Something bizarre happened in Britain last night:

That’s right, the debate moderator just collapsed for no apparent reason.

Of course, we will probably never know whether or not it was vaxx-related…

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Strange things taking place around the world.

From Metro UK:

The latest debate between the two candidates vying to be prime minister has been dramatically stopped after a crashing sound was heard off camera.

Presenter Kate McCann fainted and collapsed on set but is now said to be ‘fine’.

McCann: young trim, and healthy.

News UK confirmed that there had been a ‘medical incident’.

Liz Truss looked very shocked as the noise was heard and then walked towards where Ms McCann was standing.

The Foreign Secretary appeared visibly worried and could be heard saying ‘oh my god’, as she looked towards the ground and then walked away from her podium.

‘Kate McCann fainted on air tonight and although she is fine, the medical advice was that we shouldn’t continue with the debate’, the organisation tweeted.

Ms McCann was meant to appear alongside The Sun’s political editor Harry Cole, but he tested positive for Covid-19 earlier today.

[Metro UK]

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Strange things, indeed.

Here’s another video: