To Insanity and Beyond: NASA Broadcasts Unhinged Race Rhetoric to the Entire World
August 20, 2020 (1y ago)

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NASA has become just the latest once-great American institution to undermine itself with race-baiting insanity. On Thursday, the agency publicly broadcast a lengthy panel discussion that attacked white people as a group, and suggested it was inherently evil to identify as a white person.

As was gathering quotes from the live-stream, someone at NASA may have realized what a blunder they were committing by broadcasting the event, and the video was made private. Nonetheless, we were able to transcribe enough quotes to do justice to the utter ridiculousness of the event, as well as the dripping anti-white racial hatred of its participants—who, as the perceptive reader may have already surmised, are far from rocket scientists.

On Thursday, the YouTube account for the NASA Johnson Space Center broadcast an unannounced livestream. Instead of showcasing engineering accomplishments, scientific research, or life on the International Space Station, the livestream, organized by NASA’s African American Employee Resource Group (AAERG), was a panel discussion on “white privilege.”

Instead of featuring top scientists and engineers, NASA’s broadcast starred academic race hustlers, like Prairie View A&M University political science professor William Hoston, whose groundbreaking work includes the 2018 book “Toxic Silence: Race, Black Gender Identity, and Addressing the Violence against Black Transgender Women in Houston.”

While the broadcast was unlisted on NASA’s YouTube page, it wasn’t intended to be private, as Hoston advertised it on Twitter beforehand:

Another participant in the virtual event was University of Pittsburgh adjunct professor Austin O. Richardson II, who used the virtual meetup as a chance to share extreme views with NASA’s imprimatur. Richardson stated that all white people on earth possess a secret knowledge of racial hierachy, but may conceal it in order to oppress others.

“If you are non-white, and you come across a white person, and they act like they don’t know what’s going on, they are deceiving you, and they are trying to disarm you,” Richardson said. “Every white person over the age of 12 knows that they are white, and they know that racism exists…If they say ‘I’m white,’ they automatically know all the implications of what that means.”

At another point in his rant, Richardson said that the only reason any person identifies as white in the first place is to “practice racism.”

“For a human being to think that they are white…they are letting you know that they plan on being racist, and they plan on practicing white supremacy,” he said.

Richardson’s rhetoric was so impassioned, and so deranged, that it visibly made other panel participants uncomfortable. Nevertheless, he wasn’t the only one making ridiculous claims. One panel participant used stereotypical slave dialect to describe modern America, saying non-whites are required to “acquiesce” to racism if “you want to make sure massah don’t sell you down the road.”

During the portion of the event Revolver was able to view, all participants agreed that “white privilege” was a serious problem in American life. One claimed that “you are looked at and ostracized” for trying to highlight racism in America, when of course the opposite is true. Shrieking about “racism” is a path for intellectual mediocrities to gain wealth and power, while insisting that America is not racist is a way to lose one’s job and reputation.

During the broadcast, one participant highlighted a list of potential resources, all of them books pushing the new far-left orthodoxy on race.

Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility claims that all white people are racist, no matter what. Ibram X. Kendi’s How to be an Anti-Racist goes further, demanding a total ban on “racist ideas by public officials,” as well as a permanent federal “Department of Anti-Racism” with no accountability to elected officials, which would have veto power over all laws passed nationwide, down to the local level. Kendi’s book basically calls for the creation of an “anti-racist” dictatorship, and now, that call has been promoted by our nation’s space agency.

For decades, NASA has been a pride of the American people: It’s the first and only space agency to put a man on the moon, land a working rover on Mars, or send a probe outside the solar system. But the golden age of NASA is long past. It hasn’t landed on the moon in 50 years, and it’s entirely possible that China will beat it to a manned landing on Mars. When it happens, it won’t be a shock.

Just like countless other American institutions, NASA is a shell of what it once was. It wears its achievements from the 1960s and 70s as a skin suit, to mask a present-day obsession with diversity and social justice. As John Stossel points, out, Elon Musk did in six years what NASA said they could do in twelve, and he did it at less than four percent of the cost.

While we don’t necessarily agree with John Stossel that “private competition is always better,” the facts he presents are correct and very damning to NASA’s abilities.

During the Obama Administration, one of the agency’s top priorities was to improve the self-esteem of the Muslim world. This month, NASA announced it was “re-examining” the nicknames given to various cosmic bodies. The statement they released was embarrassing:

As the scientific community works to identify and address systemic discrimination and inequality in all aspects of the field, it has become clear that certain cosmic nicknames are not only insensitive, but can be actively harmful. NASA is examining its use of unofficial terminology for cosmic objects as part of its commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As an initial step, NASA will no longer refer to planetary nebula NGC 2392, the glowing remains of a Sun-like star that is blowing off its outer layers at the end of its life, as the “Eskimo Nebula.” “Eskimo” is widely viewed as a colonial term with a racist history, imposed on the indigenous people of Arctic regions. Most official documents have moved away from its use. NASA will also no longer use the term “Siamese Twins Galaxy” to refer to NGC 4567 and NGC 4568, a pair of spiral galaxies found in the Virgo Galaxy Cluster. Moving forward, NASA will use only the official, International Astronomical Union designations in cases where nicknames are inappropriate. [NASA]

How will any of this help America get to Mars? It won’t, of course. But that stopped being the real goal years ago. Like so many other corrupted and decrepit institutions in the D.C. swamp, NASA should be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up, without the word “diversity” being anywhere near its mission statement.

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1 year ago

Why and by what legal authority does NASA have or allow ” NASA’s African American Employee Resource Group (AAERG)” when federal law does not permit discrimination?

Michael MacGonegal
1 year ago

Such racist commentary is not limited to NASA by any means. Back in November 1975 I was transferred to 3rd Armored Division at Ayers Kaserne, Germany. Part of the two weeks in-processing included a day long Equal Opportunity Race Relations (EORR) class. Race relations became a fundamental effort after years of race riots at United States Military posts all over the world. The class programming started rather benign. “Can’t we just get along” could have been the catch phrase for the morning class presentations. After lunch, we were broken into group sessions and given different scenarios to understand race relations primarily from the point of view of minority Soldiers. In the end, I understood the message provided that promotions and benefits should be administered in favor of minorities overall as white people have been taking advantage for all of history. The closing message invited interested Soldiers to fill out paperwork to attend a course held in Munich that, if you are selected, you too may be detached to teach such classes and investigate charges of racial bigotry. After filling out the offered paperwork and offering it to the Master Sergeant who was the lead instructor, I was told “You can go to the course but your chance of being selected to serve on the Division EORR Council is slim because you are White and don’t really understand the problems of race. During my three years serving in the Medical Platoon, 3/36 Infantry Battalion, I served many months two grades above my rank as the Medical Platoon Sergeant, who was Black, worked at the Officer’s Club as a Bar Tender. At my next duty assignment I gain served two grades above my rank as our Company First Sergeant, who was Puerto Rican, worked as president of the Ft. Hood Credit Union: our Medical Platoon Sergeant served as First Sergeant. After eight years, I left active duty primarily due to the racial situation in the military was shunted in favor of minorities rather than being equal to all Soldiers. I worked as a Critical-Care Nurse for the Department of the Army and at Veteran Affairs Hospitals and overall – this situation reported on at NASA is nothing new. I wrote up one Respiratory Therapist seven times as he did not respond to life threatening situations requiring his presence and each complaint I made I was required to appear in front of a union inquiry and an EEO council review. Finally, after five patients died, and a new Hospital Director, the Respiratory Therapist was fired. Nope. This NASA story is nothing new.

1 year ago

This is very well written but do we really need to dismantle NASA? Can’t we just fire the AA hires?

1 year ago

But, but … a documentary from the nice reptilians who own Hollywood told me the truth about NASA.

How NASA hid the fact that three very nice African-American ladies each with an IQ of 199 and a bucket of KFC at her desk, were the ones who got Americans to the moon.

That we beat the Russians because Russians don’t have enough Africans, especially African women, on their scientific teams.

And so regarding the above, it looks like our new Space Force is destined to be the best ever: lots and lots of Dark Diversity to teach us all about Dark Matter and quarks and eating worms … err, I meant traveling through wormholes at warp speed. Let’s all raise a glass of grape drank as a toast …

Robert Billeaud
1 year ago

White privilege? When are these yo-yos going to understand that on a planetary scale, whites are a minority. There are far more black, brown and Asian people than there are Caucasians in this world. We’re outnumbered. My bosses at work, mostly black. They make more money than me, have nicer houses, newer cars. Doesn’t bother me in the least, but don’t go telling me that I have an advantage in life because of my skin color.

1 year ago

There are just too many self-loathing white folks who join and encourage the blacks. The whites are simply the useful idiots of a hateful and irrational ideology. They will be the first to be eliminated when and if the revolution is over. The blacks have been the pawns of evil hate mongers for so long they think it is only natural.

1 year ago

Reminds me of the 70’s and 80’s. When at AT&T, is was the “thing” to hire women in men’s jobs, and black people if they would apply for the job. One prissy white chick passed all her training and tests, then promptly quit her “lineman’s job” and said “I just wanted to see if I could do it.” The company got what it deserved in that case. Another time I worked on an offshore oil platform for a company that was hiring minorities and gays to show their “early wokeness”. One black lesbian, who was above my grade, started opening a facility after a shutdown by injecting air into the produced gas system to get the pressure back up. I couldn’t persuade her this would create a combustible atmosphere as she wouldn’t hear of it. I managed to stop the air injection and opened some produced gas lines to reopen the facility without her noticing, but when the supervisor heard of what she had done, I got the ass chewing for “letting her do it”.

These useless people finally became unemployed, one by one, due to their lifestyle by failing drug tests and being absent from work too much. That’s what happens when you stay stoned ALL the time etc. when you are not at work!

1 year ago
Reply to  Phil

There’s still plenty of black people employed at AT&T and its spinoffs who are totally useless. They couldn’t pass the standardized tests to be employed due to their low IQ, but they were still hired due to skin color. They’re as dumb as a box of rocks and just about as lazy and every single day, all day, they have to pass their work off to others and/or have other people walk them through everything due to their low IQ, even if it’s the same damned thing that they’ve been told a hundred times. Affirmative action was a horrible idea. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a couple of very bright black people who passed the tests, but most of the blacks employed there couldn’t pass the tests and are low IQ.

John Merrick
1 year ago

I dearly wish I could edit a video of this witless hilarity …and splice in the appropriate laugh track and sound effects with additional narration by HAM, the first of his kind in space and surely the brightest of these talkers. HAM:

1 year ago

This isn’t race baiting which is falsely accusing others of racism, this is Racism. This racism is being spread throughout the federal government and government-funded institutions by the Democrat Party who are well aware that within the next 20 years, whites will be a minority within the USA, according to census data. They are sowing the seeds now for their plans later. They’re talking about restitution now in minor monetary forms, but you can fully expect slavery of white people to make a comeback, thanks to the Democrat Party. Yes, white people were enslaved in Africa for far longer than blacks in the USA, so it is a comeback. In fact, the word “slavery” comes from the word “slav” which were white slaves. They are demonizing Christianity and white people and objectivity and facts and hard work–everything that made Western civilization Superior. If you ever wondered how the events in the Bible come about, we are witnessing it firsthand. Good is called evil, evil is called good, Christianity is being demonized. Oh, and transsexuals/LGBT are a big part of this, yet Trump and his entire base (including Christians) have legitimized them, and their big win in the culture wars is Christians big loss in culture: just look at Europe, where Christians are already being arrested for quoting the Bible on the street and/or tweeting from the Bible.

1 year ago

This is an example of how a “Bad System” assumes it’s own life, beyond the control of those who ostensibly manage it. It is what many call “The Deep State,” and will continue to exist and grow until all of it’s poisoned managers are eliminated. (By firing, one hopes…)

1 year ago

why doesn’t Trump fire these white hating NASA scum? btw: the moon lading was a hoax.

Chuck Spears
1 year ago

The Kenyan Space Program is the best in the world.

1 year ago

If NASA, a government agency, has produced a video then it should be accessible to the public. Perhaps your reporters ought to make use of FOIA to obtain a copy.

1 year ago

lol brain dead mental cases, time to start building asylums again cause obviously this lot escaped the first lot

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