GOP Senator Tim Scott Adds Fuel to Louisville Fires By Once Again Pushing BLM’s False Breonna Taylor Narrative
September 25, 2020 (1y ago)

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The award for the worst response by a Republican lawmaker to the Breonna Taylor riots goes to South Carolina Senator Tim Scott. As yet another city fell into anarchy thanks to Antifa and Black Lives Matter, Scott cluelessly endorsed the lies and expectations that have driven riots in city after city.

On Wednesday, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron announced the results of the grand jury inquiry into the three police officers involved in Taylor’s death. Only one officer was charged, and it was for recklessly firing his gun into three apartments next to Taylor’s. In other words, the shooting of Taylor herself was found to be perfectly lawful. That was as it should be: The warrant on Taylor’s apartment was completely legal, the officers knocked and announced themselves (despite not having to do so), and they only fired their weapons after Taylor’s boyfriend first opened fire on them, hitting one of the officers. Authorities in Kentucky bravely stood up to the mob, and refused to file criminal charges where none were justified.

None of this matters to Senator Scott, though. As carnage broke out on the streets of Louisville, Scott issued a statement complaining that the police were not being punished:

“The situation in Louisville leaves me angry, sad, and frustrated.

Breonna Taylor’s life must mean more than this. After months of heartache, I cannot imagine what her family is feeling today, but my prayers are with them. I am disappointed that the only charge brought was completely unrelated to Ms. Taylor’s death, especially when we know the initial police reports were falsified. The JUSTICE Act would have given prosecutors additional tools useful in this case, such as increasing penalties for falsifying a police report and new penalties for not using body cameras.

I am also praying for the two officers shot last night during unrest that followed the announcement of these charges. There is no doubt that the events of 2020 have left our nation on edge, but we cannot push ourselves over the cliff. Make your voices heard, but do not equate violence with more violence.

Breonna Taylor’s life, and George Floyd’s and Ahmaud Arbery’s and Tamir Rice’s and Walter Scott’s and so many others, must be seen as a beacon for change, not a war cry for bloodshed. Say their name and demand change…not destruction. Justice does not equal revenge.” [Tim Scott]

Scott’s statement is ridiculous. The reason there is no charge related to Taylor’s death is because no crimes were committed related to her death. The police warrant was legal, the search was legal, and opening fire after being shot at was legal. No matter. The senator is “disappointed,” and “frustrated.” Scott, in short, wants to sacrifice innocent cops to a bloodthirsty mob. Their actual guilt or innocence is simply a burdensome technicality.

Tim Scott, unfortunately, has a habit of siding with Black Lives Matter and against reality. He did the same for the four officers charged in George Floyd’s death. By now, Floyd’s autopsy and leaked bodycam footage of his death have totally demolished the already flimsy idea that Floyd was murdered by racist police officers. Floyd, a habitual criminal suspected of committing yet another crime, was clearly on drugs and reacted violently to police’s attempt to place him in custody. Chauvin used the prescribed technique for keeping Floyd subdued, and Floyd’s autopsy suggests the lethal dose of fentanyl in his blood, not Chauvin’s knee, may have been what caused his death. At worst, Floyd’s demise is a case of manslaughter caused by one cop’s carelessness. Scott, though, elevates the left’s lie that Floyd was a martyr for racial justice.

This makes Scott’s prayers for the two officers already shot in Louisville ring hollow. Scott is indulging the lies that put those officers in danger: The lie that police forces are racist, that black Americans are “targeted,” that America needs less policing rather than more. As long as these lies continue to be repeated by lawmakers, more police will be shot, more businesses will be burned, and more innocent people will be hurt by criminals that the ruling class has decided to coddle.

Scott isn’t some idiot on Twitter. He is a United States senator. If he can’t bring himself to care whether people are innocent or guilty before demanding they be criminally punished, then he has contempt for the laws of this country and has no business legislating.

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1 year ago

Lies my J-MSM told me.

Please excuse them not being in chronological order, there are just TOO many:

(1)Travon, Snapple & Skittles in hand, oh — Bible too — was on his way to read Bible verses to his sick & dying grandmother — when out of nowhere, Evil Nazi White Hispanic! Trayvon was absolutely NOT casing houses to break into.

(2)The famous African-American who LOOOOOOOOVED jogging. Everyday. Especially by construction sites. Especially INSIDE construction sites. Especially inside construction sites which had quantities of copper pipe/wiring, tools, etc., items which, because they were weighty & heavy, helped him to get a better JOGGING WORKOUT (kind of like when you ran with a rucksack, back when you were in the military). This very famous Urban Jogger absolutely was NOT stealing construction material to re-sell it.

(3)And now Breanna or Brillona or whatever (can she read cursive? can she write cursive?). She was peacefully sleeping in her bed — after saying her prayers of course — when a policeman quietly slipped in and shot her in her snoring face. She absolutely was NOT the girlfriend of a violent drug dealer, she absolutely was NOT helping him transport/distribute drugs … and living high (literally) off the illegal proceeds.


Mike G
1 year ago

Tim Scott, like his mentors, Nikki Haley and Lindsey Graham, is not to be trusted. The South Carolina GOP is infested and run by pro expansionist Neocons just like it used to be here in TN but we are slowly clawing back our party here. South Carolina Republicans need to wake up.

1 year ago

RINOs will be RINOs!

Oliver W Homey
1 year ago

Scott shows his colors should be the headline. There is nothing at all in this case that warranted any charges against any of the three, let alone, anything even remotely resembling a murder charge. The worst that can be said for this case is the supervisors that sent the officers out to investigate pursuant to the warrant. The warrant was served a couple of months after being obtained and the information should have been reverified. but the acts of the officers–when you shot at a cop who is lawfully doing his/her job, you best expect repercussions. He led the no knock bill and the irony is, had they not knocked, and tossed in a flash bang, the officers could have very easily taken both into custody without incident and sorted things out, and probably released without incident. Thanks Tim.

1 year ago

What a douchebag. At least he votes like a Republican. Surprising as he is obviously swayed be leftist propaganda

John S
1 year ago

Black Lies Matter. Quit telling them!!!

1 year ago

“Racial integration will make America better.”

Gary Walcott
1 year ago

Tim Scott is a genuine good American that cares about our Republic more than most members of any congress or the courts. His point was spot on, that justice isn’t brought on by rioting, violence, or retribution but through reasoned, lawful processes. Tim Scott also noted that the police didn’t follow procedures thoroughly. I praise God for Tim Scott and I pray that more members of Congress will be like him. MAGA!

1 year ago
Reply to  Gary Walcott

Agreed. Tim Scott is a better man than many who are posting comments here, and the fact that BLM is a racist/communist organisation doesn’t make what happened to Breonna Taylor right. MAGA!

Reality Check
1 year ago
Reply to  AAD

What planet are you on. Seriously..

1 year ago

South Carolina is once more in the grip of Reconstruction…version 2.0.

michael stevko
1 year ago

god bless mr scott…you have my vote always.

1 year ago

What us this about falsified police report? First I’ve heard of it…anyone have details?

1 year ago

“Chauvin used the prescribed technique for keeping Floyd subdued…”

Putting a knee on the neck of a man who is face down on the pavement in handcuffs is now “the prescribed method” of keeping someone subdued? Are you INSANE?

I read good things about this website, and really wanted to like it now that Drudge has gone RINO, but Revolver plays right into the leftist narrative that all conservatives are racists, which is the last thing the President needs. I yield to no man in my support for the police, but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid enough to defend dirty cops. You people are sick. I’ll never visit this site again, and I’ll tell all my friends to stay away.

Reality Check
1 year ago
Reply to  AAD

It’s right out of the police training manual.

St george died of a drug overdose. Stop gorging on fake media lies..

1 year ago
Reply to  AAD

I’ve been law enforcement for 27 years and my department does not teach this neck restraint nor would they ever. However,Minneapolis did teach this and this is why there will be a not guilty or hung jury outcome. I will then be paid an enormous amount of overtime in next Summer’s riots. It is also true the drugs in Floyd’s body caused him to die. The MSM does not want people to know these truths because it would cause less people to protest. Less people upset and protesting would create an environment of less angst thus less likely to influence the dumb white virtue forecasting Independent female vote in the suburbs.

1 year ago

Ah yes Timmy Scott. The same RINO that happily accepted $64K to vote for Brotha’ Barack’s Trans Pacific Partnership. My state can sure send some real gems to Washington DC.

Sorry y’all.

Reality Check
1 year ago

Truth hurts eh, moron..

1 year ago

One problem we have in this country is a lack of truth. We shouldn’t disparage truth talkers. Tailor was a thug just like her boyfriend. 8 years prior to her death, the police found a dead body in the trunk of her car. Wonder who put it there, the Amish?

1 year ago

Her death was accidental. She was at the wrong place, at wrong time with the wrong guy.

unclebenloved auntjemima
1 year ago

None are so blind as those who will not see. The facts are out about what really happened, just not on MSM.

1 year ago

Tim Scott, are you advocating for the Federal legalization of drugs? That is one change that would Prevent police from having to put their life in the line to enforce the laws that you legislators pass

Mike Shamrock
1 year ago

Tim Scott, I am disappointed

Nathan L Rose
1 year ago

@SenatorTimScott up until now I ‘ve always admired, and respected you as a great Senator. After your racist statements concerning the outcome of the Breonna Taylor’s shooting by the grand jury inquiry, I now feel the same about you as I feel toward other blacks that let it be known that it’s all about skin color, not truth and justice. You should learn some lessons from Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a man that judges people by their actions, and truth, not skin color. You’re a disappointment!

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