He Almost Got Away With It: The Devious Chris Wallace “Two-Step” that Tried but Failed to Hand the Debate to Biden
September 30, 2020 (1y ago)

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President Trump had an unprecedented debate challenge on Tuesday night: While the president had to debate alone, his opponent had the support of the moderator as well. In fact, Congressman Paul Gosar said it best: Joe Biden wasn’t even the president’s most formidable opponent in Cleveland:

President Trump seems to have realized it too:

Chris Wallace may work for Fox News most of the year, but on Tuesday night he worked a second job propping up Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, mostly by aggressively shutting down the discussion any time Biden seemed to be getting the worst of it. Whenever Trump began to get the better of Biden and force him into a corner, Wallace was prepared to step in, declare the topic over, and try pivoting to a new subject where the vice president might do better.

In short, the Wallace strategy was to step-in and interrupt when Trump was delivering blows to Biden, and to step-aside when Biden was running his rehearsed talking points against Trump.

A striking example of Wallace’s helpful interruptions came during the discussion of coronavirus, where as Trump ripped apart the case for continued mass national lockdowns, Wallace insisted it was time to move on:

But Wallace didn’t simply interrupt. Wallace repeatedly worked to rig the debate with biased questions for both candidates.

Wallace’s intentions were clear early. One of his first questions to Joe Biden was among the most important of the entire election cycle: Does Biden agree with Democrats who want to pack the Supreme Court, abolish the filibuster, admit a raft of new states, and otherwise rig the national political scales to remove all checks on their power? Biden disgracefully refused to answer, on the ridiculous grounds that if he did, it might become a campaign issue:

A candidate flatly refusing to answer a central question of the campaign is the exact kind of situation where a moderator should be aggressive. They are there to get answers from the candidates. But instead, Wallace did nothing. He probed no further on the matter, and after a brief spat between Biden and the president, forced the debate on to another topic.

That was Wallace’s worst moment of the debate, but he was little better when the topic turned to America’s ruling class imposed “racial reckoning.” Wallace’s questions were repeatedly set up to tar the president as a so called “racist,” while ignoring the obvious reality that the left has ignited dozens of racially charged riots across the country.

First, Wallace suggested that the president’s recent ban on critical race theory, which teaches absurd doctrines about America being a racist country, white people being fundamentally racist, and more, was a total ban on all “sensitivity training.” When Trump started to accurately describe the anti-American nature of this race-baiting propaganda, Wallace repeated the deception.

Then, when the topic turned to riots, Wallace initially ignored the massive riots that have gutted huge swaths of Minneapolis, Chicago, and other cities, and instead invoked Charlottesville, a much smaller incident from three years ago. Wallace even spoonfed Biden the lie that Trump referred to white supremacists as “very fine people.” The president never did so, which is easily deduced by simply watching video from the time:

But it didn’t matter. Wallace repeated the lie to set up a favorable question for Biden.

Then, when Wallace finally decided to mention the riots ripping through American cities, riots almost exclusively instigated, perpetrated, and defended by the American left, he absurdly suggested it was right-wing groups “adding to the violence” in cities like Kenosha:

And so it went, for ninety minutes. Wallace was happy to step-in and interrupt where it wasn’t necessary, but when Biden made absurd statements, such as antifa being an “idea” or nobody ever questioning the value of masks for combating coronavirus (in fact, Dr. Anthony Fauci himself did so, in March), instead of stepping-in, Wallace stepped aside.  When Biden contradicted his own campaign website by claiming he doesn’t support the Green New Deal, instead of holding him to account, Wallace helped Biden sustain his new narrative, and quickly moved on:

By the end, Wallace was sharing jokes with with his co-debater, joking that just like Biden, he couldn’t understand what President Trump was saying:

It was a sad display, but not a surprising one. Much like Tuesday night’s punching bag Hunter Biden, Wallace owes his career to his father, a legitimately impressive journalist, as well as his stepfather, the president of CBS News. Unlike Hunter Biden, Wallace isn’t handed millions of dollars by foreign oligarchs, so he apparently has to settle for trying to hand a debate to the Democratic candidate.

Despite all the effort thrown against him, though, it’s clear that the fake media in Washington know in their bones that Donald Trump won the debate. The proof of that is in their reaction. Literally from the moment the debate ended, talking heads on the major cable networks began pushing the idea that the next two debates should be canceled.

Is there the slightest chance that the left’s elite class would be pushing this line if they felt the first debate boosted Biden’s odds? Of course not.

Still, Biden’s campaign staff is smarter than most Democrats, and they will know that trying to back out of debates will be seen as an admission of crushing defeat. So more debates are almost certain, and the incredible thing is that as bad as Wallace was, he will likely be the friendliest moderator Trump faces. Nothing immediate can done at this point to fixed a terminally biased press, though. The President can only prepare—and he must prepare as though he will have to debate not only Joe Biden, but the moderator(s) as well. It is a frustrating but fitting reality—after all, a drooling never-has-been like Biden wouldn’t be where he is unless he was propped up by the biased media in the first place. And in the end Trump’s greatest gift to America may well not even be defeating Hillary in 2016, or Biden in 2020—but in overcoming, exposing, and discrediting the enemies of the American people, the fake news media, that make evils like Hillary and embarrassments like Biden possible.

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phil grosvenor
1 year ago

One of the most important things said by Joe Biden was that under his administration there would be no coal or oil electric plants in the US. Were you listening Pennsylvania, Ohio, Alaska, Kentucky…..
Also, there is no moral, ethical, or intellectual difference between the American news media and the Nazi propaganda Ministry and Chris Wallace would feel at home in either.

Dunn Cummings
1 year ago
Reply to  phil grosvenor


Lindi Biachi
1 year ago

Trump’s frustration showed, however, and he drifted off topic too much. Biden had his bodyguard Chris there, deflecting any blows from Trump. Next debate, Trump should not even try to engage with Biden, but rather just accept reality and debate the moderator instead.

1 year ago

It was like watching a boxing match– Trump the aggressive puncher. He stayed in there and took some blows, but he kept fighting, controlling, fighting, punching. He’s our street fighter. Just who we need.

Dan VO
1 year ago
Reply to  Royce

… but every time Trump started getting in some good punches, Wallace would ring the bell and end the round! SMH

Groyptimus Prime
1 year ago

Like Nicholas J. Fuentes said on his livestream of the debate, Chris Wallace should be thrown in jail and executed.

Carol McGuire
1 year ago

You’re so right! I’ve never liked him! It’s obvious he’s a democrat and I wish Fox News would fire his sorry A- -!!!

Dr Mark Stempski
1 year ago

Meat hook or cheese grater

Mike G
1 year ago

Chris Wallace is Candy Crowley with a penis. The problem for the left and Wallace is that Donald Trump is not Mitt Romney.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Mike G

To assume that Chrissy Wallace even has a pee-pee is a gigantic leap of faith.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

To assume that Candy Crowley doesn’t have a package is an even bigger leap of faith.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Todd

Your line is funnier than mine.
Well played, sir.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Thank you, Wolf, for a much needed laugh! THAT was good. 😀

1 year ago
Reply to  Mike G

Candy Crowley doesn’t have a penis?

1 year ago

Great article! There is nothing more refreshing than objective analysis.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

Like the rest of the Marxist Media, Chris Wallace is not a journalist. He is a subversive talking head for
the Left, planted in the Faux-Right Fox News like much of the Fox cast. The Murdochs love people like Wallace; they pretend to be “fair and balanced” while in actuality they are openly pandering to the Left and their Socialist/Communist agenda for America.
The Marxist Media are just as treasonous and dangerous and toxic to America as Antifa and BLM. They
are the Marxist Indoctrination Brigade for the Communist Movement, pouring out Marxist propaganda down America’s throat 24/7.
Traitors like Wallace have sealed their own fate in the eyes of many Americans. They have betrayed America and many of us have a long memory when the day of reckoning arrives.

phil rassier
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

he will join shepard soon on msnbc

Bobbi Anne White
1 year ago

This is the only thing you need to know about Joe Biden: when he was first elected to the Senate in 1970, he decided to go to DC to ‘get his staff together.’ Congress and Capitol Hill were shut down for recess. He left on December 17, 1970 to go to DC, leaving his wife and three kids (small baby girl 14 months and 2 toddler boys 3 and 4). Now, it was the week before Christmas. Did He set up the Christmas tree for them? No.
So, his wife took the 3 kids on Monday, December 18 to go shopping for the Christmas tree. Remember in 1970, they did not have seat belts or child car seats. So, the baby girl was in the front seat with Mom; two toddler boys in the back seat. She was rather distracted, of course, and ran trough a Stop sign to be hit by a large truck. Both Mother and baby girl were dead on the spot. The two toddler boys were in the hospital for some time.
So, yeah he was only 28 at the time, but guys, seriously? He couldn’t have set up the Christmas tree before leaving to get his staff together in the shut down Capitol?
This is how his whole career has been. All for Joe.

1 year ago

He was too busy sniffing hair of his staffers and interns.

1 year ago

Yes, I agree whole-heartedly that Wallace, (who said he wanted to be ‘invisible’), was way too controlling. Not only that, but he was not even-handed about it, mostly playing wingman for Joe Biden when he was in trouble. It was disgusting to watch, and my opinion of Wallace went down considerably. He did a bad job and should never be asked to moderate a political debate again. Ever.

1 year ago

We are losing our country right before our eyes. Chris Wallace’s clear buffering for Joe Biden left the truth to be told by Donald Trump who believes that the truth must be told. This was liberal, communist, globalists at their best to destroy our country. For those who say “cancel the debates” until they can control the President, I say CANCEL THE DEBATES UNTIL THEY CAN BE FAIR AND BALANCED. When is someone going to put Chris Wallace on the hot seat and find out if Joe Biden received the questions ahead of time? THAT was a huge strategic advantage – and of course – the Biden campaign would have sent their requests for how and when to move on and the issues to not dwell on in the debate.

Our president was set up and beat up by an anarchist media. I’d rather have a loud-mouthed truthful president than an anarchist globalist traitor stealing from America.

Martha Golden
1 year ago
Reply to  Shrugged

Well said! We don’t vote for personality, we vote for policies. This President is A-1. The lying media needs silencing. We want fairness not bias. Is there such a moderator that actually loves America and our constitution? It looks doubtful.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

Revolver News is on the job. They just revealed footage evidence of Biden wired with a communication device located on his left wrist/cuff and he reached to adjust the device on his right collar bone with a wire clearly exposed a couple of seconds before he covered it.


He was taking instructions from his handlers on what to say.
If you watch the debate closely, he kept looking down and cocking his head slightly to the right
to listen to his instructions.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

This is a crime and it should be investigated and exposed for the creepy old man he is. This is not right. make it public.

1 year ago

Presidential debates are what’s needed so that Trump can expose how evil the democrat party is.

1 year ago

Exactly! Especially that last line!!! The lying, evil, lazy, news people.

1 year ago

Trump is The President and should have shut-up Wallace . Faux News is a Trojan Horse Network.

1 year ago

I predicted Chrissy would be in the tank for Biden. Man was I right! What a scumbag. I wonder how much China Joe paid him.

Garrett Phillips
1 year ago

Maybe if Trump didn’t begin by bulldozing over Biden’s speaking time and simply arguing, Wallace would’ve treated him more fairly. As usual, Trump makes his life harder by being an asshole. That’s how it works.


Heather Moore
1 year ago

When you are constantly bullied by Anti Trumpers and the Fake Media..you learn to be a street brawler. Wallace and Biden teamed up against Trump, but he was having none of it. If America needs anything right now..we need a street brawler that refuses to be bullied into submission by the Left.

Clyde Bragg
1 year ago

Wallace was Biden’ savor,
from the start. Everyone could see it, he should have stayed neutral

1 year ago

Lol good one. Did you see Chris Wallace argue with President a couple months ago? Over the defunding police? He defended Biden tooth and nail over that. Chris Wallace had zero intentions on being fair. Want some proof?

When talking about conceding the election if President Trump lost did he mention how to this day demonrats have still not conceded 2016? When asking about the “covid” did he ask Biden about all those statements about President Trump being racist for closing the border? Did he ask Biden about all the statements governors made about how Trump was helping them with ventilators and make shift hospitals that were never needed? Not to mention he allowed Biden to repeatedly call Trump a liar. He let Biden call Trump a clown. He let Biden call him a racist. But uh yeah he should have just let Biden and Chris co-opt off of one another. Give me a break!

The list goes on and on if you have the capability of comprehending on whats going on. Go melt somewhere else snowflake.

1 year ago

Been say’n for years Fox News is really “Faux Views” and therefore more insidiously deceitful than the likes of all the other corp-owned MSMs together!

Buz Chertok
1 year ago

Despite enormous difficulties and impediments brought about by now proven anarchic coup actioins against him promulgated by the previous administration that were extant before and during his administration thus far Trump has managed to accomplish a record list of American enhancing achievements .Without a prejudiced, fully complicit media their putrescent schemes and antics could never have taken place. As a matter of morbid interest, the self same execrable group of media rotters may very well successfully impede punishment for the stinking miscreants.

1 year ago


1 year ago

If I had an ounce of respect left for Biden, it disappeared last night when he called our President a Clown, a lier, and told him to just shut up. Biden is no leader. He needs to return to his basement dwelling.

Joe Kerestan
1 year ago

One clear example for Biden was at the awkward moment when he couldn’t answer how many law enforcement groups supported him. Biden was cornered and couldn’t answer – so Chris Wallace moved on to another question. Unfair. Biden should have had to answer!

Elsy Fetterolf
1 year ago

My feelings are that the debate was rigged by the way the moderator acted against the president always stopping him when not necessary and gave Mr. Biden a pass everytime.

Tim Lindquist
1 year ago

Chris Wallace was just following in his father’s footsteps. i remember listening to his father near the end of his life and he really showed the” democratic side” to his life. He seemed to really open up on his views. Chris is hard for me to watch, just about as hard for me to listen to the woman with the last name of Hare that is on some of the shows with a panel of people.

Page McGilvray
1 year ago

In terms of comparing their ability, it is like Trump is a major league player and Biden is a 6 yr. t-ball player. The media and the rest of the liberals despise Trump, so; they set out to defeat him with underhanded tactics in any means possible. They let Biden break all of the rules; while, criticizing Trump when he follows the rules and competes fairly. Trump demonstrates that he is far superior and what he has achieved. The corruptness of the left is ever apparent as they try to discount and discredit Trump for everything that he has accomplished. These idiots tried to perpetuate the lie that Biden is a better player.. They try to make it look like Biden is better. they try to do everything they can in their despicable ways to change the rules in biden’s favor . They often do things to try to help him cheat.

Michigan Doc
1 year ago

It was obvious that Chris Wallace lost control in the first minutes of the debate and never recovered. The entire ‘debate’ was a charade, not beneficial to anyone but the extreme partisan viewer. Both men looked like juveniles arguing all topics sans subject matter.

Cathy Arnold
1 year ago

Chris Wallace was not impartial, again the media favored Biden, not a surprise, the media sucks & the Trump supporters get it, it even helps with his support more than ever. Never called out Biden on Antifia not being an organization??? Really!!

Carlos Mezon
1 year ago

Did you see Biden’s head? It never moved and he seemed to be staring at the same point above the audience as he answered his questions. He sometimes stuttered over some answers as if he were reading an invisible teleprompter. His answers were almost robotic. His eyes looked black. The front of his right ear didn’t look like before. Was some secret surgery performed on him? He seemed like a different person during the debate. He wasn’t “Sleepy Joe” last night. He had help. A LOT OF HELP. IN REAL TIME!

I believe Biden was fitted with AR (Augmented Reality) contact lenses or even retinal surgery! Perhaps he was looking over the audience because it gave him a dark background so he could better see the “invisible” teleprompter through his high tech lenses. Eerie.

Donda Geraci
1 year ago

President Trump handled himself quite well considering he was having to fight to be heard of the rude incompetent moderator which was definitely a Democrat or at the very least being promised something or being paid off to help Biden get through this debate. The kicker here is for the entire debate Biden was receiving help via microphone. This is a bad character flaw of the Democratic Party because if they truly believed they are rightness would not have to fight The President at every turn

Michele sherwin
1 year ago

Chris Wallace is a partisan hack. He should be fired. He hides behind the title of reporter but he’s nothing more than a snake; no truth seeking there!. Fox News has lost almost all of its credibility. Other than mark levin, judge Janine, Tucker, Hannity and Ingram it’ has stooped to the level of cnn. Did Donna Brazil give the questions to Biden as she did to Hillary? Why isn’t she in jail instead of making a cushy salary she does not merit. I could care less about her opinion how about getting the nighttime hosts to moderate the next debate. I’ve had it with fox. And I’m sure I am not the only one

1 year ago

While we’ve all watched biden voters burn, kill, and loot in Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Louisville, Chicago for four months, Chris Wallace asks Trump to tell the proud boys to stop the violence? When Biden’s voters murdered a proud boys person on the street in Portland? That’s all you need to know about the bias of Chris Wallace. He’s should absolutely be fired from Fox for embarrassing Fox and the reputation of their brand. He is disqualified as an objective reporter.

1 year ago

Wallace was a disgrace. He has a nerve calling himself a journalist. He’ll never be the man his father was.

1 year ago

There was not one factual statement made by Biden during the whole debate. Lies and false accusations that had already been ruled false. I like Trump and he is the man for the job but Troy Goudy would have put the hurt to Wallace and Biden. I only wish Trump could have played some videos of past Biden statements. Like the one where he had the Ukranian prosecuter fired.

Dean G
1 year ago

Are there really any undecided voters out there? These debates will not change anyones mind but they could inspire someone to vote who might otherwise have stayed at home.

In that respect, Trump won this round in two ways. The American people still have enough sense to know when someone is being ganged up on. They saw it in 2016 with Megyn Kelly and all the other moderators and they will recognize it again. The media bias alone encourages people to take action and vote. It will continue throughout the next two debates because the Left, and to some extent the establishment GOP, have demonstrated for 4 years now they know of no other way to conduct themselves.
Simultaneously, Biden was forced to distance himself from the radical left, disavowing the Green New Deal, etc… Will Bernie and AOC fanatics give him a pass and vote for him anyway or just stay at home???
One thing is for sure, Trump will need every vote he can get to combat the election interference that will surely be forthcoming.

Rebecca Blizzard
1 year ago

It was not a debate last night. Candidates are supposed to be asked the same question so we can hear their answers and judge for ourselves. This was a gang up on Trump session. And when Trump wanted to defend himself, he was shut down. At the 34 minute mark, Biden messes with something under his jacket and a wire becomes visible. Answers? Medication? I’d like to know what it was for.

James Moore
1 year ago

Was not surprised by Chris Wallace behavior as moderator. Alls one has to do is watch him on FOX and his bias against the President is more than obvious. Daytime FOX NEWS is looking more and more like CNN’s twin.

Kathy Quick
1 year ago

If fox doesn’t fire Wallace for his display of left winged antics We won’t be watching them anymore … what a display of how I in fare this election will be .. I say call Marshall law President Trump this nation isn’t able to get this election done without their evil agenda it’s obvious to me this nation some of the People Can’t Handle The Truth and why because it exposes what they’ve been up to destroying our USA …this is be the biggest despection in our history if they move forward with mail in votes … just aweful !!!!

Rev. Endre Norem
1 year ago

I am voting conservative,and for this president. But He must learn to be still so the audience can hear his oppoent, and vice versa. Too much anger and name calliing, both men lack maturity and self controll which is needed in either one if they are to be elected. Let them speak again. Hopefully this time there will a really future debate! The Moderator must be unbiased and more aggressive to force the person to talk to the topic and stop them from interrupting their oppenent; other wise what is the use of debating?

1 year ago

The next debate will be controlled ( not moderated) by CNN, so it will not be more fair…not at all.

Shirley Baxter Threet
1 year ago

Thank you for your insight on this debate, it’s one of the most Honest I’ve seen about what Truly happened in this Debate that was so Biased toward our President ! As we were watching all of this unfold & thinking & talking about what was happening ! Our President was having to debate the Moderator Wallace & Biden ! Most disgusting display from a moderator & Biden , I’ve ever seen ! They should be ashamed , but they have No Shame ! It’s as though Biden is trying to Hide the Fact that he’s Socialist or that he has this agenda ! They’ve been pushing this narrative from the beginning ! Biden’s such a hypocrite !!!

Theresa Thompson
1 year ago

I am still un sure as to whom I will vote for. But I see and hear to much about the media involving them selves with this election and in a time like this I would suggest getting a everyday person whom is un decided to be the mediator for any presidential debate.

1 year ago

Why do you not know for whom you will vote? Have you not researched either candidate or where they stand on the issues? Have you not researched any issues or formed any opinions on what they mean to you? Why would a clueless person be allowed to moderate a debate? People who can’t even be bothered to inform themselves shouldn’t even bother to vote.

Fred DeWeese
1 year ago

Wallace should be fired!

1 year ago

Trump needs to work on his elevator pitch, since he is so quickly cut off and time is so limited to get across his points. He is used to taking his time; he must get out of “rally mode.” He can’t do that here.

And America needs to hear policies from these candidates, very lilttle of which was heard last night. That’s what we should be basing ourvoting choices on!

And, One America News threw out having one of their people be a moderator, just FYI.

1 year ago

Civil war and an actual purge where we get to put our collective hands on the filthy leftists.
all this talking is just prolonging the inevitable

1 year ago
Reply to  jim

Hate to say it, but I think that’s where its going, yep. Ugly as it is, I see no alternative.

Live or die… I’m ready.

Lawrence Schreiber
1 year ago

Totally agree with this piece. I cut Wallace too much slack. He is a Democrat. My concern from the get go was Trump having Wallace to handle along with Biden. That was proven correct.

1 year ago

At least we know Biden can read.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bob

Can read (more or less), and hear that earpiece, too, apparently.

1 year ago

Why is the media ignoring the fact that Biden was clearly wired?.
Here he is adjusting or placing his ear piece
This site among many is showing his wired wrist and the wire under his jacket.
He cheated.

Bill Burhans
1 year ago

Thank you for your continuing excellent work. I no longer read Drudge. He has exposed himself as a leftist pig and a liar. Once Americans know about Revolver they will leave Drudge in droves.

1 year ago

“…after all, a drooling never-has-been like Biden wouldn’t be where he is unless he was propped up by the biased media [ and the Left ] in the first place…”

REVOLVER is not the new Drudge. REVOLVER is BETTER than Drudge ever was.

1 year ago

Chris Wallace is just a whore for the LEFT and that includes FOX “news”.
ALL FOX News was ever meant to be was a propaganda machine to steer American Christians into groveling to Israel … A true Judas Goat.
BEWARE of FOX news —– Rupert Murdoch is a FLAMING LIBERAL “chrystianzionist” posing as a CHRISTian Conservative.— flip to FOX Entertainment and you get TMZ, GLEE, Family Guy, and numerous other ANTI-FAMILY propaganda crap promoting the homosexual, drug, degenerate lifestyles. Rupert Murdoch HATES Christian Families.
I Have said for years —- Murdoch uses FOX NEWS to control, steer, Conservatism. FOX NEWS is never allowed to criticize America’s enemy, Israel. FOX is Controlled Opposition, and “teaches” RINOneoconism —

In a shocking admission by a high-level mainstream media operative, the CEO of News Corp. has revealed that major media corporations are pushing the likes of Google and Facebook to censor the alternative media despite the fact that the vast majority of Americans have little to no trust in the establishment press. The comments were, made by the CEO of Rupert Murdoch’s publishing arm, Robert Thompson, about the so-called “dysfunctional” online environment which in reality actually refers to a free internet where independent reporters can reach the masses themselves.

Scuba Steve
1 year ago

Anyone who believed Wallace would be “friendly” to Trump going in, should have their head examined. What many of us DID expect was that he would have done a more assertive job of holding Biden to account. Sadly he did not. Not only did he not do that, he ran interference for the old fool. As one who has been reticent in recent times to repudiate Wallace for his “indiscretions” I am now solidly in the camp of those who find his approach to be wholly unacceptable for any news organization, much less Fox News.

1 year ago

FOX… Are you listening? Are you seeing this?

Your “base” is tick’d and not just a little. Conservatives don’t need you anymore. We have more conservative alternatives, and I for one am about a hair’s breadth away from dumping Fox News, even after all these years of watching exclusively.

Chris Wallace really really needs to go. My only reasons for staying after that farcical debate are Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. (ok, and Bret H, Bret B and Martha, et. al.)

Is Wallace still on Fox because of Danny O’Brien?? For cryin’ out loud, dump them both! Are you a conservative outlet, or not?

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