Leave it to the New York Times:

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Steve Sailer has a good blog post overview at Unz, read it here…

[T]he New York Times’ coverage is nuanced to the point of tedium to keep subscribers from wondering if they’d been misled over the last nine years.

From the headline and subhed, naive NYT readers (i.e., most of them) would get the impression that the problem is not enough gender-affirming care (i.e., not enough poison-mutilate-sterilize).

Again, it really is essential you read Steve Sailer’s full fisking…

Here’s good coverage from the Daily Mail:

In the end it was NHS England that ordered the Tavistock trust to close down its gender identity clinic for children in the wake of a damning review by an eminent paediatrician.

But its far-reaching decision yesterday would never have been taken but for the brave voices of a few individuals who spoke out against the controversial centre.

Patients, parents and even the Tavistock’s own staff turned whistleblower, some putting their careers in jeopardy, to warn that vulnerable children unsure about their gender were being put at risk by being prescribed powerful drugs to stop the onset of puberty.

The first to raise concerns in 2005 was Sue Evans, a nurse at the Tavistock’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) in north London.

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