Ann Coulter’s Stunning 2011 Prediction: “Americans have lost their natural, inherited aversion to mobs”
July 15, 2020 (3w ago)

Way back in 2011, Ann Coulter predicted that Americans would easily fall victim to a crazed lunatic left-wing mob. It turns out that her prediction was stunningly accurate.


The demon is a mob, and the mob is demonic. The Democratic Party activates mobs, depends on mobs, coddles mobs, publicizes and celebrates mobs—it is the mob. Sweeping in its scope and relentless in its argument, Demonic explains the peculiarities of liberals as standard groupthink behavior. To understand mobs is to understand liberals.

In her most provocative book to date, Ann Coulter argues that liberals exhibit all the psychological characteristics of a mob.

Similarly, as Coulter demonstrates, liberal mobs, from student radicals to white-trash racists to anti-war and pro-ObamaCare fanatics today, have consistently used violence to implement their idea of the “general will.”

As the heirs of the French Revolution, Democrats have a history that consists of pandering to mobs, time and again, while Republicans, heirs to the American Revolution, have regularly stood for peaceable order.

Also impressively, Coulter noted that Americans would easily fall prey to the mob because we have become docile, confused, and inundated with left-wing propaganda.

Surveying two centuries of mob movements, Coulter demonstrates that the mob is always destructive. And yet, she argues, beginning with the civil rights movement in the sixties, Americans have lost their natural, inherited aversion to mobs. Indeed, most Americans have no idea what they are even dealing with.

Only by recognizing the mobs and their demonic nature can America begin to defend itself.



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20 responses to “Ann Coulter’s Stunning 2011 Prediction: “Americans have lost their natural, inherited aversion to mobs””

  1. This plandemic was initiated by the Deepstate because President Trump is not under their control. Remember the Follywood libtards and snowflakes, KKKDemocrats, Rinos, NeverTrumpers saying that they were going to impeach him only seconds after his victory? Well, Sessions, who was trounced recently, allowed them to do so.

    They are desperate to gain control and this President is not under their control. He is a modern Cyrus cleaning the streets of Babylon, I mean Washington DC.

  2. It is obvious that people are tying to take advantage of a terrible situation. The youth are behaving like it is Arab spring. My grandmother always believed the devil uses idle hands. Well you can see that. All of this crazy mob happened with people locked down. Just like the unemployed youth of Arab spring. What has been accomplished? More division. More hate. This sounds like the devil. I am not saying Arab spring was good or bad just that the idle time provided the spark. Trump was right the lock down did cause more deaths. Deaths from pure evil- child and spouse abuse, chaos that led to murder and suicide. Other deaths may result for. the lack of follow up medical care for that heart bypass, mammogram, and etc, We need all pull up our big girl and boy socks, get out of diapers and put on big girl and boy pants and think clearly and positively. Think of what can be. Our future can be great. Stop reading negative post, blockchain people who are bad for you. Our world is really great. We are always on the edge of great discovery.

  3. What an Asshole, almost like the Golden Turd in the Whitehouse. That is the true corrupt mob in this country. Ann you need to go home and think how STUPID you are, you have used your 15 minutes of fame, that was more than I can take.

    • Poor Ted. Unable to say anything without denigrating someone else. It is a sad commentary on a person who has lost the ability for independent thought. Such people at Ted should be listened to, because they show what could happen to YOU and your own ability for reasoned and independent thought if you become swept up in the created lies and emotions of the left.

    • Poor blinded Ted with his childish curse word! I pray that the scales from your eyes will be removed rot see the truth!

  4. So true people are afraid to stand for their core beliefs and create their own mobs to take back what is correct. The laws are used to support radicals but put down law abiding citizens.

  5. Yikes!
    You are so right!
    Our education establishments did not teach about patriotism and how our country has defended those in distress!
    I can’t fault the students, however they need to research both sides and become “woke” to the truth! Probably won’t happen until
    They have a family! Orwell’s, Animal Farm!, was required reading!

  6. Thank you for calling this out for what it is, demonic. Perhaps you can write another book titled ‘Legion’.

  7. The Democrat party is now out of the closet. They are the new totalitarian communist dictatorship party of the extreme left.

    Patents of college students need to make it clear if you protest no more $$$ from mom or dad

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