Are ‘pediatric endocrinologists’ all groomers, or just all of those at Ivy League med schools?

From her clinic’s website, note that they only offer ‘gender-affirming’ treatment, meaning interventions to confirm patients’ delusions, not to cure their mental illness:

After an initial consultation, we offer a thorough readiness assessment, which includes obtaining information from patients and their families. It takes six or eight hours and can be done in one day or divided over several sessions. If we determine that any mental health or other support is needed, we can connect patients with resources at Yale or in the community.

After the evaluation and when all agree that it is safe, healthy, and appropriate, we offer a variety of medical treatments related to gender affirmation. These may include puberty-blocking treatments, cross-hormone therapies, and gender-affirming surgery (available only for patients aged 18 and older).

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Thank God for the Ivy League. What would we do without Yale?