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In May 2021, Lt. Ridge Alkonis was driving his wife and three kids back from Mount Fuji when due to altitude sickness he lost consciousness at the wheel and crashed into a roadside restaurant, killing two diners. He was immediately arrested, denied medical care, and interrogated for 30 hours without legal representation. Japan eventually sentenced Lt. Alkonis to 3 years in prison. Senator Mike Lee secured a promise for his release into US custody months ago, but Japan now denies any such promise was made.

WSJ has more details:

“The night that Lt. Alkonis was involved in that tragic accident,” Sen. Lee said Wednesday evening, “he was placed in solitary confinement for 26 days. He was denied access to legal counsel, denied an adequate translator, denied proper medical care, and was subjected to intense interrogation tactics at all hours of the night. He was subjected to bright lights causing sleep deprivation” and “coerced into signing complex legal documents written in Japanese” just “to have a chance at getting bail.”

The Japanese embassy told us in December that the government had abided by its obligations under the arrangement governing U.S. troops in the country.

Lt. Alkonis paid the families of the victims $1.65 million in restitution and pleaded guilty to the equivalent of negligent driving. His family says U.S. military and civilian lawyers advised him that fighting the rap was futile and he could avoid jail time if he showed remorse. He had no criminal record, and he wasn’t compromised by drugs or alcohol. Lt. Alkonis’ U.S. Navy superiors called him an “outstanding naval officer” in letters to the court seeking leniency.

A judge sentenced Lt. Alkonis to three years in prison, which he started serving in July, and part of the dispute at trial was whether he fell asleep before his minivan careened into cars in the parking lot of a restaurant. A traffic accident report from U.S. Marine police at Camp Fuji released to us under the Freedom of Information Act says Lt. Alkonis “fell asleep while driving.”

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Listen to Mike Lee plead with the Senate to hold Japan accountable:

Not for nothing is he called BasedMikeLee:

Imagine the wrath of the Globalist American Empire if Lt. Alkonis weren’t a white all-American family man.


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