Black Lives Matter is Not Marxist, They’re Anti-White Racists
July 15, 2020 (3mo ago)

It’s tempting to go on the Black Lives Matter website and conclude that it is a Marxist movement. But as Jeremy Carl explains at American Greatness, Black Lives Matter is primarily an anti-white racist movement, and they are filled with genocidal hatred and envy of middle-class Americans.

From American Greatness:

Marxism doesn’t define the Black Lives Matter movement—anti-white racism does.

It is understandable that some conservatives—in particular, older conservatives—are more comfortable speaking the language of anti-Marxism than anti-white racism. Marxism is a traditional enemy for all conservatives, while many conservatives, particularly older ones, have been relentlessly trained by our left-wing media to parrot the canard that any mention of the Left’s anti-white racism is a sign of “white identity politics” or even worse, “white nationalism.”

Calling it a Marxist movement means nothing to most Americans, but more importantly, it’s not even accurate. Black Lives Matter does not care about class. They care about race, and they hate white people. More from Jeremy Carl:

First, BLM is fundamentally driven by racism and not Marxism. Second, the structural dynamics of BLM are diametrically opposed to a Marxist analysis of class struggle.

To understand why BLM’s racism is a much greater threat to America than its Marxism, we should remember that even among our miseducated American youth, there is precious little desire in the United States for actual Marxism. By a generous count, anything resembling a true Communist Party took far less than 1 percent in the 2016 presidential election.

But while Marxism thankfully still has a very small market share in the United States, anti-white racism unfortunately has a significant and growing one.

Black Lives Matter seeks to create the false impression there is a racist police war against African Americans and to further extend that analysis to a racial slander of white people, assigning them collective guilt they do not deserve.

The sad and ugly truth that the “BLM is Marxist” crowd ignores is that Black Lives Matter is a movement about dispossession and disinheritance—dispossession of America’s cultural heritage through attacks on statues of American heroes such as Washington, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt, and dispossession of material inheritance through unwarranted demands for financial reparations.

In other words, it’s a shakedown operation based in hatred.

You may ask yourself, why is the ruling class, which by and large still at least pretends to be “liberal,” backing such an anti-liberal movement of genocidal hate? It’s very simple. They want power, control, and the destruction of the American middle-class, and the Black Lives Matter movement are their proxy warriors. More American Greatness:

It is a group of race-slanderers that seeks to dispossess millions of Americans of all backgrounds who value America’s heritage of their history, but is particularly keen to focus on white Americans as targets. It is run by a cynical rainbow coalition of “community activists” and corporate overlords who hope that the tiger they have unleashed eats them last, or even better, that it will be so sated by feeding on the desperation of America’s beleaguered middle class that it will not even bother to notice them.

We need to be clear on what Black Lives Matter is if we are going to win in our struggle against the group. They’re not Marxists, they’re racists.

If we can’t even correctly define our enemy, how can we defeat them?

The ruling class wants to strip whites of their hard-earned wealth, because the American middle class is the only group that even comes close to threatening their hold on power.

They do not fear blacks or immigrants, because those groups do not have wealth nor a strong tradition of liberty in the Anglo sense, and civilization-building values.

Furthermore, the ruling class does not even care about black lives. They only care about blacks as long as they can serve as proxy warriors. In fact, the ruling class seeks to keep blacks a downtrodden and dispossessed revolutionary class by discouraging them from adopting the values that make civilization, including hard work, objectivity, the nuclear family, respect for authority, and delayed gratification.

It’s important that all Americans understand the stakes of this culture war. Black Lives Matter is an anti-white racist group, and the ruling class wants to stir up their genocidal hatred because they want us dead and dispossessed, and they think it’s funny.

There’s a reason some have taken to calling it the Interahamwe Left.

The Interahamwe (Kinyarwanda, meaning “those who stand/work/fight/attack together”) is a Hutu paramilitary organization. The militia enjoyed the backing of the Hutu-led government leading up to, during, and after the Rwandan Genocide. Since the genocide, they have been forced out of Rwanda, and have sought asylum in Congo. They are currently a terrorist group hiding in the Congo and the Ugandan forest. While still in action, they despised the Tutsis so much that they often referred to them as cockroaches, or inyenzi in Kinyarwanda. [Military Wikia]

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92 responses to “Black Lives Matter is Not Marxist, They’re Anti-White Racists”

  1. BLM Protesters wouldn’t know a Marxist from a toilet brush.
    All they want is to bring down those of us that work or worked for years to their long term unemployed level.
    Envy and jealousy motivate them.

  2. Doesn’t matter. Marxist or anti White. Both need to be put out of business in America.

  3. Fuck your fuck white people tshirt you racist piece of shit hope you conpany goes up in flames.

  4. When are people going to accept that there is far too much over thinking going on with regards to racism. Racism is nothing more than a branch of FEAR… fear of colour, culture and change. If fear is ignored and NOT channelled in the right direction then it can so easily manifest into anger and hatred resulting in RACISM…..It’s not rocket science..Its FEAR?

    • I have lived 66 years loving everyone the same. Now, for the first time, I’m scared.

    • The only that blm has is trying to punk citizens of the USA into having money given to them without earning it. Making laws not apply to them do anthing they want ok to steal.
      Be held UNACCEPTABLE for there lazy parenting and raising hate filled children that end up in prison because of “fear”

  5. It is always a little hard to read an article like that and have to acknowledge the seriousness of the situation we have drifted into. I have been saying for some time that we have a problem but I was only concentrating on Islam. So we really have two threats to cope with and I am becoming a little too old to take an active part and have to rely on those much younger than I to do something about it before it is too late – I sincerely hope it is not too late already

  6. You know now is the time certain long ago group needs to come out BLM are racist bastards and I could care less what happens to them they threw the first pouch

  7. BLM is a White Racist Marxist Terrorist Organazation who raises money for the Democrat Mob. They are Satanist they need to be Destroyed. White will never ever allow BLM to take control I promise. Thet should get Educated get off welfare and stop voting Democrat Learn how to work take Responsibilityand stop blaming White People. You make your own choices. The problem in black culture is Drugs Black on Black Crime Welfare dependency and no Father Figure that’s part of the Black Culture.

    • They have been on in this country for 400 years. Maybe 80 IQ, low impulse comtrol africans are not capable of assimilating into Western culture/society.

    • No the Democrats are funding this Hate ORGANIZATION..
      They are not the Democrats my grandfather belong to.
      They have self severing agenda that have nothing to do with the people but want the to destory the Best Counrty in the world..

  8. I could care less about them. They need to and will be destroyed.BLM stop your Racist shit. Go to hell

  9. Read “Black Rednecks and White Liberals” by Thomas Sowell. He nailed it back in 2005.

    We are being divided and conquered, taught to gate and distrust anyone even moderately different from ourselves in any capacity.

  10. They need to wake up before they are enslaved again along with the whites. This is whate the elites want.

    • OOPS! Too late, they are enslaved to an ideology that has doomed them to a life of conflict and only know what they are told, by those who would control them. And has for decades

  11. The picture of these two black Women
    Saying , Fuck White People is Hatred and should not be Permitted on Facebook. Facebook is promoting hatred by posting this picture. Shame on you Facebook. 👎

  12. They are doing exactly what they are protesting, they are lumping a few with the majority.
    They are tearing this country apart.
    They need to get a job and quit this crap and stop blaming everyone for their own troubles.

  13. Unarmed White people have been shot and killed by cops. They have been beaten down by cops also. I’ve had my butt stomped by cops on many occasions. But white people don’t pick up and start riots and start crying white lives matter and start demanding a holiday or streets named after us and say it was raciestly motivated.

  14. I notice they beat up defenseless people. Or they attack in groups. 10 or so of them against 1 . Or they sucker punch the elderly . The 92 yr old women punch in the face. A 86 yr old women they broke her arms, fingers. They slashsd up her face and then set her on fire. She died 3 days later from her wounds. 1 more they attacked a couple.of kids.teens. they raped and sodemised n oral to this girl. Then to wash away they rubbed her down wirth bleach. Even down her thoat. Her boyfriend was sodemised him. and ripped his throat they also shoved an object.up his anus. They where both killed after.all this. I think they were shot. What.kind of crap is this. This doesnt happen in any war. They are acting worse then animals.

    • You are referencing the horrible story of “The Knoxville Couple ” , easily accessed in Wikipedia. This was a terrible racially motivated 3 day Black gang rape, torture and murder of a beautiful 21 year old blonde haired White couple. An absolutely blood curdling story of Black racist gang rape, torture and murder. Fortunately the police caught those utterly evil Negroes who are jailed, with 2 on death row.

      • Need to make the death penalty only a thirty day wait and then get this person out of the gene pool. Thirty days to settle your affairs for the family and that’s it.
        These kind of people would just do the same things if set free and they still get to live for 13 to 16 years till execution while they victims are six feet under. What’s fair is fair.

    • Stuff like that happened in Germany after WW2. Bone up on “HELLSTORM” and find out about the crimes committed against civilians by Eisenhauer, “The terrible Swedish Jew”, and the invading Red Army, against defenseless German civilians. T-H-E-Y kept all that info from us for decades. You can expect the BLM Useful Idiots to do the same if they are not stopped soon. History will repeat and rhyme, my friends. Arm up and always carry. Let them know that if they attack you, they will not have a good day. HELL IS NOW EMPTY, BECAUSE ALL THE DEVILS ARE MARAUDING ACROSS THE FACE OF THE PLANET !!

    • You nailed it brother. I’ve noticed this dozens of times when these cowardly younger blacks, pick on people basically over the age of fifty and they feel more confident if the victim is 60 plus. Pathetic hateful cowards. I’m going to die laughing when one of these violent morons picks on a guy over 60 who knows the marshal arts. That will be delightful.

  15. Blm aint nothing but hate. Violence they pray on weak. And nothing is being done.. I will stand with them any day. Toe to toe. They place no fear in this white American female.

  16. This is disgusting and they wonder why there is so much hate. Wonder what would be said or done if a white person wore a shirt that said fuck all black lives? They want us white people not to be racist but they are racist. Makes me sick to see this 😡

    • Happens alot here in South Africa. They have an inherent hate for another race. For them its blacks are superior. They are utterly intolerant.

  17. BLM is the biggest racist group on the earth. They need to be bleached so they can see how easy life as a white person is. They would then see there is no such thing as white privilege. Hard work is how the whites succeeded to help the blacks, which they do every day.

    • Six hundred and fifty thousand WHITEYS died in the civil War, to free their ancestors from slavery. That’s 650,000 who gave their lives for them. Many more only gave a leg, an arm, an eye. My French white grandmother had an uncle who gave a friggin LUNG ! Can you imagine what that operation was like back then ?????????? Furthermore, for those of you who do not know, author Dontell Jackson has a website called “We Thought They Were White” that exposes who owned the 300 slave ships and the plantations where the cotton and the sugar cane was raised. Bone up on the Triangle Trade of cotton, molasses, and slaves, and you will know that SOMEONE is lying to the dumbed down vaccine injured black people, and using them as a weapon against WHITEY and the AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS !!!!!

  18. Black Lives Matter is the Klan With A Tan.

  19. Well THIS IS NOT NEW NEWS!! I have PERSONALLY experienced this behavior for YEARS from MANY black people ALL WHILE crying that white people are racist! They’re like little 3 yr old kids screaming and tattle taling on someone while doing it themselves behind your back! It’s a known fact there are WAY more black racists than white.

  20. I will shoot and kill any black person that gets to close to me if I think they are a danger to me or anyone I am with do not care about the anything that happens to me after I kill them fought for this country to keep us free and have killed before and have no problem with killing the enemy again they are fucking up this country we should just load them up on ships and send them back to hell kill them all just like they are trying to do with us but I will always be watching them no matter where I am and will defend myself from them just like the enemy in war

  21. Encouraging to have access to up to the minute real news. Heard a reference to Revolver on Tucker Carlson Show. Thank you!

  22. Black Lives Matter is a Domestic Terrorist Organization and must be dealt with severely.
    It is time and necessary to take out people with no warning..

  23. Come see me bitche. Ill show you just how much ALL life matters . You stupid ignorant uneducated group of individuals

  24. This article has almost zero factual support and flies a red herring to open it. BLM never claimed to be Marxist so to argue that they aren’t Marxist but are racists is a red herring. It also seems to be based on anecdotal evidence, two T shirts that could have come from anywhere and you guys who are longing to hate just jump right on that band wagon. The publication does not have its finger on the pulse of America but in the pocket of some malcontent whole likes conspiracies more than reality.

    • Fuck black lives matter movement ur a bunch of cry babys there more whites killed every year by police and black folks than any other race so suck it up and move u fucking idiot’s

    • Nemo: Must you be so predictable and boring? There’s nothing astute about cutting and pasting the drivel found in anti-white drivel. Polly want a cracker, bird brain?

    • @Nemo….I think you are wrong. At least one of the founders of BLM was WHITE and claimed to be a “Trained Marxist”. She is named Patrisse Cullers, and admitted in an interview from years ago that BLM was started for the purpose of taking down Trump and destroying the American middle class. BLM activists are just Useful Idiots being fed hate and propaganda for the purpose of destroying America. And their foreign imported Eastern European white ANTIFA counterparts are in league with them. Many of them speak no English so they just blow those fart whistles in your face when you try to talk to them. There should be en executive order to shoot to kill them on sight. I don’t know what Trump is waiting for. As soon as they start to assault people, or destroy and burn property, they should be given another hole in their heads, right between the eyes.

  25. BLM y AF son grupo terrorista vandalista delincuentes pagados por el cabal. E.p Democratas que es lo mismo todo para crear caos en u.s.a y el mundo e implantar el nuevo orden mundial que es Dictadura Facista.

  26. Marxism is anti-white. Well, anti-Jew and anti-Christian, which includes most Europeans, except atheists. See “On The Jewish Question” (Works of Karl Marx 1844)

  27. I never had a slave in so I don’t have to apologize for nothing but I don’t like blacks. So f*** the black people

  28. Many blacks are driven by hate of the white race. I’t really not a surprise as to way, the political left, democrat party and their establishment media, have been brainwashing black people for years now, even after so many things have changed, affirmative action for black people, real and substantial ways to get a decent higher education, business loans. etc. None of this, according to the democrats is ever enough and they keep brainwashing black people against whites as a matter of their default way of doing politics now. It’s too bad that as democrats have abandoned doing anything real for black people, they have at the same time, given what should be their privileges and affirmative action to Hispanics. who , were not brought here as slaves nor did they suffer the kind of discrimination blacks have. No matter. Hispanics are now the democratic party’s NEW POLITICAL MEAL TICKET, INCLUDING LEADERS LIKE MAXINE WATERS, who has sold out black people repeatedly. Many of these truths are posted daily on Yahoo. politics but like other cowardly leftist forums, Yahoo has now stopped accepting comments, lest Americans become increasingly schooled on how badly the Democratic party leadership sells them out.

    • Agreed, still when it does hit the fan a new world odor will rise, whose stench has reached His nostrels. Time for the Great Tribulation.

  29. Some of them are Marxist, some are racists, some are low IQ underachievers who want handouts, some are paid terrorists, some hate men, some hate white men, all of them want to overthrow the current system that has provided them with so many benefits it’s ridiculous. I say ship them all to LIberia with $10k and see how long they last (measured in days lol).

  30. Communism breeds racism, anti-Semitism, BGLT-phobic, sexism; hate. Marx said “negros became nasty from working the soil, Engels contributed it to environmental factors. Mao said “anyone not my race is my enemy, and Che “the Revolution will do for the blacks what they did for the Revolution, Nothing! N Korea’s Kim thinks his family is divine, a racist thought. These “well versed Marxist” need to rethink their political affiliation with these racists!

  31. The article is dead on correct. The American elite and most everyone who still has two brain cells rubbing together, know who these people are by now, want all influence white people have removed from this country that their ancestors struggled and created. They want their ability to vote, speak freely, direct their own lives in a peaceful manner, nixed. Indeed, as one comment stated, want whites dead. To this end, they are created massive anti-white hatred. They are removing comments, from internet forums, trying to mute the views of whites that have the facts and the will to challenge the establishment media’s ongoing anti-white narratives. In other words, remove their freedom of speech from an open and honest airing. The labels leftists use to further the elite agenda are literally exploding–white supremacists, haters, Nazi’s, angry white men, angry white women, or “Karens”as they are now called, revealing that the establishment media is not only anti-white male but anti white female as well. And some of you people are going to vote to put democrat party leaders back into office?? Do you have kids, uncles, dads, mom’s, cousins you love and would still do something so toxic to them.?

  32. You have a real valid point here, and I fully agree with you. Your article on Black Lives Matter is right on target .. They aren’t Marxists at all, but are racists. They hate Latinos and Asians, but hate Whites the most.
    Thank you so much for pointing this out.

  33. Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Caucasian in fact Martians are starting to return and I here will do better later on. Blacks I just don’t understand. Why are they complaining? I know many and love them all. Just hunker down and go back to work. I see so many black grads who are doing well. Well done everyone keep it up, don’t allow these things to upset just persevere.

  34. black lives matter is about lgbtq bullshit…for y’all to be so opinionated and didn’t even read the damn mission statement . real black folks aren’t dealing with that white boy ran group of fags . try again

  35. It’s about time that the White population started to act like men and stop pussyfooting around do what’s right and lead by example step up be the man you are supposed be don’t back down pain last only a moment being a coward last a life time stand your ground

    • @CalO….Rich Jews owned the 300 ships involved in the TRIANGLE TRADE. They owned the sugar cane plantations in the Caribbean, from which molasses was sent to USA east Coast & England where RUM was made. They shipped the RUM TO Africa where they used it as money to buy captured slaves that the Black Warlords caught and brought down to the coast where the Jews loaded them onto their 300 ships, knowing that most of them would be scuttled overboard, chained together, when they got sick from the squalid conditions below deck. The Blacks were brought to the Caribbean where they worked the sugar cane fields, and to the USA, where they worked the Jew owned cotton plantations. The cotton was shipped to England and Europe, where the Jews controlled the textile industry. Read all about it at Dontell Jackson’s website titled “We Thought They Were White”. BTW, have you heard of any Jews correcting the blacks from their assumption that it was WHITEY who enslaved them. ???

  36. Didn’t the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, founder of the Black Muslims, say the white man is the devil?

    • @Betty….Arm up and get some training. This situation is only going to get worse, with the Zio-Nazi Jew owned mass media brainwashing all the dumbed down vaccine injured cognitively impaired black peoples that Whitey is/was their enemy. Read my several previous posts dated today, and google up Dontell Jackson “We Thought They Were White”.

  37. The BLM folks do not even know why they are in anger. Period. They are just wild animals and cannot live with Caucasians in a civilized society. They need to be taken BACK TO AFRICA and let run wild! There, they will meet EVEN WILDER BLM’s who will chop them to pieces! A win-win conclusion.

  38. They hate anyone that’s not black or dark brown. Being a quaker I’m beginning to think the quakers made a big mistake long ago.

  39. To all the inferior and ignorant black apes out there, I say this to you, “Go Fuck Yo Momma” (Ha ha) You want a war? You’re going to get one. When it’s all done, there won’t be a single ONE of you satanic apes left. YOU WILL BE EXTERMINATED! It has to be done. It WILL be done. And this world will be a much better place for Humans to live in.

  40. God gave no colors to separate humans.God gave colors for beauty and diversity.Color coding humans is the epidomey of prejudice

  41. Black lies matter is a police state manufactured opposition just like
    the black panthers. Create and maintain your own fake opposition and then defund and destroy it
    with you gang of hired murdering thugs called police in the name of public order.

  42. With the Democrats wasting our money and time, what can we do.? They have held our living president in a defense mode sinçe his election. Now we have the vomit of BLM forcing their way into our lives. Civil war is coming if we don’t stop them now. Keep your guns loaded!!!

  43. Thanks for the clear analysis of the situation. BURN LOOT MURDER has only one agenda and that is the destruction of our way of life and our Constitution. What is really sad is that they have bought into the false media portrayal of a white community of limp wrist guilty white people that shut up and look down when a Negro enters the room. Wrong answer. There is a country full of hard working , law abiding hard as nails Anglo Saxons that have no intention of handling our country over. This vote is so important that we must be involved. We must vote and in the meantime work on our reloads and zero in our sites. We are not to be trifled with.

  44. have they ever stop to think how many white’s died to free them from slavery couldn’t do that might put those people in a good light

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