Revolver Analysis: In New Podcast, The New York Times Castigates “Nice White Parents” For Caring About Their Children
August 20, 2020 (1y ago)

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The latest podcast series from the New York Times, Nice White Parents, marks a significant escalation in the newspaper’s transformation from a milquetoast, polite, liberal institution into something much darker, more extreme, and dangerous. The podcast doesn’t simply repeat boring old liberal pieties as the paper has done for decades. Instead, it actively stokes racial hatred, targeting the ordinary white families who constitute the paper’s own subscriber base.

It is impossible to imagine Nice White Parents coming out a decade ago, when elite liberalism still superficially cared about colorblindness. Its release marks a clear evolution in the tone, and ideology, of the times. The Times has traditionally been called “The Gray Lady,” but its latest incarnation might just as well be called “The Pink Haired Activist of Ambiguous Gender.”

Just like how Joe Biden is a doddering figurehead for a radical agenda that will be spearheaded by his more-functional veep pick, one can imagine the The New York Times’ old time liberals drooling in a basement while younger, frothing radicals turn the aging “paper of record” to a platform for anti-white racial defamation.

Whatever the views of the paper’s senior leadership, its rank-and-file reporters adhere more and more to extreme ideologies. They aren’t 90s liberals. They’re modern-day Maoists. They want everyone to be very aware of race; they have to be, because that is how people can be rewarded or punished based on skin color. And Nice White Parents aims to show how those punishments can be doled out.

Nice White Parents is the newest production from the team behind Serial, the “investigative journalism” podcast that every woman under 40 listened to in 2014. The three seasons of that program all focused on the U.S. justice system in one form or another, but Nice White Parents turns its attention to the U.S. school system. Specifically, the podcast takes aim at the group that is blamed and vilified for all the enduring problems of American schools: White parents who want the best for their children.

Four episodes of Nice White Parents are already out, and the series is ranking high on the podcast charts. But virtually nothing has been said about it on the right, which is shameful, because what the series is saying about “white parents,” and their efforts to raise their children as best they can, matters a great deal.

Nice White Parents focuses on the School for International Studies in Brooklyn. Like most New York public schools, the school was predominantly non-white, until 2015, when dozens of white parents chose to enroll their children there all at once. The plan was that, by acting in concert, the parents could convince the school to use its additional funding on desired programs, like French language instruction. The plan succeeded, and soon even more white students began to arrive.

In Nice White Parents, all of this is explicitly framed as a bad thing. White parents trying to influence their children’s education is bad enough, but soon, things get even worse: One newly-arrived parent was an experienced fundraiser, and created a special fundraising committee to raise tens of thousands of dollars for the school. This is portrayed negatively, because the existing PTA didn’t get to dictate how the money, which otherwise wouldn’t be available to the school at all, would be spent. One non-white member of the PTA described the white parents as “annoying.” 

At one point in the first episode, narrator Chana Joffe-Walt suggests another sin committed by whites: Existing where non-whites don’t want them. 

“White families, showing up in large numbers, taking over stores [and] familiar spots. There’s a word for that: Gentrification. But I noticed that no one was using that word about the school. What was happening here was diversity … Diversity is a good thing, something you’re supposed to be okay with.”

Chana Joffe-Walt

This is the theme of Nice White Parents: No matter what these white parents do, it’s always bad. It’s bad when they transfer into a non-white school, as in the first episode. But in the second and third episodes, they are vilified for not attending these schools as well. In the third episode, an amorphous blob of “white parents” are attacked for getting a gifted program created at a New York middle school. According to Joffe-Walt, non-white students were kept out by “biased questions” on tests, though not one such question is ever read for the listener.

This tone persists throughout all of Nice White Parents. Not a tone of hatred, per se, but one of disgust, and collective race-based condemnation. White families are “unreliable;” they “pay no attention to the actual voices and needs of families of color.” They are greedy: at one point Joffe-Walt says the key question for fixing schools is “how do we stop white parents from hoarding all the resources?”

Of course, this question is itself a lie; black public schools have no funding disadvantage compared to white ones, and haven’t for decades. In fact Joffe-Walt even explicitly notes that poor-performing schools in New York received special funding boosts, but she continues to plow ahead to attack white parents for “hoarding.” Each example taken alone is unremarkable, but when strung out over hours of podcast, the ominous tone of racial denunciation is impossible to miss.

Pictured: Artist’s depiction of an NYT reporter.

A year ago, Kamala Harris implied Joe Biden was racist because he opposed school busing, a demented social-engineering scheme that failed and was hated by almost everybody. But in Nice White Parents, Joffe-Walt laments that busing and other schemes aren’t imposed on white parents, and that instead New York public schools have tried to win over parents with carrots rather than sticks. This desire to win over parents, Joffe-Walt argues, is the root of continued achievement gaps in New York schools.

Joffe-Walt’s pre-determined conclusion is stated at the end of the third episode: That to improve schools, it is necessary for parents of a certain skin color to be attacked, and reduced to submission:

“Nice white parents shape public schools even in our absence, because public schools are maniacally loyal to white families, even when that loyalty is rarely returned back to the public schools. Just the very idea of us, the threat of our displeasure, warps the whole system … The only way you equalize schools is by recognizing this fact, and trying wherever possible to suppress the power of white parents. Since no one is forcing us to give up power, we white parents are gonna have to do it voluntarily.”

Even here, Joffe-Walt’s tone is revealing. If only someone would force white people into doing what they don’t want to do, she implies. Sadly, that won’t happen, so instead they must be pressured into it, by threatening to libel them as racists if they don’t do so. However it happens, though, the message remains the same: Schools will only improve by disempowering people based on skin color.

The implications are easy to imagine, once this idea spreads around the country to lawmakers. It may require a return of school busing, strict racial quotas for magnet schools and advanced classes, an abolition of school discipline to mirror the abolition of police, and more. Right now, homeschooling is surging in popularity thanks to the coronavirus. it is very easy to imagine Joffe-Walt arguing that homeschooling is just another way “nice white parents” manage to “hoard” a good education for themselves. 

Episode 4 of Nice White Parents came out last week, with an explanation of how parents of the wrong race can be targeted and convinced to give up power. It’s every bit as disturbing as the episodes that came before. Revolver will update you on it very soon, because other conservative outlets won’t, and somebody needs to stick up for America’s parents, no matter their race.

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1 year ago

This is getting more and more insane by the minute, and I can’t believe a seemingly large part of wypipo not only go along with it… but praise and push it.

Also, Revolver is my favorite news site now. What a breath of fresh air in this clown world.

1 year ago

The goal of the enemies of liberty is to create as many self-loathing white people as they can, as rapidly as they can. We can see that they are being successful by looking at the ethnic and racial makeup of the Black Lives Matter thugs, and Antifa. Many of the participants in those “peaceful” groups are white self-loathers. Two decades ago, the saying “All the little white boys want to be little black boys” was appropriate, given the percentage of black people in TV commercials. Corporate America can be excused, because their intentions were good: causing all to be more accepting of all others, regardless of skin color. It has gone too far, now, and it doesn’t take a genius to see it. The enemies of liberty are dismantling everything they can as it relates to the lofty ideals of this country, and they are using racism as a sharp knife, and twisting it vigorously.

H Cruz
1 year ago

Thank GOD for Revolver News, a breath of fresh air, I deleted my bookmark for Drudge Report, thanks to Tucker Carlson for mentioning you guys.

1 year ago

Thanks! When and drudge fail you’re there! Just please don’t let the comments get to white supremacy. They want the races to fight each other.

1 year ago

‘Just please don’t let the comments get to White supremacy.’ Just what exactly is that? Who is the judge, You? Your comment is a clear call for censorship. Your post is exactly something I would read at CNN, MSNBC, or New York Times. This is something a racist, anti-White SJW Troll would post. I see you and so do others you sad lefty extremist.

1 year ago

Thanks, Revolver, for the well-deserved takedown of this series. I’ve been expecting to see one from Sailer, but you stepped into the breach. There’s a lot of fertile fodder here. Note, I think there may be an adjacent/related video series involving Joffe Walt and Nikole Hannah Jones that could be worth checking out, too. The Nice White Parents podcast showcases themes and strains in hegemonic libbery that are unmistakably evil, and makes the “white genocide” cranks from 2015 Twitter seem a shade less unhinged.

Joe Bills
1 year ago

America is a rentier state. And when the turnip no longer bleeds, the rentiers will be headed somewhere else.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

The Democrats, the Liberals, the Progressives …have all revealed their ultimate identity: Marxists-Socialists-Communists. Since their decades-long attempt to destroy America through class warfare and division didn’t work, they changed their strategy to focus on racial conflict and social justice warrior delusions. With the help of their master strategists, Comrade Marxist Obama and Saul Alinsky and other Communists, they have put together a game plan to destroy America. A race war is what they want to stoke in order to not only seize power but permanently instill hatred and endless conflict among Americans. If they manage to steal the presidency and both houses via fraudulent mail-in “votes”, they will first pack the Supreme Court with Leftist stooges, pass Marxist social engineering laws, confiscate all firearms and erase the 2nd Amendment, dispossess the white population of their property and rights and impose hellish taxes to destroy the middle class, and create a new hellish version of the Stalinist Marxist dystopian cesspool.
Where does this nightmare lead? Two possible outcomes…either a full-blown civil war or the Left marching tens of millions of Americans to the concentration camps, firing squads, torture chambers, and ovens.
And,if the sanctimonious Liberals and Progressives think they will be immune or shielded from this pending nightmare, they will be in for a rude and violent awakening. Because if the maniacal-rabid L
Left manage to conquer Americans on the right, they will then begin to devour each other. That is the ultimate insanity of Marxisms; it is an ideology that hates humanity. It is the Devil’s cancer.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

The current Democratic Party is full of anti-white, anti-American neoliberals and non whites, not marxists. Marxism isn’t as huge of a threat as compared to mass immigration.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

True, mass immigration without borders or controls is a definite threat, but the major source of the strife and violence and riots and hatred for America all the way from corporate boardrooms to mass looting and assaults on thousands of streets is based on a Neo Marxist ideology which began to grow decades ago when colleges and universities adopted it from German Marxists (it was called the Frankfurt School) and these are the same Marxists/Communists intellectuals who fled Hitler’s Germany in the 1930s.
BLM and Antifa are MARXIST organizations. Antifa was imported specially from Germany by Obama and his CIA man, John Brennan, and introduced into hundreds of colleges and universities and the existing Leftist/Liberal college faculty wholeheartedly supported their movement from the beginning.
See all that hatred out there for America? – for the American flag? for our history? for our statues and our traditional values and identity as Americans? See that? If you don’t you might consider waking up to the big picture. If you can’t name the threat, the big picture threat you/we – can’t defeat it.
All of that hatred for America comes from…..guess what??? Marxism. Obama and Clinton and others on the Left pushed this ideology to the next level of subversion as they rose in political power and influence and now openly push for the overthrow of the country via a radical socialist agenda bent on destroying our Capitalist system and replacing it with a Marxist tyranny over the American people. The immigration crisis is just one of many symptoms of this Marxist ideology that has spread like cancer throughout the body politic. The whole Open Borders mindset is based on that very same Marxist ideology that somehow everyone and everything must have an “Equality of outcome” and the Left also believe in pink unicorns and winged pigs flying as well. See? Get it? Hope so.

1 year ago

This nice white mom took control of her 5 children’s education and home schooled them before it was vogue. So glad I did. Wouldn’t change a thing. And what I learned along the way! Priceless.

1 year ago

Great article by Revolver. I love Revolver and the groypers do too!

Noel Hull
1 year ago

How about ‘nice’ black, brown, and yellow moms who try to raise well adjusted successful children? Are they also on NYTs hit list, you turd.

Janet Carter
1 year ago

I hate racism I hated it in the 50s when it was aimed at blacks and I hate it now when whites are the ones vilified. I thought we had made a lot of progress. I’ve had black bosses who were highly respected and black neighbors and close friends. But President Obama used his opportunity to bring about even further racial understanding instead to stir up racial unrest and hatred. We need to get better, not worse at this.

Randall Stevens
1 year ago

Although Chana Joffe Walt acts white when it benefits her to slander the white race, she’s not. Many such cases.

1 year ago

I checked to see if she was Jewish, and sure enough she is.


Randall Stevens
1 year ago
Reply to  AegisWIng

All you really had to do was look at her picture.

1 year ago

Just another racist, anti-White jew doing the ‘my fellow White people, we need to change’ routine. She and her fellow jews in the media will never do this to jews in America or segregated israel.

Al Aldecoa
1 year ago

The NY Times is fast becoming the National Enquirer. Now a days it’s little more than a refuge for old senile white liberal men who still think Joseph Stalin was a great guy.

1 year ago

Jews again….

John S
1 year ago

I have deleted DRUDGE. Revolver is my new go to. Please keep it up and do not stop your focus. I was beginning to feel that I had nowhere to go.


John S

1 year ago

“This is the theme of Nice White Parents: No matter what these white parents do, it’s always bad. ”

Welcome to 2020, you cant be right and white, pick one. Its really ironic that the same people who cry loudly for inclusion also say things that deliver the opposite message.

Minerva Gyetvai Velasco
1 year ago

Thank you for keeping the Conservatives in the country abreast of what the Leftists are doing to dismantle this country and put it back together, Communist style.

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