This is an older documentary from before the whole war popped off that is worth your time. It’s produced by Michael Caputo, the longtime Trump friend and administration official who was persecuted by the Deep State for years before being cleared of any crimes.

It includes bombshell interviews with Georgian mercenaries who appear to be responsible for a false flag sniper attack at Maidan.

“The order was to shoot… at people to cause chaos”.

That’s right! The whole Ukraine Maidan revolution was the product of a false flag. A sure hallmark of the American intelligence agencies, so to speak.

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Of course, George Soros is heavily intertwined with these Georgians.


Via Rumble:

The Ukraine Hoax is a documentary detailing the shady origins of America’s Ukraine problem and how the two nations meddled in each other’s elections, at the cost of 130 lives. After three years of failed investigations into Trump campaign connections to the Kremlin, the documentary ties impeachment to the Russia hoax and introduces important new participants – shady diplomats, corrupt politicians, treacherous snipers, and a billionaire in the background. It’s a tale only Michael Caputo could tell: a former aide to President Donald Trump whose close ties to the former Soviet Union put him in the crosshairs of federal investigators.