Skeptics unsatisfied with Ray Epps explanation, Kinzinger lashes out…
January 14, 2022 (5d ago)
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4 days ago

Has anyone else brought up the fact that, at some point, Epps was also the president of the Arizona Oath Keepers chapter? It’s hard to understand why Rhodes is being indicted, though not found on any video footage at the capitol (that we’ve seen or been made aware as of yet), and Epps who is clearly seen and identified in numerous video footage, is free from indictment. One step further, has been cleared by the FBI, per a statement by his attorney, who also happens to be a former FBI agent. Children’s coloring books have harder ‘connect the dot’ puzzles that this does.

3Nemesis 61
4 days ago

Epps is a main actor in the Pelosi Fedsurrection

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