Convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein is back in the headlines once again, as the debate over his controversial death rages on.

The classic conspiratorial “whodunit” was reignited when Ghislaine Maxwell gave her first video interview since her conviction for sex trafficking.

The disgraced British former socialite believes her partner in crime was murdered.

Wio News

Ghislaine Maxwell, a convicted sex trafficker and longtime partner of disgraced late US financier Jeffrey Epstein, has claimed that the latter was murdered in prison. She told a British broadcaster in an interview that she believes that Epstein was murdered.

Epstein killed himself in a New York jail in August 2019 in the face of a pending trial over charges of trafficking underage girls for sex.

While the post mortem concluded suicide, the 66-year-old’s sudden death led to several conspiracy theories.

“I believe that he was murdered,” former socialite Maxwell said in the series of jailhouse interviews aired on Britain’s TalkTV.
“I was shocked. Then I wondered how it had happened.”

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It’s seems painfully obvious to most people that Epstein was murdered. But many experts also agree with this assessment, and have used medial facts to back up their claims.

And speaking of those experts, Tucker Carlson invited noted forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden on his show, where the Doctor made the case that Jeffrey Epstein’s autopsy suggests murder

One point in particular, about the ligature marks on his neck, is the “smoking gun.”


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Where are the prison guards? Has anyone in the regime media followed up to find and interview them? Early reports suggested they “fell asleep.” How convenient.

In court papers, prosecutors said Noel and Thomas were at their desks just 15 feet from Epstein’s cell as they shopped online for furniture and motorcycles and failed to make required rounds every 30 minutes. The indictment alleged that both appeared to have fallen asleep for one two-hour stretch.

And of course these guards were acquitted of any criminal wrong-doing, despite admitting to falsifying records:

A judge on Monday ordered charges dropped against two Bureau of Prisons guards who admitted falsifying records after Jeffrey Epstein took his own life in jail over two years ago.

The guards — Tova Noel and Michael Thomas — had agreed to deferred prosecution deals last May that required them to admit their guilt with the understanding that charges in a federal indictment would be dismissed if they followed the rules of their agreement for six months. They also were required to do 100 hours of community service.

Prosecutors last week requested the charges be dropped, and Judge Analisa Torres ordered the dismissal Monday.

Makes you wonder if there were any large sums of money wired to the prison guards’ accounts…