Here’s How Bill Barr Can Win the War Against Antifa and BLM Without Firing A Single Shot
September 25, 2020 (1y ago)

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Yesterday, Revolver made the case for using force, even deadly force, to halt rioting and protect civilization from those who want it overthrown.

Kentucky authorities deserve to be praised. While under relentless pressure from the totalitarian left to sacrifice innocent men to the mob and press murder charges against the police who shot and killed Breonna Taylor, they resisted. Now, as the storm clouds of yet another violent Antifa riot gather over the tense Louisville sky, it’s their job, and the job of the federal government, to protect the innocent citizens of Kentucky from the destructive and potentially deadly force of the violent rioters. The DOJ and local police forces could take some inspiration from the words of President Trump: “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.” If violent riots break out in Louisville in the days to come, authorities have a moral duty to stop those riots with force, including deadly force if necessary.

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We still believe physical force has an important role in stopping riots. But the truth is, force may not be needed at all if the DOJ and FBI would simply do their jobs and bring the full weight of the law to bear in stopping these deadly riots. If authorities want to bring an end to the rioting in American cities, they should simply treat rioters, and their financial backers, the way the federal government is already treating Julian Assange.

Julian Assange is proof that when the feds feel like it, they can be relentless and punitive in the extreme. Assange spent years as a prisoner of the Ecuadorian embassy, as US diplomats constantly pressured for his expulsion. Once Assange was evicted, he was immediately arrested, and charged with 17 counts of espionage. If convicted, he faces a cartoonish 170 years in prison.

The idea that Assange is a spy is an absurdity. No other person in American history has ever been tried for espionage based on publishing leaked documents. The New York Times and other publications routinely solicit and receive leaked material, including classified material, and publish it. Of course, the difference is that the Times and its ilk are favored by the ruling class, and given a pass. Assange’s leaks have routinely embarrassed the same class. The farce of hunting Assange to the ends of the ends of the Earth is made even worse by the fact that Chelsea Manning, the soldier who actually committed a crime by leaking to Assange, had his sentence commuted and is now a free man.

But this article isn’t about Assange, it’s only about what he represents. When the federal government wants to, it can easily track down and crush loosely-affiliated networks that it marks as an enemy. It’s time for the Trump administration to bring this force against the seditious individuals who are funding and organizing the months-long spree of rioting that has brought American society to the brink.

The federal sedition statute reads as follows:

If two or more persons … conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

Over the last four months, countless perpetrators could be prosecuted under this law. The orchestrators of the lengthy siege of the federal courthouse in Portland certainly could be prosecuted. So could the organizers of Seattle’s short-lived “autonomous zone.” Those who planned and orchestrated assaults on federally-owned statues and blocked interstate highways could as well. These seditious efforts may be decentralized, but they are absolutely real and they are planned by highly organized networks of traitors.

And what about Louisville? An infamous video shows a U-Haul truck pulling up to a group of protesters, who pull out signs and even shields designed for taking on police.

Somebody had to make the shields, and somebody had to pay for the U-Haul. This isn’t the impromptu mass action of individuals, it’s a coordinated operation. In other words, it’s a conspiracy to subvert the law. Federal authorities should find the people who paid for that van, and charge them with violations of the Sedition Act.

The time for temerity is long past. The federal government has all the tools it needs to bring rioting to an end. They just need to treat the organizers and funders of deadly riots with the same severity they currently reserve for journalists who embarrass the ruling class.

But so far they have shown shockingly little interest in doing so. A draft DHS document, released this month, suggests that the top priority for domestic security is tracking down “white supremacists:”

White supremacists present the gravest terror threat to the United States, according to a draft report from the Department of Homeland Security.

Two later draft versions of the same document — all of which were reviewed by POLITICO — describe the threat from white supremacists in slightly different language. But all three drafts describe the threat from white supremacists as the deadliest domestic terror threat facing the U.S., listed above the immediate danger from foreign terrorist groups.

None of the drafts POLITICO reviewed referred to a threat from Antifa, the loose cohort of militant left-leaning agitators who senior Trump administration officials have described as domestic terrorists. Two of the drafts refer to extremists trying to exploit the “social grievances” driving lawful protests.

Christopher Wray has helped push this same absurd lie. Last week, Wray told the House Homeland Security Committee that “racially motivated violent extremism,” primarily from “white supremacists,” is the chief terror threat within the United States.

This is ridiculous. No rational American lives in fear that “white supremacists” will terrorize their neighborhood, block their path, smash up their car, or set fire to their business. But millions of Americans fear such behavior from Antifa. It’s time for the government to rise to this threat. Arrest the top 50 organizers and the top 20 financial backers of the nationwide rioting efforts. Charge them under the Sedition Act, and whatever other laws seem relevant. Arrest rioters, and keep them behind bars without granting bail. Seek real prison sentences, measured in years and decades, not hours or days. Bring the riots to an end, and protect the public. If the authorities act decisively now, they can win the war on Antifa and Black Lives Matter without firing a single shot.

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1 year ago

Americans live in fear of “woke supremacists”.

Halal Bacon
1 year ago

This is a good idea, but don’t stop at locking up the top 20 heads of the organizations or the top 20 financial contributors. Start there and keep going. Of course I’d love to see these antifa thugs locked up. I’d also like to see these asshats who block roads locked up. I know I’d be mad as hell if I were caught in the traffic jam or the ambulance taking a loved one to the hospital got stuck in the traffic jam or was delayed due to taking a detour around the blocked road.

Thomas Mongan
1 year ago

The Swamp, which includes Barr and Wray, have moist fingers in the wind trying to determine if President Trump, without their help, will retain the Presidency. If Trump wins, the Swamp will be forced to allow Trump to reign in Antifa.

1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas Mongan

The riots are going to give Trump a 2nd term so there is little incentive to stop them.

Paul Bjarnason
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas Mongan

Since I doubt any Democratic Party administration would reign in Antifa and BLM, our only hope is that President Trump will be re-elected. My pessimism is rooted in what has been going on in Democratic Party run cities. For anyone following the news, I need not name the cities. As reported, there are professional agitators going from city to city causing big trouble.

1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas Mongan

Barr is not part of the swap

1 year ago

You need to go after the human scum soros funded ag and da and other constitutionally bound law enforcement agents that are willfully derelict in their duties and are conspiring to overthrow the government. They are the key cog because they let the human refuse out to continue to perpetrate their human waste behavior

1 year ago

If rioters are charged and if Biden wins he’ll simply pardon them. Charge them and after the re-election of Trump they’ll stay incarcerated, hopefully for the maximum.

Deathcamp for Commie
1 year ago

That’s great and all, but I’d rather we start firing shots. Open fire on the crowds with lethal rounds. Full automatic fire. These subhumans need to die. There is no re-educating these commie agitators, either put them in camps or put them in the ground. I prefer the permanent solution

1 year ago

The old saying is “Get a few and word will get around.” I’m not sure that it wouldn’t take more than a few, but we have to try. Attack someone with your skateboard and you get an empty chest. That sort of thing.

1 year ago

You have serious issues. We know you are a troll.

Carl Vehse
1 year ago

After opening fire on the mobs of Demonicrat Antifa/BLM terrorists who are imminently threatening the lives of police and innocent civilians, law enforement officials need to arrest any survivors and charge them all with first degree murder, just as a getway driver is charged with murder when one of his fellow bankrobbers is killed by a bank guard.

If Kenosha WI officials were not acting as though they were on the side of terrorism, they would have arrested and charged the Antifa/BLM terrorist mob with first degree murder after Kyle Rittenhouse was forced to defend himself from being killed by Antifa/BLM terrorists.

Marlon Nessman
1 year ago

I don’t know if you’re serious or not, but I would clap loud enough to wake the neighbors if I saw that being done. They absolutely deserve it.

1 year ago

Soros, BLM, and Antifa should be declared terrorists and their assets frozen, just like we did Osama Bin Laden. Then take the money and use it to rebuild all the businesses they destroyed.

Bob Dobbs
1 year ago

In other words enforce the law. Just wait till after the election. One way or another the problem will be solved. And it will be glorius as this social cancer is excised once and for all. No half measures!

Marlon Nessman
1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Dobbs

Right. Solved. Leftist terrorists will ramp things up, real Americans will be sent to prison for defending themselves, and Trump will tweet a few times.

1 year ago

The Feds are in bed with ANTIFA / BLM. FBI Director, Wray said that ANTIFA is “an ideology” not an “organization”. Another POS, Whitaker said basically that The FBI can’t act against the Commie scum because they are too cagey using social media. lol…… Trump didn’t “drain the swamp” at all… furthermore the riots are giving Trump a 2nd term so there is little incentive to stop them.

Paul Bjarnason
1 year ago
Reply to  tim

The feds can’t go into a situation unless there’s a federal crime in progress, such as attacks on the Portland federal courthouse. In fact, the Democrat mayors have told the feds to stay out.

Realistic Man
1 year ago
Reply to  tim

Trump destroyed Jeff Sessions, let millions of felons out of prison at the behest of Zionist slime like Jared Kushner, and hired BLM sympathizing scum like “Ja’ron Smith”.

MAGA has been a complete failure and the inevitable civil war is the only chance for Whites to save this country.

Jack Webb
1 year ago

With regard to “white supremacists” being the primary terrorist threat in America, I don’t know what DHS and FBI are seeing, but in all the riots and looting we’ve been seeing for months now on the news, I don’t believe I’ve seen a single Nazi flag, a single “white power” sign, a single skinhead with tattoos, a single American flag, or a “Don’t Tread on me” flag–all things one would expect at an alt-right gathering.

What I do see is black-masked and black outfitted people, almost all carrying backpacks (why? What are they carrying that all require backpacks??) and almost none waving a banner. Most are just setting fires to things, throwing objects at, and cursing, cops. etc.

Where are all these “white supremacists”? The last time I recall seeing a white supremacist rally of any consequence was Charlottesville. That was years ago.

Marlon Nessman
1 year ago
Reply to  Jack Webb

They carry lasers to permanently damage the eyes of police or civilians, rocks to throw at same, batons, gas masks, and other implements of domestic terrorists. These people absolutely deserve for lethal force to be used against them.

Marlon Nessman
1 year ago
Reply to  Jack Webb

And BTW, stop conflating White advocacy and/or nationalism with “White supremacy”. There’s a difference, and it’s obvious to my pets, so humans with the ability to type have no excuse.

1 year ago

I absolutely agree and pray that AJ Barr will enforce these laws against these domestic terrorist and against their funders and put a stop to this outrage now. And that the American people will become emboldened to also stand against these thugs and evil people. We must do this now.

randall bachman
1 year ago

Part of the penalty is the seizure of assets. So if its shown in court that a big rich guy or his big rich company(ies) contributed to a crime such as treason or insurrection, then his assets can be seized. Problem solved. UHaul was used in the commission of insurrection? Okay, they are also complicit or guilty of aiding and abetting – seize their trucks, problem solved. Hertz? Same deal. Pretty soon it will all come to screeching halt. Politicians incite this kind of behavior by financially and verbally supporting rioting? Jail. Sorry, Kamalah, hope you can be VP in jail. Problem solved.

Alan Rosenberg
1 year ago

Just have the police shoot the rioters.

1 year ago

White supremacists, are you kidding? What is wrong with our goverment?

Marlon Nessman
1 year ago
Reply to  Pauldog

What’s wrong with our ZOG is that it is utterly corrupt.

Ken Frazier
1 year ago

I agree that force is necessary. However we need to wait until after the election is won by Trump.
As soon as we can be sure that Trump is guaranteed four more years in the White House, Trump, law-enforcement and all patriotic Americans should come down very very hard on those who are committing seditious acts.

First let law enforcement try to solve the problem but if they can’t then patriots like you and I may have to pick up arms, go into the cities and neighborhoods and illuminate the problem. It’s too expensive to arrest and keep these terrorists in prison for the rest of their lives, simply illuminate them permanently. They are committing acts of war against us which gives us the right to commit acts of war against them, fair is fair. They’ve already been at war with us for a long long time.

Fred Penner
1 year ago

Barr and co do not WANT to investigate BLM and Antifa because they do not WANT to expose the rich bastards that are behind the terrorist groups.

1 year ago

Not going to happen. Everyone in this country knows that the feds only attack the political enemies of the left.

Atomic Hillbilly
1 year ago

Barr doesn’t have control over the wokester minions inside his own institution.

Wray is a globalist swamprat who was foisted upon Trump during the opening salvos of the coup by his own wokester minions.

They still refuse to capitulate.
They’ll have to be dragged out of their institutions in chains before we ever see real action against the woketards out in the streets.

Don’t forget to vote.

1 year ago

This is all being done and financed by Bend The Arc coalition, run by Alex Soros. Just check out their website.

1 year ago

Barr should’ve done this to Antifa first and only.

Digital Dave
1 year ago

The law is there and the crime is obvious. Take down time is here. Get it done now. If they take power they will use it without respect for law.

By the way the new and now correct spelling of Democrat is DemonCrat. Any religious person can see that name fits so much better to who they are and what they do.

Yolo Hype Beast
1 year ago

Use the anti-Mafia playbook. RICO Act and IRS violations. Hell even through campaign finance violations; look at how they threw the book at Dinesh D’Souza over a minor violation. Do the same to them.

Jamie Serfass
1 year ago

If the Dem machine successfully steals the election, pResident Camel nose Harris will have BLMtifa their own office at the Black House.

1 year ago

Well, except Antifa/BLM appear to be the new “white supremacist” organizations, given the number of white (mostly college students) in the protests (and riots). Just saying.

I’ve come to your site from X22 Reports, and to them from several YouTube Channels serving as alternative news aggregators and/or commentators. My primary interest is not so much to take sides as to point out the single choice underlying all the other choices one makes in life.

What we’re seeing is the continuation of the ten thousand year battle between the Adults, those who accept Reality and their places in it, whether they understand either or not, and the Crybabies, those who reject Reality in favor of a fantasy land in which they are king, queen, and god–because they were terrified of trying to deal with Reality at the age of two years old, and never received the comfort, healing, and tough love they needed.

I’ve created a video that explains this in more detail on YouTube. “Battle Management Blues – A Modest Proposal,” with three additional videos that explain how Adults can battle the Crybabies in their lives legally and non-violently, in case any of you and your readers are interested.

1 year ago

One acronym…RICO

Atlas Shrugged
1 year ago

Julian Assange isn’t a journalist – he taught people specifically how to steal information from the government for him and assisted them in doing so.

There’s a huge difference between someone who stole secrets on their own and gave them to the Treatson Times to publish and working with and teaching someone to specifically steal secrets for you.

Additionally, Assange exclusively targeted anti-communist governments – he never leaked anything from Russia, China, North Korea, Cuba or a single government which is hostile to Western freedom and democracy.

The only reason he leaked the DNC emails was to retaliate against Hillary for talking about wanting to murder him – had Hillary and Obama not reacted the way they did to him embarrassing them while attacking the US then he would have never leaked the DNC documents.

So no, Julian Assange is not a journalist, a victim or a hero – he’s simply a useful idiot who stepped on the toes of the wrong beloved leader and was sentenced to death for his mistake.

1 year ago

We know who rented the U-Haul in question. Arrest her and charge her

Ned Crabb
1 year ago

Barr is as old school Swamp rat as you can get.
Don’t forget he’s the one that refused to prosecute the perpetrators at Ruby Ridge. Don’t expect anything from this guy.
I suspect Trump knows this and if re-elected will fire him.

1 year ago


Good article, and yes the riots absolutely should be squashed, no, they should have been squashed a long time ago. All I keep hearing is, THE DURHAM REPORT IS COMING! AG Barr is going to put these riots down. I haven’t seen it, and I can guarantee, at least until the election, we won’t. Nov 4th, now that’s another story. The President doesn’t have anything to lose win, or God forbid he lose on the 3rd. I believe he will CRUSH it on the 4th.

Larry Koehn
1 year ago

I think this shows that there is still a significant part of the FBI and DOJ that is embedded hardcore Democrat bureaucrats that still do all that they can to destroy the right and promote the left.

1 year ago

“BULLSHIT” Barr makes speeches, not indictments. He is the property of the Bush Klan and the Swamp.

Marlon Nessman
1 year ago

The government isn’t going to do a damned thing. The terrorism is in essence being done on BEHALF of the government. You can bet your ass, though, the minute real Americans start fighting back in earnest, the federal government will develop a sudden interest.

William K Marsh
1 year ago

A school bus fool of rioters from Portland OR, was stopped in Kenosha WI during the rioting because they were filling up 15 gas cans at a filling station and had materials inside for Molotov cocktails.
No Media Coverage. No prosecutions for Sedition.
Hundreds of vehicles were seen transporting thugs from Chicago to Kenosha WI.
No Media Coverage. No prosecutions for Sedition.

They called it “Spontaneous”!
Wray is an Obama hold over and should have been fired with Comey.
Barr, where are you? (Lot’s of talk – no action.)

Frank Shekelstein
1 year ago

Attorney General William Barr has outright refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton or any member of the Obama Administration, he’s refused to investigate the death of Jeffrey Epstein, he’s refused to prosecute the violent gangs who have swarmed our entire country. Now, he is beginning the process of refusing to prosecute Ilhan Omar and the Somalians of Minnesota over the biggest election fraud scandal in the nation’s history. Not only does the right-wing media refuse to criticize this man, most of them are actively preventing their audiences from being aware that both the responsibility and the ability to deal with all of the listed problems lie with him. William Barr has not explained why he is not doing any of these things.
Fox News gives him interviews and praises him. They refuse to question him.
I think it is virtually indisputable that Barr is a plant, designed to completely undermine the Trump Administration’s ability to deal with these crises it is facing, and to ensure that the globalist agenda goes go through as it is intended to go through. Remember, he is half-Jewish, and his own Jewish father apparently hired an uncredentialed and unqualified Jeffrey Epstein for a prestigious New York teaching job back in the 1970s.
I haven’t even gone into all of the various ways that the Justice Department could be fighting back against the Coronavirus lockdowns and isn’t. It is literally their basic charter to defend the rights of the people, and Barr is categorically refusing to do so.
We have to make figuring out a way to replace the entire Republican Senate through the primary process the number one priority. Most people will be more than willing to engage in this, they simply need a media to instruct them as to how (a responsibility never even touched on by the likes of Hannity).
That and free speech are the most important issues, but I believe that the only path to free speech is through dealing with the rogue Senate.
If we replaced even three or four of these people with hardcore MAGA people, it would probably scare the rest of them into going along with at least some of what we want.
The new right-wing media has to be based on an agenda. Not simply flopping out talking about all of the horrible things that the Democrats are doing to this country every single day of the year.

1 year ago

or you could jump out of our body and fly into the heavens in another whimsical fancy world

“if we” and “if this” and “if” and “if only if”. This is he cry of those who never worked a day in their lives.

1 year ago

None of that has anything to do with “sedition” or “overthrow”. What would this “crime” look like?? Renting a U-Haul to carry painted signs? The law is designed to address an ACTUAL CONSPIRACY, not a protest movement or even “rioters”. The US Government does not own every street in America or even most places in general.

It is a very LIMITED federal government and very difficult to “overthrow” because it mostly does not exist except in your fantasy cartoon minds that endlessly obsess about a “President”, as though any of you actually read or understood the Constitution or purposes of federal government.

White Supremacist terrorism appears to be very *real* because it really kills people like shooting up synagogues and churches, besides gathering armed supporters in various corners. “Average” moron ‘Muricans “fear” what they see on TV, and what they are told to fear. “Why don’t those damn kids just pay their rent!” All of this is your OWN fault, nothing lasts forever and this system will not either.

The Usual Suspect
1 year ago

..and bid=n says Antifa is an idea not an organisation?
FBI director “Wray told the House Homeland Security Committee that “racially motivated violent extremism,” primarily from “white supremacists,” is the chief terror threat within the United States.”
No mention of NFAC, an organisation the calls itself and armed militia, Not F’ning Around Coilition.

The Usual Suspect
1 year ago

..and bid=n says Antifa is an idea not an organisation?
FBI director “Wray told the House Homeland Security Committee that “racially motivated violent extremism,” primarily from “white supremacists,” is the chief terror threat within the United States.”
No mention of NFAC, an organisation the calls itself an armed militia, Not F’ning Around Coilition.

1 year ago

DUH. Billy-boy Barr himself is the “hold-up”! Career-long consiglieri/capo for the Bush Crime Family.

1 year ago

Apparently the FBI and DHS reported 39 cases of white supremacy violence in 2019. Why have I really never heard of these events? Is the conservative press holding back on me? Revolver? Breitbart? Infowars? Zerohedge? Why so little coverage of these cracker events? I want to see the reporting on all 39 events and then compare it to, what I believe, a greater threat- the Antifa/BLM violence.

I need to be shown proof, event by event. It’s the only way I can ever believe the DHS and Wray.

Constant contact
1 year ago

The DOJ is very worried that so called “white supremacists” aka people who grew up pre 2004 will attack..the government. Most minorities that are upset at the government would probably flee or are already exhausted just surviving. But those pesky white folks in the suburbs and rural areas are going to need some examples made of them..

The agitators and corporations and international sponsors are all very pleased with the cultural shift being perpetrated by the powers that be and their street actions.

Antifa is based in Germany and western Europe. BLM is run by extremists with now hundreds of millions of corporate supporters propping them up.

Soon to be a political party in many cities.

The jig is up.

1 year ago

I cannot imagine why Barr/Trump have not yet executed a full court press on these seditious actors. Their is abundant evidence against them: tracing of funds, ads for recruiting on Craig’s List, delivery of supplies for rioting, videos of rioters being paid cash, plus the recording of the actual crimes.
Perhaps the strategy is to let the blue versus the red governing bodies show the American electorate what the differences are between them – right in time for the election.
Maybe also round them up after Biden loses when the real war begins.

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