Be careful out there, everyone:

More details from the local Fox station:

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A road-rage incident caught on camera has many shaking their heads in shock.

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed with FOX 26 that the man and woman in the video are Nazly Ortiz and Benjamin Greene. Greene has been charged with assault and Ortiz with aggravated assault.

The sheriff’s office said, the two cars were involved in a road-rage incident while driving north on I-45 near FM 1960. When the victim in the silver Toyota exited I-45 at Parramatta and the suspects in the black truck followed.

Both vehicles then came to a stop and that’s where deputies say, Greene, the driver of the truck approached the victim’s car and allegedly assaulted him.

The driver of the silver car then tried to get away, but police say, Ortiz came out from the truck with a handgun and fired into the backseat of the victim’s car, where his 2-year-old son was sitting.

As the victim continued to drive away, police say Ortiz wildly fired a second shot at him.