Let’s not forget about the other big win this week. Even California’s AG fell in line.

“Good cause” is gone, but Governor Newsom and AG Bonta hinted at new roadblocks to the free exercise of the 2nd Amendment, such as new restrictions on where citizens may carry.

Attorney General Rob Bonta said the high court’s ruling still leaves states with the right to limit concealed carry permits to those who meet legal standards to safely possess firearms.

Lawmakers are amending legislation to expand the qualifications people must have to obtain a concealed carry permit, and to expand the places where no weapons may be carried. The revised bill will get its first hearing Tuesday, and lawmakers hope to send it quickly to Newsom for his signature.

Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California, said he is “1,000% confident” that based on the high court’s ruling the new legislation “will be thrown into the waste bin of unconstitutional laws.”

Bonta conceded the ruling clearly overturns California’s law requiring people to give a good reason for carrying a concealed weapon. But he said the decision still allows the state to require things like an assessment of a person’s dangerousness.

He said that will be “robust,” by examining things like arrests and criminal convictions, restraining orders “and other publicly available information that might suggest that a person poses a danger to themselves or to others.”

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Sounds like pre-emptive red flag screening. The fight never ends.