It turns out that Bill Gates, the tech genius and so-called “philanthropist,” isn’t all that smart after all.

Because if he were, he’d fully understand why Americans don’t trust him – the guy who wants population control – or our so-called healthcare “experts,” who danced their hearts out on TikTok during a “deadly pandemic.”

The COVID debacle revealed a plethora of lies, unleashed shocking amounts of censorship and gave way to downright stupidity that was packaged as “sCiEnCe” by people like Gates and Fauci and then shoved down our collective throats.

Why on earth would we trust people like that?

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Never mind that Bill Gates is a PC nerd and not a medical professional in anyway, shape, or form. But apparently he thinks he’s a virus expert and so do the crazy Covidians and our dutiful regime media.

Bill has now found himself in a state of confusion and sadness, and he just doesn’t know where everything went wrong for him and the medical community.


The comments are great:

“How this doorknob made it so far in life is an interesting question”

“I’m till angry about Internet Explorer 6”

“If he was just an innocent nerdy boy, people would admire him for his success in the IT business. Today, he looks like one who is suffering from messiah complex, trying to touch people’s rights and freedom. Why can’t wealthy people simply enjoy their wealth and leave us alone?”

“We were lied to every step of the way, Bill”

“He’s an evil psychopath and he should be criminally charged for all the death & destruction around the world what he’s caused”

“Bill Gates needs to be in jail”

“If Gates would just stfu and listen to what people are actually saying, he would have realized a long time ago no one likes or trusts him. However, money can blind you and your critical thinking skills. The past few years has proven such in multiple people/areas.”

“They are planning our demise.”

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Money can buy a lot of things, but it can’t buy “self-awareness” and “self-reflection,” two things that a lot of todays elites are sorely lacking.