The Truth About Hunter Biden’s China Entanglements Is Even More Sinister Than Previously Thought
September 29, 2020 (1y ago)

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A report revealing that Hunter Biden  received a 3.5 million dollar wire transfer from a politically connected Russian billionaire has managed to overshadow his extensively documented financial entanglements with China. Revolver News has obtained access to a carefully researched report offering important and disturbing information about Hunter’s business dealings and relationships in China, and we believe that these deserve renewed focus, particularly in light of a potentially compromising situation that has come to our attention.

The report is the result of months of work by a group called “Typhoon Investigations,” which styles itself as an “activist research firm protecting companies from foreign influence and threats.” While Revolver News cannot confirm the accuracy of every item in the report, we have been in contact with individuals involved in the creation of the report and can confirm the subject matter expertise. We note that much of the information represented in the report can be publicly verified.

The major findings of the report suggest that the sole reason the Hunter Biden would have been allowed a stake in the Chinese state backed private equity firm BHR is for the purpose of political influence via his father:

There is no apparent reason for HUNTER’s participation in the BHR partnership other than political payoff and influence. Virtually all financial investors or partners are state policy entities, state owned entities, or only nominally private. The investments flow primarily to Chinese state backed projects or firms. The financial terms, where we have been able to locate specific deal terms, engage in non-normal business practices designed to funnel fees and assets to benefit a specific party.

There is clear intent by Chinese state officials acting to influence US individuals either in official positions or with close relationships to them. This facilitated use of Chinese state offices and officials to meet HUNTER and arrange for public money via the social security, local state-owned enterprises, and policy bank to fund the investment partnership. Though the investment partnership was not official until late 2013, the key relationships and visits with companies and individuals who would become investors and partners began significantly earlier.

China invests large amounts of financial and political capital in influencing foreign individuals and institutions. Given the personal connection with senior individuals within the Chinese government, there is absolutely no chance this investment partnership was undertaken as a normal market transaction or that political influence by Chinese was ignored. Notably, key individuals have strong links to Chinese influence organizations.

BHR is a state managed operation. Leading shareholder Bohai is a Bank of China subsidiary, and BHR’s partners are Chinese State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) that funnel revenue/assets to BHR. [Typhoon]

The report also draws attention to the specific role of Taiwanese national Michael Lin in facilitating Hunter’s involvement in the BHR private equity firm. The report documents the relationship between Lin and Hunter, and suggests that Lin is likely a Chinese asset. Revolver spoke with individuals familiar with Lin’s activities who have reaffirmed the report’s suggestion that Lin is a Chinese asset. One source familiar with the report told Revolver that two separate intelligence agencies (one US and one non US) have confirmed Lin is “on their radar” regarding his activities in China. 

Michael Lin brokered the BHR partnership and partners with MOFA foreign influence organizations.

LIN is a POI for his work on behalf of China, as confirmed by SOURCE B and SOURCE C (at two separate national intelligence agencies). [Typhoon]

Lastly, the report makes the case that Yang Jiechi, current head of CCP foreign affairs division, oversaw and signed off on Hunter’s business dealings, particularly pertaining to the BHR state owned private equity firm in which, according to the report, Hunter continues to hold a 10 percent stake worth approximately 50 million USD. If true, this is particularly disturbing, as Yang Jiechi remains in a high level post in China as head of CCP foreign affairs. Yang may have some degree of leverage over a future President Biden due to his extensive history with the Bidens and especially his knowledge and approval of Hunter’s business dealings.

Joe Biden’s compromising partnership with the Communist Party of China runs via Yang Jiechi (CPC’s Central Foreign Affairs Commission). YANG met with BIDEN during his tenure at the Chinese embassy in Washington.

Hunter Biden’s 2013 Bohai Harvest Rosemont investment partnership was set-up by Ministry of Foreign Affairs institutions designed to garner influence with foreign leaders during YANG’s tenure as Foreign Minister. [Typhoon]

Revolver wanted to bring this report to the attention of the broader public in time for this evening’s debate. We will continue to look through the report and relay the findings in follow-up pieces as appropriate, and we are in regular contact with those involved in its production. In short, this report at the very least justifies renewed scrutiny of Hunter’s shady business dealings in China and the potential conflicts of interest arising therein, particularly should his father become President. The findings in this report therefore largely vindicate the focus of President Trump’s earlier remarks regarding Hunter’s business dealings.

Readers can access the full pdf version of the Typhoon Investigations report about Hunter’s Chinese entanglement at the following link: ProjectTimePDF

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Bob Lawrence
1 year ago

Everybody that is paying attention(no demonrat or biased MSM) knows the Bidens are dirty, and a poor second to the filthy Clinton’s. They also know the name ROSEMONT signifies the involvement of John Kerry and family. When will all these traitors and saboteurs be brought to justice? TRUMP 2020

1 year ago
Reply to  Bob Lawrence

An extremely accurate characterization of both the Biden’s and the Clinton’s. Swamp dwelling bottom feeders, with no class in any conceivable way.

1 year ago

And yet they arent even really INVESTIGATING Hillary, HOMOBAMA or other deep state monsters. And Jared 666 CRIMINAL zioNUT Kushner is just about as BAD!

1 year ago

Hey…I know this is off topic but could you do an Expose on folks who got covid symptoms before it officially came to the US? You’ll find we are many.

1 year ago

hey “justice warrior” …. act and post as your screen name suggests and seek the truth and demand justice to ensure this very apparent conflict of interest is brought to light and that “justice” is achieved and collusion exposed.

1 year ago

Take a hike, pal.

1 year ago
Reply to  RightStuff1944

I don’t understand. I am sure I had it in January, as do many others I have spoken with. Why this would not be a curiosity for others is saddening.

David Terrell
1 year ago

Thank you for picking up the baton of truth that Matt Drudge used to carry! Filling the void is an understatement. In this age of information, a lot of people fail to recognize that we live in an age of misinformation as well. Keep up the great work!

Miguelito Loveless
1 year ago

We live in a clown world. Both of these Bidens are criminals…ARCH criminals.

1 year ago

If you think that Joe Biden didn’t know anything about these dirty deals, you are not very smart.

gary lewis
1 year ago

Hunter B is just the tip of the Chinese cocktail umbrella….so many are bribed by China….including oofficials from previous Administrations, LawMakers , business executives, College Officials and many anti American activist groups. A report will soon be made public with an extensive list of names, Explains why China is not mentioned much by the “media” even though it is our biggest threat….both internal and external….money buys silence.

Ray Sarlin
1 year ago

Alas, the basic problem is that this will all be moot if the Harris/Biden (or whomever)/Soros ticket squeaks past the poll first in a month or so. That’s what makes all of these current goings-on so diabolical and, yes, frustrating. Either it will matter heaps or none of it will matter; we simply won’t know until later. We can, however, give up on waiting for Durham.

1 year ago

How does Hunter joining the Navy in 2013 fit into this…especially since by then it appears he was well on hIs way to cashing in on investment dealings. Why join the Navy…something more sinister? I’ve heard through Riding the Dragon documentary there were military technology and secrets involved.

1 year ago

Remember folks, Sen. Diane Feinstein, California, had a Chinese spy as her personal driver. LOL NO, YOU CAN NOT MAKE UP THIS STUFF. It affected her standing in the democratic party, not in the slightest. Why not just allow the Chinese to take over the U.S. completely, as far as the left is concerned. It’s all so surreal yet reeks of traitors left and right.

1 year ago

In other words, the Chinese government is now doing what the US government has been doing for over 50 years, and continues to do through NGOs.

keith thomas
1 year ago
Reply to  Curmudgeon

In other words. If Joe and his loser Vice president are elected.You will lose it all unless you know what to buy. I will give you a hint. Jamie Diamond will no longer spoof certain metals

1 year ago

Biden kept saying the accusations about his son Hunter and Ukraine have been debunked and arent true. When and who debunked them?

The demonazis keep talking about systematic racism. My question is this if it really exists who built the system in the first place that allowed racism to grow. Considering who has held power for the majority of the last 150 years Democrats I would say they created the system. So why would anyone in their right mind think the Democrats would fix anything.

keith thomas
1 year ago

Say good bye too America is creeepy pedo mindless Joe gets elected with that creepy VP he is running with

Neil Harrington
1 year ago

Unreal. Can these people never be prosecuted?

1 year ago


1 year ago
Reply to  RONALD

He does have a body count, he was in on Benghazi and Seal team 6, and the fake war we fought because of Obama Biden war on terrorism. Yes he has blood on his hands. But Clintons have more.

Don Saar
1 year ago

Revolver may or may not be the “new” Drudge. However I find Reliable News Now to be much closer to the original Drudge Report format with which I’m familiar and greatly appreciate. Maybe I’m wrong but so far this is my perception. In the meantime, I go to both Revolver and Reliable News Now..

Don Saar
1 year ago

Hurrah! For this Revolver report!! Thank you Revolver!!

Herbert A Frye
1 year ago

The entire Biden family, not just Hunter, has been involved with questionable payments that have made them wealthy. There are a vast number of known payments to family members, in areas they have no experience or knowledge, and Joe Biden had authority or had influence. Yet more and more payments for no real work, often from foreigners, are found all the time. I worked on government contracts involving foreign nations. I signed the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act many times. I believe Vice President’s have to sign such documents also. I could not sign those documents, in good conscious, if my family took such payments. All politicians who take such money should be voted out of power. Let’s not be naive. Read “Profiles in Corruption” by Peter Schweizer, and “Liberal Privilege” by Donald Trump Jr. for more information.

Jersey Prophet
1 year ago

The Drudge Report became THE source for news, making its stamp on Internet History by a single story: It broke the news of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal when NO OTHER site would touch the story.

Revolver News, this story may make your site the next DrudgeReport, and more importantly, carry the truth of how deeply the tentacles of the Biden Crime Family have insinuated themselves with foreign interests inimical to America and its security. The Biden Crime Family – not unlike the Clinton Crime Syndicate – has sold out America’s interests and security for money and power. Now the Deep State is doing its best to install this family atop the power structure of the USA. Nothing less than that!

And this attempt MUST be exposed somewhere, somehow, before November 3rd. The mainstream media will not touch this story. It’s the 3rd rail for the Media/Democrat Party cabal. If Revolver News won’t do it, WHO WILL?

PLEASE keep up the good fight! Revolver News quite possibly could save the USA and with it, the world, from a dark age if the Biden Crime Family is allowed to reach the pinnacle of power in this nation. This is the agenda of the Deep State. Knowledge is power, and it seems left up to you to bring the facts to the people.

Jersey Prophet
1 year ago
Reply to  Jersey Prophet

…I might add yet another “You can’t make this stuff up” bombshell: Steve Scully – the guy chosen to moderate the next presidential debate – served as a mail room intern for Sen. Joe Biden from September to October 1978, and the following year worked in Sen. Ted Kennedy’s media affairs office.

And this Dem shill is supposed to the next ‘unbiased’ debate moderator? If the Trump Administration and Republican National Commission allow this to happen, they will rue the day they did.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jersey Prophet

It just shows that Trump maybe the president but the democrats have all kind of power to do what they want. Its all because the power that be in the republican party let it!!!

1 year ago

Many informed Americans knew that the Biden’s family , Clinton family, Obama are corrupt.. Now the proofs are out.. How many of you believe that those families I mentioned will be held responsible?? Heck some Americans are still supporting Biden!!!! Otherwise the election won’t even be this close!!! Democrat voters don’t care that their leaders are corrupt!!

Eurie Smith
1 year ago

There is no civil excuse or reason for the Bidens. It must be akin to the evil
in the heart of the Devil.

Tim Huss
1 year ago

In having a TS clearance at NSA in the past I know that Joe Biden has involvement in a TREASONOUS ACT against the United States Of America. He has set himself up in bribery involving a foreign country.

Barbara lynn Campbell
1 year ago

Thank you for following this story! Perhaps News Max would be interested in reporting this–it certainly sheds more light on this very dark involvement with the Biden’s and the Chinese. The American people need to know this and sadly most “NEW’S” we get is not complete or FAKE!
Thank you again,
Barbara Campbell

sam Fried
1 year ago

Biden name changed to: BUYTHEM

1 year ago

Bidens and the FBI are so dirty!

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

Revolver tops itself with another outstanding expose outline, along with its Typhoon souring which I am just beginning to look over on the Revolver supplied link.
The activities of the Bidens and the Clintons with their “Foundation” are the telltale bread crumbs leading to an ever disturbing
labrynth of DeepState corrupton, graft, greed, and pure evil.
As great and revelatory as this intel is, the most troubling thing is to realize that nothing can come of
all of this if our Justice Dept. and FBI and other agencies are so corrupt and bought off, and Leftist compromised
that they refuse to pursue actual justice with actual
investigations that lead to real indictments and
trials and prison sentences or even death sentences for treason.
The Bidens and the Clintons and many other criminals have betrayed and compromised and
did serious harm to our nation and ….
And,if the American have to have to hear another pompous declaration from a bunch of
worthless U.S. Senators and Congressman about another pointless and stupid
I am going to throw my large screen through my large living room window
and onto the bald head of my Leftist Democrat next door neighbor.

Janice McPhee
1 year ago

We need to get out as much of the truth as possible.obviously the Congress and FCC was taken for a ride regarding social media moguls and their real Intent they need to be broken up and subject to Lawsuits for lying and suppressing conservative content and valid news stories. Their obvious protection of th Democrat party and demonization of the Republican Party. What a great gig they have had for 20 years getting away lying and making a lot of money from their deceitful pact with the Congress and FCC.

1 year ago

Why in the world did the DNC , who knew about Biden and his nefarious drug addicted son, run him for President ? Did they think this stuff wouldn’t come out ? The FBI had this before Biden even ran for President. The only one who said anything was Obama, he said, “You know Joe, you don’t have to run.” I mean the Bidens, Clinton’s, Obama, even the Bushes are full fledged Gangsters. Bet that most of the people near the top of the FBI, CIA, DOJ and various other agencies have all been paid off by these thugs to keep their mouths shut.

1 year ago
Reply to  Stonehillady

I think Dems knew that a prosecution of Biden would bloody a lot of them…so Biden is nominee, to protect both him and the others.
Biden himself really has to thread the needle…run, try to win if necessary, but behave in a way that would protect his ability to claim reduced competence if he lost the election and got indicted.

1 year ago

I have never believed that Joe Biden is Senile, I think he is faking or he is very ill and will be incapacitated not long after swearing in if he were to win. I think he is trying to avoid prosecution for treason along with his whole family. I think the STINK underneath all this is human trafficking with the help of China and many foreign countries. Joe Biden and his comments and actions long before he was senile seem to indicate inappropriate actions and comments to young ladies, its sickening. I hear him talk a lot about his other son who tragically died lately and how it was hard for him to make a decision to run for the Presidency instead of away. He has always used the pity vote with the lie about wife dying at the hands of a drunk driver. It is really sickening this news. Knowing the dreadful facts is enough, I dont want to see pictures. I don’t want that trash in my mind but it has to come out to show the truth of corruption in the highest form within all intelligence agencies. the Clintons the Pelosi s mob father that. Lord it never ends. I think we have some serious MK ultra with these terrorist through AI and tech companies. Who could have imagined? I don’t have a depraved brain.

1 year ago

These people need to be changed with crimes against our country and locked up for it they are as bad as the Clinton’s

11 months ago

Thank you for your hard work!

11 months ago

So once again this is swept under the rug!!!!! DaMN IT!!!

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