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The invalid Biden and/or his handlers are truly going mad as their grip starts to slip on power as the elections approach.

UPDATE: Harmeet Dhillon appeared on Tucker and now says it’s close to FIFTY high-level Trump supporters who have now been raided.

Gateway Pundit:

On Friday night attorney Harmeet Dhillon went on with Tucker Carlson to discuss the mass FBI raids on Trump supporters.

Harmeet told Tucker that up to 50 Trump supporters had their homes raided or received

At least one liberal reporter was tipped off to the FBI raids before they took place.

Harmeet Dhillon: The subpoenas are intentionally broad. They’re from the “Capitol Siege Section” of the United States Department of Justice DC Office. And they ask for broad categories of documents. They ask for all communications dated from a month before the election until two months after the election. And they ask for all communications regarding dozens of people. And the categories are alternate electors, fundraising around irregularities around the election, and also a rally that happened before the January 6 situation at the Capitol. The Save America Rally that happened. Basically, all of this activity if not all of it is protected by the First Amendment. And the United States Department of Justice is telling reporters about the search warrants and subpoenas before they’re executed… This is really outrageous abuse by the DOJ.

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