The mainstream media has largely remained silent about the outrageous murder of Republican teen Cayler Ellingson by Shannon Brandt in North Dakota. Those who have been following the story have been shocked but not too shocked, as politically motivated violence against Republicans has become an all too common phenomena as of late.

Conservative stalwart Jack Posobiec recently called out the North Dakota Attorney General for his silence on this latest case:

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The Attorney General, to his credit, did eventually respond but his response was boilerplate:

Why did the Attorney General refrain from mentioning the nature of the political dispute in this specific case? Why didn’t he mention that this was a politically motivated crime against Republicans? While political motivated violence of any kind is worthy of condemnation, Wrigley’s statement implies it’s a problem generally. Yet there are no high profile cases of Republicans murdering Democrats for being Democrats, if there were, the media would let us know.

We should expect better from our Republican officials, especially Republican officials in deep red states like North Dakota.