The people have spoken. No more gender madness.

Gen Z must be forced to submit.

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NBC story here:

The 2022 midterm election campaign took place amid debates over the status of transgender athletes in organized sports and the discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in the classroom. By a wide margin, voters said society’s values on these issues were changing in a negative way, the NBC News Exit Poll found.

Half of voters said society’s values on gender identity and sexual orientation were changing for the worse, while 26% said they were changing for the better.

There’s a deep generational divide on this question. Older Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of the changes, but those under 30 say values are changing for the better, the poll found. The gap grows even wider among voters under 25, who approve of the direction of change on sexuality and gender by 54% to 23%.

People under 25 will truly believe anything…