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You may not have heard of Philip K. Dick, but he was a rather extraordinary man. Aside from writing critically acclaimed psychological sci-fi thrillers, Philip was a visionary, and even a bit of a martyr, thanks to the endless harassment he endured from the FBI and CIA.

Philip was born in Chicago on December 16, 1928. He didn’t live a long life – he died at 53-years-old – but for the short time he was here he made an impact so strong, that it can still be felt today.

Philip’s startling recount of the Soviet-style tactics the FBI and CIA used against him back in the 1970s is reminiscent of what many conservative are dealing with today.

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As a “dissident” Philip was under surveillance by the CIA and FBI, who he claims would read his mail, and watch his house, along with many other invasive tactics… and that was decades ago.

Sadly, however, there’s no reason to suggest these government agencies treat today’s “outsiders” any differently. On the contrary, what we’ve seen unfold with FBI raids on conservatives, and lingering questions regarding the governments possible involvement in January 6th, social media censorship, and treating conservatives like political prisoners, among other things, makes it seem as if past surveillance methods have been fine-tuned for today’s dissidents.

In the clop below, Philip recalls what it was like to be under the watchful eye of the governments “big brother” program:

You can watch the full fascinating video below:

Today, technology makes all it much easier for the government to spy on its citizens. After all, many of us have contraptions like “Siri” and “Echo” in our homes, and smart phones in our pockets.

We’re trackable 24/7.

And a sort of quasi tech-profit from decades ago, Philip K. Dick also predicted “the matrix.”:

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This man was definitely ahead of his time. His wise words from yesteryear can help us maneuver through today’s political and social mine field.

Thanks, Phil.


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