China is not playing around with groomers and their propaganda…

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Tsinghua University seriously punished and warned two students who made rainbow flags for LGBT pride

The students said, “When I first came to Tsinghua, at the welcome ceremony the university song claims that ‘we treat everyone the same, that is the broad mind of Tsinghua’. I thought it should be since Tsinghua is the No.1 university in China.”

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There’s an article about it in a Chinese newspaper. Google translation:

On the afternoon of May 14th, students Huang and Li placed 10 rainbow flags on the small table of the message wall in Tmall supermarket of Tsinghua University, as shown in the picture below.

On the same day, Huang and Li were asked to interview, but neither of them agreed. Both classmates were then threatened to graduate by their respective counselors, with the specific wording as “may affect your graduation” and “related to whether you can still stay in this school”. That night, Mr. Huang was forced into the dormitory by the counselor without knocking on the door, and was squatted downstairs in the dormitory by the student teacher and forcibly interviewed. At 12:30 that night, Li was squatted downstairs in the dormitory by the counselor and the teacher, and was forced into the dormitory for an interview without consent.

On June 30, Huang and Li were issued notices of proposed punishment. According to the process, two students can make a statement or defense within 5 working days. So both students submitted written defenses to the Tsinghua University Student Office, but received no reply. On July 15, Huang received the punishment decision. On July 17, Li received the punishment decision.

Huang’s punishment is a serious warning, and Li’s punishment is a warning. This is because in addition to the rainbow flag, the reasons for the punishment of classmate Huang also include the remarks in the circle of friends of classmate Huang and the article on the public account. Due to the same reasons for the Rainbow Flag in the written defenses of classmates Huang and Li, to save space, only the notice of proposed punishment and written defenses of classmates Huang are posted below:

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