Perhaps there is an innocent explanation for this one?

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Don’t forget this story as well:

What kind of contact? Shouldn’t that warrant at least an investigation?

That story is here:

Two children are among more than 2,500 people in the U.S. who have contracted monkeypox, according to CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, MD.

“We have seen now two cases that have occurred in children. Both of those children are traced back to individuals who come from the men who have sex with men community — the gay men community,” Dr. Walensky told The Washington Post in a live interview July 22. “And so, when we have seen those cases in children, they have generally been what I call ‘adjacent’ to the community most at risk.”

Meanwhile, a debate is raging among the homosexual community: should they stop having massive orgies all the time? The Washington Post:

In March 1983, writer-activist Larry Kramer published a legendary screed in the New York Native entitled “1,112 And Counting” — a chilling reference to the U.S. AIDS case count two years into the plague.

“If this article doesn’t scare the s— out of you, we’re in real trouble,” Kramer wrote. He demanded that his fellow gay men confront the political establishment that was impassively watching them die. But he also upbraided gay men who balked at calls to alter their own sexual behaviors to prevent AIDS’s spread.

Today, in the face of the ballooning monkeypox outbreak, gay and bisexual men, among whom almost all 9,492 U.S. diagnoses have occurred, stand at a similar crossroads. A virus transmitting overwhelmingly via sexual contact between men is causing great suffering. And while public health leaders now robustly support gay men, they are still failing to provide timely prevention and treatment and are often fumbling the messaging.

As during the AIDS crisis, gay men cannot wait for the government. We need to change our sexual behavior now. We must do this as an act of empowerment to protect ourselves.

Until a time when monkeypox hopefully abates, this can and should mean reducing our number of partners, skipping sex parties, practicing monogamy and even being abstinent.

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Read the rest… Archive link…

Previously, liberals were debating how to best reduce “stigma” among homosexuals, given the recorded fact that their sexual activity accounts for the vast majority of monkeypox cases.


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Lockdowns? Two weeks to stop the spread? Shut down gay orgies or bath houses? Not so fast.

Just another day in the Globalist American Empire…