr Beck. Maybe he qualifues for mon9clonal antibodies as he has a blinding eye disease that would react negatively to a ‘vax’ that causes MASSIVE inflammation in your body. Btw you people laughing at covid the Congress has been using ivermectin and HCQ to stay ‘well’

4 days ago

Crap hope he didn’t listen to that idiot Bill Oreilly and get the vax. It lowers the immunity big time. Have mercy Glenn get better!!

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