Dictionaries Caught Rewriting Definitions in Real-Time to Support Democrat Attack on Amy Barrett
October 14, 2020 (5d ago)

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It’s routine for the America’s corrupt ruling class to use their cultural dominance of American institutions to exert control over narratives. But Tuesday’s Supreme Court hearings prompted one of the most appalling examples ever seen, with the left’s culture commissars trying to redefine a word on the fly.

Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii is one of the most odious and pathetic Democrats in Washington. Supreme Court hearings are where she chooses to disgrace herself the most. In 2018, Hirono argued that Brett Kavanaugh should be presumed guilty, rather than innocent, when he was hit with ludicrous sexual assault charges from Christine Blasey Ford.

This time around, Hirono attacked Barrett for her word choice. President Trump’s Supreme Court pick, she said, is a bigot. Why? Because she used the term “sexual preference” as a synonym for “sexual orientation.”

Given the stakes of a Supreme Court hearing, it’s understandable that Barrett tried to be accommodating. But she shouldn’t have been. The attack was completely ridiculous, dishonest, and made in bad faith. Old Joe Biden himself used “sexual preference” just a few months ago:

Newly-canonized progressive saint Ruth Bader Ginsburg also used the term, in 2017.

Several sitting Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee have used it too. So has CNN:

There are lots of misconceptions about gender fluidity, according to those in the community. Being gender-fluid doesn’t determine a person’s sexual preference. [CNN]

But it doesn’t matter. When our corrupt ruling class has a target, precedent, consistency, and basic fair play all go out the window. If declaring “sexual preference” offensive is needed to attack a Republican, then “sexual preference” is the new n-word.

America’s top dictionaries are happy to play along. A quick look at the Wayback Machine makes it clear that, prior to Tuesday’s hearing, Merriam-Webster’s found nothing offensive about using “preference” to mean “orientation. But as soon the hearing happened, the dictionary’s editors sprung into action. The page was updated just hours later with a new definition announcing that “sexual preference” was offensive and, by extension, Amy Coney Barrett is a very bad person for using it.

This may be the most flagrant case of a dictionary redefining words to match leftist dogma, but it’s not the first. Dictionaries have collaborated with the left’s attempt to normalize illegal immigration, by declaring the very terms “illegal alien” or “illegal immigrant” to be offensive and unacceptable in public discourse:

In September, released a massive update, redefining hundreds of words for politically-motivated reasons. Not only did the dictionary start capitalizing the word “black” when referring to race, but it created an entirely new dictionary entry just for the racial group:

In the dictionary world, separating the people-related definitions of Black from the other definitions of black is a major—and extremely rare—move. As a rule, different senses of words that share an origin, as lowercase black and uppercase Black historically do, are included under the same entry. []

It’s a rule worth breaking.

Of course, “white” remains lower-case, and does not get a special entry. But that’s no surprise. Like other captured institutions, and Merriam-Webster’s aren’t serious scholarly enterprises. Like the disgraced so-called experts at the World Health Organization, these institutions don’t exist to educate or inform. They exist merely to reinforce the malicious and deceptive narratives that support the corrupt ruling class agenda to consolidate power and crush American patriots who would dare get in the way.

Like the discredited operatives posting as so-called “experts” at the WHO,  in the mainstream media, and in our Universities, they deserve neither respect nor acknowledgement. Instead, they only deserve to be discredited and destroyed.

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33 responses to “Dictionaries Caught Rewriting Definitions in Real-Time to Support Democrat Attack on Amy Barrett”

  1. “…the dictionary’s editors sprung into action.”
    Should that have been “Sprang into…”?
    I get so tired of seeing English butchered by professional writers who should know better, but apparently don’t.

    • Use for an online dictionary. It uses dictionaries that are in the public domain, that is, old dictionaries, exactly what you want.

      • Exactly. My Wordsworth Concise English Dictionary (1994 version,) has always worked for me. Am sure there are more recent versions available. When they start saying it is acceptable to begin sentences with “Me and…”, it is the day I stop using dictionaries.

    • The wokeness is killing me. Is “wokeness” in their dictionaries? It should be . . . . as an adjective describing their deceptive and politically biased positioning. May their own words kill them in the end.

    • Historical [Merriam-]Webster dictionaries from before the cultural takeover are great, as long as you don’t need neologisms, like “sexist” and “racist”.

      Webster’s Revised Unabridged Dictionary aka “Webster’s 1913” is the last of these in the public domain, and online at websters1913 dot com

  2. Perhaps we should redefine “bigot” to mean “one making unfounded accusations of bigotry against another.”
    Next up should be “racist.”

    If they resort to such for minor things, image what they’ll do in a term when they get all the state institutions under the same ideological hat.
    Every caucasian is being attacked to condemn white supremacy, and those asking the question are actually outright or crypto totalitarians.

  4. Oxford English Dictionary wasn’t too woke last time I checked. It is not in use by teachers’ unions but you can still buy it. Try to avoid Amazon. We know who’s behind the Green Curtain, and it’s not Joe Biden.

  5. The year is 2035. The last whxte mxn is undercover. He pxsses by the womxn of cxlor, head pointed down, so as not to show zis face. Ze begins to walk fxster, hoping ze wasnt noticed. They/them turn their hxads, shit. Ze takes off, in a full sprint…

  6. This is a war.

    This civil war started in full in 2016.

    The coming elections are meaningless.

    Add the widespread cheating the left will perpetrate to the 90% of cultural mores already in the left’s pocket, education, the Deep State Swamp, the demonrat party, all the cultural marxist BS of SJW NPC, BLM, pantyfa, all the alphabet agencies totally leftified and carefully gatekept, Hollyweird and the list never ends and there’s no way to see this as business as usual.

    The Constitutional Republic has ceased to exist and in its place there’s a leftist juggernaut that will not stop for elections or anything of the sort.

    The left behaves like rabid wolves and the right as bleating sheeple too pusillanimous to even organize for the fight.

    The GOP has been a sad joke for many decades and their congresscritters, traitors.

    The moral and intellectual ramparts have been deserted.

    More than a hundred years of leftist assault on America are bearing their poisonous fruit.

    Generation upon generation of leftist useful idiots repeat leftist slogans and behave like army ants with a modus operandi of swarm-point-and-“waaaaaacist!!!” every time they encounter a human being.

    The chances of avoiding a disaster are very small.

    The probability the right will find its gonads in time, smaller still.

    It is not at all difficult to see that the left has already (almost?) won and they own the field and whatever remains is a little mopping up and the war is done.

    People think that being right counts at war.

    War doesn’t determine who’s right. War determines who’s left.

    Trump is pretty much alone.

    All of us who will vote for him can’t do much except that.

    Unless we are willing to organize and fight.

    If we had it in us we would have been stacking up corpses for a long time, by now.

    And we are not.

    • No, the war of words started hundreds of years ago. Obama, once denied words really meant anything anyway up in front of an audience of believers. He was given many awards. Other leaders, of much higher quality, say instead it is all about ‘words’ or concepts. America is the idea, as in all that composes Freedom including ‘freedom from oppression’ from slavery being paramount. It is a war of words no doubt, and prime example of abuse of authority from the glib for you to publicize.

  7. Dishonest editing of words to support left or right agendas should not be entertained. Rabbit holes like this must be avoided.

  8. The Merriam-Webster dictionary has long been known for “morphing” definitions. Webster’s New World and the Oxford American are much better choices.

  9. I would agree, the change as to sexual preference being offensive is absurd. There is no scientific data that says someone is born with a gender disorder. That is why we use the word preference. It’s polite.

  10. There’s a raft of words that some consider “offensive”, but are perfectly descriptive, correct, and appropriate.

    “Retarded”, for example. It just means something whose mental functions are stunted, not up to statistically normal levels, or otherwise clearly less than standard. Everyone knows that someone who has an IQ in the 70s is “mentally retarded”, and there’s nothing deniable or shameful about it. It’s what they were born with. If we “retard” the growth of a bacteria, we’re slowing it down.

    But the word police won’t permit it. And now, in a moment on live TV, a senator “retards” the use of a term she doesn’t like.

  11. The Communist Democrats are determined to destroy the American way of life: they are dead serious about erasing every memory of Constitutional Law and Liberty. What will you do when one of their operatives comes to your door with a copy of the comment you made here or on another platform? You can’t lie because they’ve tracked you by you ip address. This is the same kind of stuff that happened in Russia during the days of Lenin and Trotsky.

  12. Years ago I was introduced to a family that had two boys. One was 6 years old the other was 10. The 10 year old was more feminine then me. Much more. I am sure that he did not wake up one day and say, I guess I will be gay. It is in the genes. They can not help it. They are sweet loving people.

  13. Not surprising. We have so many entities sucking up to a government that seems to be turning into a totalitarian juggernaut. Many citizens and companies are doing it out of fear. There are other sources for the meanings of words.

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