Power Over Profits: Here’s The Dirty Little Secret Behind The Media’s True Business Model
October 18, 2020 (1y ago)

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Tucker Carlson’s prime-time Fox News show, Tucker Carlson Tonight, has shattered record after record to become the highest rated cable news program in television history. On any given night, Carlson’s must-watch program draws nearly 5 million Americans to the television set — a truly astonishing number we may never see again.

According to an analysis by iSpot.tv, Tucker Carlson accounts for 16 percent all ad revenue at Fox News. And during the six-month period of February through July of this year alone, Tucker generated $37.2 million for Fox News and smashed the competition.

Looking at the entire six-month period, SMI says “Tucker Carlson Tonight” pulled in $37.2 million as the best Fox News prime-time performer. Right behind was “The Ingraham Angle” ($36.6 million) and “Hannity” ($36.2 million)

MSNBC’s top show was “The Rachel Maddow Show” — $20.8 million, while CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” and “Anderson Cooper 360” tied with $19.1 million. [MediaPost]

The historic popularity and profitability of Tucker’s show raises a simple, yet important question: why have none of the major networks, including Fox, attempted to copy his success?

Wouldn’t the fabled “marketplace of ideas” dictate a certain convergence toward the topics and styles that draw the biggest audiences?

Perhaps the ad boycotts aimed at Tucker have scared off would-be copycats. But this simply raises the question of why companies would leave money on the table by refusing to advertise on television’s most popular cable news show. Something is off here, and it suggests that the media industry does not work according to a simple profit motive.

What if the true goal of a media conglomerate is not to produce a reliable and entertaining news service tailored to its audience, but rather to influence that audience on behalf of third parties? What if the purpose of a media company is not to be profitable for its own sake, but influential for the sake of others?

Business models aren’t always what they present themselves to be. Movie theaters make money not from ticket sales, but from concession stands. Airlines likewise need to sell tickets, but they make more profit from frequent flier rewards programs. Supermarkets are increasingly big data collectors for insurance companies.

Users of Google, YouTube, and other internet/social media services might think of themselves as “customers,” but they are actually the product, as those services collect detailed data on users and sell it to third parties for advertising purposes.

The Washington Post provides a clear example of a media company’s true business model.

Readers might recall that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos purchased the Post for $250 million. The paper is of course notoriously biased against Trump, even by the standards of today’s mainstream media. This may be good for business and it may not be — but ultimately this is not what matters. What matters is that the Post is directly or indirectly profitable to its owner, Jeff Bezos. If it lost money, but influenced the public or other important constituencies in a manner that resulted in greater success for Amazon (a company 10,000 times its size), it would still be a worthwhile investment for Bezos.

We can generalize this principle by noting that the parent-subsidiary model is very common in business. Any given subsidiary does not have to be profitable in its own right so long as it benefits the parent company. In the case of The Washington Post, there is a clear “parent company” in the person of Jeff Bezos. But even absent the existence of a formal parent company, one can think of the American power structure itself as the true “parent company” of any sufficiently large and powerful media conglomerate.

Although in some cases this is a metaphor, it captures a very important feature of how the media and our country function. For a media empire operating at the highest levels, the influence it wields on the public’s mind is far more valuable to the ruling power structure than any self-contained profit that could be generated by optimizing their news product to suit the taste of the audience.

This does not mean that profit is irrelevant to a media company. In Tucker’s case, his stratospheric ratings are a great tool of leverage, and without profit, a company must continually court new investors. But the point remains that for a serious media enterprise, profit is always secondary to influence.

Just as a social media company’s true product is its user data, the true product of a major media company is the flow of narratives that shape the perception of reality. Wielding influence over the public mind will always be more valuable than any profit that could be generated by optimizing the news to suit public tastes.

Every serious media person playing the game at the highest level understands that media is about influence, not profit. Take this report on Jeff Bezos himself:

There most certainly could be, if everyone else were owned by a billionaire who sees today’s media game as analogous to the internet circa 1999, essentially a land grab open to whomever can spend the most money and move the fastest to grab the biggest market share. That is the story of the rise of Amazon.com, and Bezos is applying many of those same lessons to the Post. (Along with an obsession with Web traffic and engagement metrics, which are much more important internally than whether the paper makes any money.) [Columbia Journalism Review]

Rupert Murdoch is arguably the most brilliant media man alive. He owns most of News Corp, the parent company of the Fox News Channel. In a documentary on Murdoch’s career in media, an analyst with insight into Rupert’s mindset comments on his purchase of the New York Post, which for a very long time was not profitable.

NARRATOR: The Post became a New York favorite. Financially, it was a disaster, losing millions of dollars every year.

RON GROVER: “I don’t really think Rupert is in it to win, in terms of the bottom line. He likes the idea that it gives him a place at the table. He likes the idea that he can get his position out there. He likes the idea that it gets an entrée to politicians.”

(Skip to the 13:52 mark of the video to watch the short clip.)

Bezos’ and Murdoch’s attitudes toward media explain why Twitter is so valuable despite losing over $2 billion since its launch.

When Twitter went public back in 2013, it was an unprofitable company. More than two years later, that hasn’t changed. In fact, the company revealed in its annual 10-K filed Feb. 29 that it has lost more than $2 billion in total since launching a decade ago.

Twitter had already accrued more than $400 million in losses before going public, but that figure exploded upward after its IPO, largely due to stock-based compensation awarded to employees. The company lost $520 million in 2015 alone. [Time]

Twitter was allowed to operate at such a massive loss because it has a profound influence on shaping narratives that in turn influence the population.

Major media companies are not about profits, but influence — there is no “marketplace of ideas” that functions in the way people might imagine. And this applies to any industry that has a profound effect on the narratives and beliefs that shape the public’s perception of reality, including movies and video games.

In our increasingly corrupt society, every institution is a scam, and there is often a vast disconnect between the generally understood purpose of an institution and its actual purpose. Entire belief systems are generated to obscure this disconnect — and this where ideology comes into play.

The nice-sounding “ideology” of free-market fundamentalism serves to obfuscate the rapacious nature of oligarchs who operate beyond the bounds of any of the rules described in this naïve economic worldview. Communism and socialism, similarly, are ideologies that serve only to obscure the ulterior interests of the very same oligarchs and the very same corrupt ruling class.

Our observation about the media thus points to an interesting conclusion. The media’s job is to use its profound influence to ensure that the masses interpret political and cultural events though the distortive lens of ideology. Ideology is a “mediator” that separates the true nature of an institutional scam from the public’s perception of it, and the role of mainstream media is to maintain the dominance of ideology as the lens through which the public interprets reality.

Media and ideology are similarly deceptive, and they both serve to perpetuate the illusions that enable our corrupt ruling class to lie, cheat, and steal with impunity. By piercing the illusion of what the media really is, we get closer to a clear view of the corrupt special interests that that have enriched themselves at the expense of the American people. With this perspective at hand, the just, the true, and the brave are better positioned to strike back.

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Adam Smith
1 year ago

Excellent commentary. Weird it isn’t bylined.

Richard at PressCalifornia.com
1 year ago

I worked at CNN. Saw this thesis up close.

Seems to dovetail with reality.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

The media (with few exceptions like Tucker Carlson) are the propaganda arm of a globalist Marxist ideology designed to brainwash the masses into believing an Orwellian dystopian nightmare.
At least half the American population have bought into this hustle.
We see the handiwork of this cult every day as cities are burned down and Trump supporters
and dissenters are beaten and persecuted.
We see the sinister subversion in our schools, our courts, our state officials, our movies
and throughout every facet of our disintegrating society.
Ultimately, what is the remedy to this growing crisis?
What can Americans do to stop an evil mainstream Marxist media
and its’ cancerous ideology
from destroying
our society,our nation, our very lives?
What hasn’t worked?
Fox News is a perfect example of what hasn’t worked.
They espouse the importance of “politeness” and “respect” and hearing out the
nonsensical BS of the Left.
They punish anyone on their network for telling it like it is in the raw.
They’ve fired several people who were just too real and raw addressing this crisis.
Fox News can go straight to hell.
What is the ultimate answer?
The time for tallk is over.
Americans are tired of watching our nation being destroyed by the Left.
Americans are tired of having our rights and liberties trampled by Communists
who clearly want to destroy us and our country.
The time is soon approaching when talk will be quickly
replaced by bullets and rounds zipping through the air.
And the targets will be the Leftist politicians, the Deep State traitors, the Media
Marxist collaborators and provocateurs, Hollywood, Antifa, BLM, and all of the liberal
wealthy liberal elite who financed this madness.
They sowed the wind.
Now, they will reap the whirlwind.

Robert meyer
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Amen to you! We r moving towards a 2nd revolution…the people are armed…we will fight….

Miguelito Loveless
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Its worse than that. The other “dirty little secret” is that they have 80% of us believing that 50% of the country supports their “team”. The polls and vote counting mechanisms in the US are so broken and skewed that we all seem to just accept the outrageous outcomes. There is a reason that you and nearly every single person that you know feels outrage after losing what instinct and intellect tells you should have been a winning campaign. The truth is that it WAS a winning campaign and the moguls, with all of their tech, pomp and circumstance, have robbed and raped you.

If anything comes out of this election is should be an end to this tyranny by any means necessary. The next battlefield with these monsters will look like Bosnia in 1985, only exported to Cleveland, Philly, and St Louis.

Meanwhile, Bezos will still be constructing his fake underground chamber for a “10,000 year clock” while building a spaceport a few miles away from the bunker, and all this while we are treated to a slice of Mogadishu pie in middle America. I think he and his ilk have vastly over-estimated just how long we will be pre-occupied with exterminating his imported savage and marxist army before we turn our attentions on the real enemies of the State.

Mel Wiley
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

You going to fire the first shot? Expect the military to swoop in and take you out within about 15 seconds. Because the government smiles on leftist terrorism–as we see constantly–but it will not abide patriotic resistance. Count on that.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Mel Wiley

Yeah. We’ve all heard that stupid argument before about the military. How sure are you about that?
Do you think it is that easy for our own military to start slaughtering its own citizens?
If you believe that, you are an idiot.
Did you stop to think that much of the military is made up of people coming from the heartland?
from the rural areas and red-state urban areas?
Do you actually think they are going to start firing into their own countrymen?
Much of the personnel in the military fully recognize the fact that the Left/Marxists/Communists/Antifa/BLM and the radical Democrats want to destroy our nation and
destabilize our electoral process in the coming weeks. They took an oath to defend the Constitution.
Read some history.
My guess is that if they were to be given orders the majority would flat out refuse those orders
and the ones that tried to follow those orders would end up being shot by other troops.
It rarely happens when the military of any nation follows orders and starts slaughtering their own people.
An exception I can remember was China at Tiananmen Square in 1989. Yes, they followed orders but
in that particular case, those units were from rural areas who were fully Communist indoctrinated, and they hated city people from Bejing so that
was an exception to the history of revolts.
Do you have any idea on the actual combat strength of the U.S.military right now?
Apparently, you don’t.
There are only a handful of full strength combat divisions in the army and marines- a handful,
not a whole lot.

In the active Army, there are ten divisions: two forward-deployed in Europe, one in Korea, one in Hawaii, and six in the continental United States.
Six divisions are stationed on the mainland. That is approx. 120,000 troops.
News flash, Bubba.
America is a very, very, very big country.

When Hitler invaded Russia in 1941, he began Operation Barbarossa with over 3,000,000 troops (along with some Romanian and Italian allied support troops).
He had at his command over 80 divisions ready to fight.
He was only able to temporarily control approx. 35% to 40% of Russain territory before the tide turned against him.
Do you really believe that a mere six American divisions could even begin to control a nation as massive as ours? And, these are troops who would be automatically divided and conflicted over following orders that could involve killing their own countrymen.
Lastly, am I going to fire the first shot?
I suppose that is a question we are all asking ourselves right about now..except for you of course.
I don’t know what is about to happen in this crisis but like most people who care about
the fate of America, I have contemplated on my own fate in all of this.
In a way, maybe the first shot has already been fired by patriots like Kyle Rittenhouse, a hero
and role model for the rest of us.

Maybe, his shot was the shot heard at Concord, MA over a couple of centuries ago.
The Revolutionary War didn’t go full bore bloodshed the instant Concord went down; there was
a bit of a delay before larger units resisted the British.
I am pretty sure the next shot won’t be from some cynic like you, hunkering down in your basement,
clutching your pearls.
While your down in Mama’s basement, you had pretty hope like hell that brave Americans unite and fight against this Marxist/Communist tyranny that is becoming a real threat to our existence.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

I’ll elaborate on the fact that over 3,000,000 German and allied troops begain deployment
in the invasion of Russia. There were front line assault units over 80 divisions in strength and a further
approx. 70 follow up assault divisions and support units immediately behind the front line attack Axis forces. A total of approx. 150 combat divisions made the total combat strength of the initial operation.
So, we can compare the combat effectiveness of 150 seasoned combat German divisions trying to control an enemy nation as opposed to six American army divisions (not including a much smaller number of marines) trying to maintain control of even a small portion of the United States.
The prospect of such an attempt is not feasible.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Trumps second Term needs to be spent de-radicalizing all Gov agencies including Military Leadership. Usually this has been done via war as the “warriors” rose to the top over administrative type officers. We haven’t had nor do I see one coming that will cause this quick winnowing of the SJWs. Obviously Trump can’t do it all and the RINOS in Congress have to go

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Debunked

There must be a major housecleaning of much of the Pentagon’s top line officers, general officers,
senior military and civilian leadership.
Obama put in place many of these people with the aim of weakening and subverting our military strength over time.
Obama worked hand in hand with the military-industrial complex, especially military contractors, defense corporations to compromise much of the top military leadership, including the current Secretary of Defense, Espers who was a major lobbyist for the defense industry.
There are Leftist/Globalist subversive forces among the general staff officer corp that must be
removed and held accountable for potential treasonous activities, especially against President Trump and the American people.

Din Djarin
1 year ago
Reply to  Debunked

As a recently retired officer myself, I must tell that the left has very much infiltrated the formation, across the ranks. After Trump was elected, we were forced, under threat of UCMJ action, to hold “constructive conversations” with our company formations about “threats to democracy”, with BH and MFLC personnel present. At one formation, our Division leadership asked for a show of hands who voted for Trump. They continued by asking those of us who voted Trump whether or not we were loyal to the United States. I complained to the IG, as I felt it was inappropriate. I was harshly dressed down by both my Brigade & Battalion Commanders.
Then, Charlottesville happened. Unbeknownst of the events that unfolded, I was coincidentally on leave with friends who happened to live there. Upon returning, I was summoned to my Battalion Commander’s office, where I was informed that I was “under investigation”. I was read my rights, and relieved of command.
The investigation was a targeted witch hunt. My family was threatened and harrassed. My wife was told I was a leader of a cell of a group called “Atomwaffen Division”, and having an affair with a known white supremacist. Funny, given we have literally never left each other’s side. My rights to due process were beyond violated.
I successfully sued the Army, where the desired outcome of the dropping of all charges was achieved, but my career was already destroyed. Thank God I was able to retire, but I am fully resolved to expose the Army, especially its aviation branch, for the complete and corrupt sham and fraud it is.
Do I think Army soldiers will turn their weapons against us? Some will, unfortunately, given how incredibly misinformed and sheepish some truly are. But, I am here to tell you that if it gets to that point, most (at least over 90%) will stand down, jump the fence and join the fight against communist tyranny.
I am fully prepared to organize, train and lead my fellow American Patriots through the dark days ahead, as are most of my brothers and sisters in arms.
However, I pray that fateful day will never come, because if it does, there will be no turning back. May our children forgive us if we are forced to draw battle lines on our own turf. But, when I fight, I fight to win. If some corrupted soul kicks down my door, hurts those I love or sends a bullet my way, it will be the last 2 seconds of their life.
Pray for Peace, but Prepare for the most brutal horrors of War.

This is the Way.

Din Djarin
1 year ago
Reply to  Din Djarin

To add to my previous comment, those officers who framed me and tried to get me kicked out of the Army on a web of lies, despite the mountain of evidence proving their corruption and criminal misconduct, never faced any accountability. In fact, they were rewarded and promoted!
The Brigade Commander is now a General
The BN commander is now a full-bird Colonel

Flush the toilet of corruption in our military.
This is the Way

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Din Djarin

Fellow veteran Din Djarin.
I read your account in full.
What happened to good and decent American patriot like yourself is part of the injustice
and heartbreak many in our nation are going through.
What you went through is a clear reflection and barometer of the scope of deterioration and
demoralization of our Armed Forces and the degree of Marxist indoctrination and poisoning
it has gone through.
It is a sobering personal picture you give of the current military and its growing internal
lack of national loyalty and devotion to the Consitution and our President and Commander in
Chief, President Trump.
In fact, the experience you describe is clearly alarming and it reflects a larger picture of
an increasingly demoralized and Marxist indoctrinated threat to America’s national security.
It reflects a hidden national security crisis for the United States.
Cleaning out the military of subversive Marxists in both the Officer corp and enlisted ranks must
be a top priority for President Trump in his second term.
It is my hope that a Republican Congressman or U.S. Senator reads your post and asks you to
appear before Congress to testify and give your account of this threat to our nation.
If it hits the fan any time soon you can rest easy knowing that there are many vets (myself included) who
would consider it a deep honor to fight by your side.
You are a great patriot.
Stay frosty.

Din Djarin
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Wolf Strike, thank you for your service my brother. What I saw the military de-evolve into from 2008 is truly heartbreaking. We patriots were starting to be the targets of ‘loophole persecution’, while being forced to celebrate the service of those with degenerate lifestyles, as well as being forced to work alongside them, as many were allowed to continue serving while HIV positive. I remember the day I walked to the SJA courthouse, in service uniform. Morning colors sounded. I snapped to attention to salute. Less than 50 meters ahead of me, five soldiers in uniform took a knee while holding their fists in the air. It was reported. Nothing happened to them. In fact, their “First Sergeant” suggested I pull back my inquiry, lest I be deemed racist.
Corruption goes unpunished. Crimes, such as homicide, sexual assault, theft and property damage go unpunished. Sexual assault victims, especially if male, are widely and relentlessly mocked. They dont care about family or their own soldiers. They only care about making the next rank.
Way too many of these people have no honor. Too many have no integrity. The Army spends an obscene amount of money to say it values family, and places it first. Ask mine; they beg to differ. They go on ad blitzes talking about Honor, Brotherhood, Selfless Service and such, but in reality treats those sacred words as cheap marketing slogans.
I am not afraid to go to Capitol Hill and testify. It is long past time to start having the discussion, as the legitimacy and continued existence of many parts of our military have rightfully deserved to be called into question.
I am afraid things will get alot worse before they get better. Only one man can right this ship. President Donald J Trump.
May we pray the fateful day never comes, but if it does, it will be an honor to fight alongside you.
Pray for our Country. May Peace Prevail.
This is the Way.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Din Djarin

These personal experiences you’ve shared are very alarming. They deserve a greater
audience. Tucker Carlson is at least possible. Please consider putting together a YouTube testimonial and linking it to an email to his at show at:
Hopefully the Orwellian Marxist Thought Police at YouTube don’t censure your video and you can get it to him
and his producers.
You could send the same link to Senator Lindsey Graham’s office.
I agree with you that President Trump may be America’s last great hope of righting the ship of our
Republic before it is too late and we enter a horrific, nightmarish dark age.
What is going on right now in America reminds me of the Weimar Republic in Germany in the
1920’s. There was a great division in the public between the Right and the Left, between the
Nationalists and the Communists and that is where it seems we are going.
If, a radical reformation of our society is not accomplished in a peaceful, democratic, legitamate electoral process, then Americans will become so fed up with the corruption and control of the Left that a mass violent uprising may be inevitable.
And, the Left is going to get a rude wake up call when that happens.
When a people’s inalienable, God given rights and liberties are taken away, as our freedom
to speak our minds is abolished and censured (and we are seeing this right now with the Left and their Marxist allies in the media), then we are going down a very
violent and very bloody road.
Those of us who love our nation and what it has stood for for nearly two and a half centuries; we are
brothers in arms to our very last breath.
We will get through this.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Well said.
Those Germans? Were clearly marked and were in no way related to my wife. Your mixing metaphores, or I should say professional armies in with what surely will be (un)civil in nature. The rich have studied and learned much from all the wars and conflicts they have started since they have for the most part accurate record s, whereas we the unwashed subsist on fairytales and rumors they provide.

You are for sure a patriot. One cannot miss your flag waving. They are emptying the jails for us. And, sadly, those who feel most intensely the love for our country tend to be over forty – and many have let their success go to the belly.

Maybe once the prisons and fun camps are overflowing with those needing re-education – the third wave of patriots will show up – you know, like the calvary in an ol timey moving picture.

I love this country. I loved the fact that I could sample foods from all over the world and enjoy good conversation with people from many distant lands. The end game is division and the murder of all those who will not bend their knee to BLM, Islam or the Pope.

I do expect my comment to be deleted. Kane over at the other one and the trolls on breitbart don’t like it when you mess with their fantasy. I expect it’s the same here.

1 year ago
Reply to  noname

Wasn’t it President Reagan who made a deal to bring foreign troops to police America? You know, when the time came for policing.

I was standing in line waiting to pay for the poison the truck stop was selling for food and there was a soldier in line in front of me in his BDUs. I mentioned the good weather that seem to be forming for the day but couldn’t understand his response but if I were to guess, it was eastern European.


Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  noname

because I mention that I love my country or
that I am a veteran, you call that “flag-waving”?
Ok chief….maybe you should ease up on that crack.
I tried reading your response.
It doesn’t make any sense, or rather
YOU don’t make any sense.
You obvioulsy are a twit, but not just
any twit.
It’s far worse.
You’re an uneducated twit who
clearly can’t formulate a
coherently sane sentence
from any semblance of rational thought.
Or, as my President likes to say…
You are a
dumb bastard.

Din Djarin
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

As I departed my final duty station, over 2,000 IDF troops arrived at the base to be garrisoned there. Several ranking officers were embedded and placed within the Chain of Command. We were specifically instructed not to discuss or question it. Their compound was deemed off limits to everyone. It was a forbidden subject. I departed at the height of the virus lockdown. We were all restricted to within 10 miles of the installation, yet the IDF soldiers had no such restrictions.
Contact your congressman/congresswoman and demand to know why IDF troops are being stationed here, but more importantly, demand to know why their senior officers are being placed into the Chains of Command of the US Armed Forces.
This is the Way.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Din Djarin

HI Din.
The IDF?
As in Israeli Defense Force?
Do you have any idea why they were there?
Any idea what their mission was?

Din Djarin
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Correct, the Israeli Defense Force. We were told that they were garrisoned there for a “training exercise”.
If they were there for just an exercise, why would a guarded compound be built for them? If it was just an exercise, why would some of thie senior officers be placed into the chain of command? If it was just an exercise, why were we expressly forbidden from asking any questions? My research of the Status of Forces Agreement we have with Israel limits them to a maximum of 500 soldiers here at any one time. So, why so many? A theory among my peers was that they were there not only to be directly involved in whay we did, learning how we operate in the process, but possibly developing a command & control /logistics infrastructure for some type of foreign peacekeeper force, should the other side “win”.
I’d laugh if UN Peacekeepers landed here, and would absolutely revel in a spirited scrum with them. Good opportunity to get the rust off, while training our fellow patriots! I have read reports in the distant past that these (((Peacekeepers))) ran rape squads in Africa. I am trying to find them, as are my MI connections. Stay tuned!
This is the Way

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Din Djarin

Things that make you go hmmmmmm….
The IDF as possibly part of an anticipated “International Peacekeeping Force”?…in case
the other side wins?
“They” meaning …the Pentagon? anticipating Trump “loses” and this internatonal force
comes in to “restore order”?
I thought the Israelis were on Trumps’ side….? They like his policies, right?
Why would the IDF possibly want to participate in this kind of force on our soil?
Do you think Israeli intelligence and other forces in Israel want Trump out?
I am speculating.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Din Djarin

It would realistically take hundreds of thousands of these kind of
“International Peacekeepers” to even attempt
such a thing – to maintain control over a geographic
expanse as large as the United States.
That would be a massive kind of operation.
What do you think?

Alessandra Shepel
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Personally, I don’t know much about military actions but what I know is that both Napoleon & Hitler were unable to take over Russia because their biggest asset is their weather: as both the French and the German troops advanced deeper into Russia the Winter took over, plus the Russians, as they retreated, were destroying all source of food for the enemy’s troops…the invading soldiers, unaccustomed to the extreme temperatures many times froze to death or died of hunger….

Tom Davis
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

As to when Americans will Finally Stand Up – Keep in mind, Millions of Americans were 3rd-World REPLACED in their careers by the MILLIONS of Invaders – their families destroyed as a result – and they did not even “legally picket” those who replaced them – never mind rising “life and limb.”

Hopefully, Trump wins, the leftists go full-insurrection, and begin targeting the suburbs. That *might* get the American people to fight for their country – when it is a matter of Certain-Death or Fighting Back. The “good ‘ol boys” in rural-areas won’t be in the fight at all, unless the travel to where the action is.

But, to be effective, a patriot-response cannot stop with simply putting down the rioters, which is fairly easy. It must extend to removing the Millions of foreigners – the Bolshevik’s “will work cheeep” and commie-voting 5th Columnists. Failure to do that, and we lose ALL future elections with demographic-certainty, plus worsening poverty, “whites” being targeted for murder on-sight (“white skin” = “enemy uniform” to the Bolshevik’s Thugs), etc.

The enemy is way more evil and cunning than you think
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

What makes you think it will only be American troops? Read Sun Tzu.

Understand 声东击西 – see 聲東擊西 (“during a battle, to create the illusion of assaulting a target, while the true goal is to assault another target where it’s least expected; etc.”). (This term, 声东击西, is the simplified form of 聲東擊西.)

Patriots need to be more creative in imagining possible scenarios. Think from the enemies’ point of view. May God bless America!

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

What scenarious do you envision?
What other troops are you contemplating?
The UN? UN troops can’t even get out of their own way in an armed conflict and would rue the day they even attempted to interfere in our affairs. They are
proven cowards in every sense of the word, demonstrated over and over again.
That possibility is laughable.
The Chinese military? Now, that is possible since the Chinese love to exploit chaos, especially
the kind of chaos they themselves create like this evil virus for example.
If that were to take place, you would not see anything more uniting in the American military
(including veterans) and much of the armed civilian population and who would be very quick to repel that kind of threat.
Who else?
We certainly don’t want to underestimate these threats.
We are all ears.
Please share with us your interesting ideas.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

Further elaboration on my comments above.
The subject of foreign troops as a threat to our current crisis.
The specific subject of potential Chinese military intervention in our current
escalating crisis.
Possible? Yes.
Probable? No.
Here are only a few real reasons why that threat is not probable.
1) As vaunted and as formidable as the bought Marxist Media love to portray
the capabilities of the improved Chinese military, especially their navy, a viable
Chinese invasion of our mainland is not plausible.
In current terms of capabilities, they have few actual amphibious assault ships that
have the ability to transport a sufficiently large number of invasion forces thousands of miles across
the Pacific in order to pull it off.
Additonally, the massive amount of ongoing logistical supplies and reinforcements needed to
maintain an invasion are far beyond their current abilities. It would take a gigantic undertaking to even begin to keep thousands of troops, let alone hundreds of thousands
of troops supplied over thousands of miles of ocean.
2) Have you thought of our sumbarines? They have more than sufficient means to
sink many many Chinese ships.
3) Have you thought of the rest of our military? Do you think they would just sit on
their hands while the Chinese happily went to town on us?
4) Do you think that the Chinese would open themselves up to strategic vulnerability if they
were to commit so much of their military strength and resources trying to invade us while
they leave themselves open to threats from other enemies?
The Russians and the Indians come to mind. They would love to seize Chinese territory if
given half a chance.
5) Have you thought about the sheer geographical advantage America has always had in terms
of sitting in a part of the world that is far away from our enemies? We have a built-in mote called
the Pacific and Atlantic oceans.
I could go on and on but I am still waiting for your reply on my first response to your concerns.

1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

I would look closer at “Friendly’s.” You know our training BFFs.

1 year ago
Reply to  menome

How do you get American soldiers to shoot American’s? You don’t. You get mercenaries, many who will see it as just another paying job and Allys who don’t speak the language , with no skin in the game and don’t care if the person they just murdered was your wife’s best friends cousin.

Wolf Strike
1 year ago
Reply to  Menome

Who exactly are these mercenaries?
Care to elaborate?

Alessandra Shepel
1 year ago
Reply to  Wolf Strike

We are seeing one scenario: the same they are using all over the world! Covid 19

Wolf Strike
1 year ago

(The enemy is way more evil and cunning than you think says:)
Well, hours have gone by and we are all waiting for you to show all of us just how
“creative” a “patrot” you are.
I also noticed that your initial critique included Chinese type symbols from
your keyboard quoting Sun Tzu.
Are you Chinese?

Lori Fox
1 year ago

Well duh!
The goal of the media is PROPAGANDA!
They don’t care about making money.

1 year ago

Powerful and very insightful piece.

1 year ago

Publishing platforms like YouTube are even manipulating the way we communicate with each other.

Our podcast coverage of the Paris terror attack was banned from YouTube, but still available at https://www.bitchute.com/video/q9dtuzeZ3U2w/

This sort of manipulation is more concerning than what The Washington Post, MSNBC, Fox News, and others are doing.

Trump has largely dragged his feet when it comes to this, and it doesn’t seem like any future presidents will solve the problem.

1 year ago
Reply to  Jason

He has a lot of people convinced that he’s an outsider, relative to the Deep State and establishment types. I think that he’s just part of another faction of those people. I don’t think that a true outsider could ever make it past the front door. I think that’s why he drags his feet on things like this. He might be different than the rest of them, but not *that* different. Different breed of the same animal. Just a thought.

1 year ago
Reply to  J.D.

Big agree

1 year ago

I realized this years ago, when I noticed how much people were complaining about certain trends on TV and in movies. Someone said to me: “Well, they wouldn’t be doing it, if they weren’t making money, right?” I asked myself if that were true. I looked it up and these TV shows and movies did lose a considerable amount of money. But, they were made, anyway. And ones like them were also made. It became clear to me then that the real reason that they were made was for some other reason. I paid attention an noticed that there were ideological commonalities. They weren’t selling a TV show or a movie, they were selling an idea. It also wasn’t viewers such as myself who were the primary consumers. They were selling these ideas to whomever was actually paying for their TV show or movie to be made, despite being a flop. The phenomena of there being a million channels but nothing ever on is part of this. You end up watching something just to have something to watch, out of habit, out of not wanting to sit there in silence. But, the reason you’re not engaged is because it’s propaganda, not entertainment. The greater problem is that the degrees of separation between the end goal and the person paying for it are numerous, making it harder to know who it is that’s paying for these things. The “man behind the curtain” stays obscured by this process, making it all the more sure that he continues pulling the strings, influencing everyone, without anyone knowing he’s there, let alone examining his agenda or having the opportunity to go up against him.

That “man behind the curtain” only wins the game because he’s convinced the rest of us that we’re not playing a game. The instant that we wake up to the fact that we’re on a human chessboard is the instant that he loses his edge.

Or, the saying goes something to the end of: ‘The greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he didn’t exist.’

Mel Wiley
1 year ago
Reply to  J.D.

I, for one, am bloody damned sick of being a pawn on the human chessboard of psychopathic oligarchs.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mel Wiley

I feel the same. It’s dehumanizing and parasitic. I think part of the game is keeping us so busy and tired that it’s hard for us to see what’s going on. As terrible as the lockdowns were/are, I’ve heard of more people waking up to this during them than ever before. Lemonade out of lemons, I think. Human beings can be impressively resilient.

1 year ago

This is an excellent article and confirms something I’ve suspected for a long time.

1 year ago
Reply to  Mikki

I agree. This is the best article I’ve read in ages. It’s not only insightful and intelligent, but very well-worded, which made it a joy to read.

1 year ago
Reply to  J.D.

J.D., that’s why I like this site, it’s like the thinking man’s (or woman’s) online tabloid. It has a great mix of attention-grabbing stories along with pieces that educate and inform. And I’m impressed with many of the commenters as well. It’s also great that there is room for polite dissent from the standard conservative party lines.

1 year ago

The article is interesting and there’s some value to it but it also has holes.
– – –
“The nice-sounding “ideology” of free-market fundamentalism serves to obfuscate the rapacious nature of oligarchs who operate beyond the bounds of any of the rules described in this naive economic worldview. Communism and socialism, similarly, are ideologies that serve only to obscure the ulterior interests of the very same oligarchs and the very same corrupt ruling class.”
– – –
There are a few common mistakes here.
– – –
There is nothing “similar” between a free market and communism.
Free-market means only what it says, a market free of aggression. Every participant is in it for mutual agreement for mutual benefit. If somebody has a problem with a market devoid of aggression he is in favor of aggression.
By the same principle “fundamentalism” means that it is OK to have a little freedom but not too much.
And we go back to the beginning. The only way to de-‘fundamentalize’ a free market is to introduce some aggression into it.
I’m in favor of free markets because I’m in favor of freedom as in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
It is NOT “life (unless we decide to deprive you of it), liberty (but as far as we say, don’t get greedy) and happiness (as long as we don’t decide to the contrary)”
This dismisiveness of “nice-sounding ‘ideology’ of free-market fundamentalism” is the language of a tyrant wannabee.
“You may be free . . . but only a little bit . . . don’t get full of yourself . . .”
America was founded in freedom and as a free market.
– – –
Collectivism is an end in itself and the oligarchs that think they pay “their dues” to it in order to control it will in the end be revealed as the useful idiots of the priests of the collectivist juggernaut.
It is a story I’d dare to suggest as old as man.
Rich guy sees something in the offing.
Fearful for his fortune, his position and his life if the thing takes off and succeeds he starts paying “his dues” in the hope of becoming a privileged part of it and being spared a fate worse than loosing the money he’s disbursing as sacrificial offering.
In the end he will often become a sacrificial offering himself once the thing he helped bring to fruition starts devouring its own if it is of the collectivist kind.
I offer you the world of Ayn Rand’s “Anthem”, the rest of her works and the history of both nazi germany and soviet russia and the rest of the communist attempts at building the always promised (but the opposite achieved) “paradise” and we know what the opposite of paradise is.
– – –
“Ideology” is by definition neutral as to contents.
The Constitutional Republic the United States of America was founded on an ideology of respect for the inalienable rights of the individual, freedom and Capitalism.
The german national socialism of the 1930s is an ideology of collectivism.
The soviet russian revolution and organization is an ideology of collectivism.
The demonrat party is pushing an ideology of collectivism.
And so on and so forth.
Everybody has a form of ideology and bases his life in a philosophical foundation albeit many are not conscious of it and would, mistakenly, pretend that they don’t.
So being dismissive of ideology is like being dismissive of breathing.
Every living man has one.
You may disagree with many ideologies and that’s normal.
You may agree strongly with one and that’s normal.
But pretending that having an ideology – philosophy is wrong is wrong in itself.
– – –
Media is a tool.
Ideology is a philosophy of life.
Media can lie or tell the truth according to the philosophy of life of those who call the shots.
Tucker Carlson makes use of a media for moral purposes; he’s an American patriot and a good man.
Tucker Carlson’s ideology is decent and I agree with him.
“Media and ideology are similarly deceptive” They are not.

1 year ago
Reply to  George_Banner

By free market, the classical economists meant a market free of rent seeking, you bone-head.
The classical economists wanted to tax economic rents!
What do the neoclassicals and neoliberals and market libertarians want? They want to push government out, so the market can dominated ONLY by rent-seekers and usurers.
If you want to expand your views, read up on Henry George.

Lu Manheim
1 year ago
Reply to  George_Banner

Ideologues, by definition, are closed minded.
When the facts change, you change your opinion, unless you’re an indeologue.
Tucker Carlson is not an idealogue. He’s a free thinker. He’s anti-war, he’s pro nation, he’s against the corporate takeover of human life, he’s against censorship, he’s again corruption, he’s against the illogical and degenerate new culture – in short, he’s a patriot who’s fighting the good fight. You don’t need to have an ideology for that. You just need to have common sense and dignity.

Lu Manheim
1 year ago
Reply to  George_Banner

You know why Ayn Rand hated communism so much?
It’s because she got to see ordinary plebs in the USSR go to school, a privilege mostly reserved for aristocrats, which she considered herself to be.
If you think Ayn Rand was some kind of freedom fighter, if you think Atlas Shrugged is anything more than pure fiction on top of fiction, you’re too stupid to unlearn your programming.
Ayn Rand was promoted and protected by Greenspan’s mafia and intellectual sophistry; they thought so lowly of her, or she was a completely pain in the ass, that they didn’t even pay her enough for her services to destroy American (non-marxist) labor and economic nationalism.

Lu Manheim
1 year ago
Reply to  George_Banner

Also, you haven’t the faintest what German national socialism was about.
It was an ideology rooted in idealism and eugenics, not collectivism.
Private enterprise and private property ownership was defended under German national socialism. Their only problem was with the international stock exchange economy, with land speculation and with usury, and with the promotion of homosexuality, beastiality and prostitution, which at the time was overwhelmingly done by wealthy jews, International Jewery. That’s why they wanted to deport them. And all the bleeding heart liberal countries of the West didn’t want to take them, instead they dumped them onto the Palestinians, who were living under the British book and had no say on immigration. In the first 5 years when they took office, the NSDAP rebuild the army, rebuild German industry, build infrastructure, eliminated unemployment, wages grew in real terms in the double digits, all of this in a climate of price stability.

1 year ago
Reply to  George_Banner

“The Constitutional Republic the United States of America was founded on an ideology of respect for the inalienable rights of the individual, freedom and Capitalism.”

That’s quite the ahistorical statement, don’t you think?
Those inalienable rights applied only for their class, not to the lower orders, not to women, not to the negroes. Only their class was allowed to vote. The US was founded by wealthy, slave-owning freemasons who wanted to be free of England and who wanted an aristocratic republic, and not a king, so they could have total freedom to rule over serfs. The land you stole from the Indians and Mexicans ensured that you didn’t have a civil war proper between the landless and the landed. That bloody conflict was fought in a prolonged manner, remember Pinkerton? The Homestead Strike? The Ludlow Massacre etc? Americans have had to struggle and give their lives to change the constitution to include them all, and not just the opulent minority who had to be protected from “the beast” the people.

Captain obviously
1 year ago
Reply to  Catherine

Yes, the people who came here brought their world with them. But the document they wrote opened up yours, you stupid fool.

This nation is unique because of that liberty, what it spawned around the world and how it shaped history.

To make such stupid tangents regarding the lack of votes by certain groups upon founding, is like suggesting the classical Greco Roman Democracy was a failure because of their restrictions.

Meanwhile. According to your creator, women and those who don’t work should not be able to vote. Maybe you should take it up with him if you are so bold.

1 year ago

JJJJ_spilner: a free market is one devoid of aggression where to deal or not to deal is left to the free will of those who want to participate by mutual agreement for mutual benefit.

Lu Manheim: go suck on your swastikas.

Catherine: No, I don’t think that. And women shouldn’t vote. A considerable number of our problems started when women were allowed to vote.

1 year ago

if you are wondering why others are not following fox lead with Carlson..read the vox day SJWs always lie and SJWs always double down to understand. SJW converged companies are not about operating at a profit. They will destroy what they infest to try to get their horrid messages and policies across.

Lady Percy
1 year ago

Media, especially TV/Film, is the method by which a population is enslaved.

Media (pamphlets, newspapers, radio, tv, internet) has ALWAYS been the method by which the commercial class (Oligarchs) controlled the masses to support the Oligarch puppets (liberal politicians) against the aristocracy and military elite. Every ‘revolution’ for more ‘freedom’ was done using this model. The masses are used as useful idiots against the noble leaders for the benefit of the rapacious oligarchs.

Michael J Frost
1 year ago

Thank you for this article. I have been trying so hard to understand how this all worked. This has helped me understand better than anything else I have read or listened to on the subject. Good read!

Elon Muskian
1 year ago

The article misses the point that Twitter and Amazon was focused in growing their market share over profitability for the longest time as a business strategy.

Amazon continually offered low prices with little to no profit in order to continue to attract and retain customers on their services. Once they had a huge market share, they started profit increasing activities such as improving supply chain and increasing prices. In their case, they wanted a large base of regular users as it is much easier to make profit when you have 1 billion customers as opposed to 1 million.

Twitter followed the same model, they did not want to end up like Myspace which drove their user base away with too many ads. Once they had a huge user engagement, they found sneaky ways to increase ad revenue. This is well known among social media companies.

The article’s idea is overall accurate as it is human nature, especially amongst those who are in the “Elite”, want to find ways to leverage power even if it is not for profit. And in that case, the leadership at Twitter is willing to sacrifice some profit at the expense of controlling narratives. Bezos is so rich, that having such power/influence is hardly an expense regardless of it being indirectly profitable for Amazon.

Px Fragonard
1 year ago
Reply to  Elon Muskian

Thanks for adding reason to a chain of comments riddled with paranoid fantasies. Market share is huge. It’s an investment. Exactly right.

1 year ago

Operation Mockingbird.

1 year ago

The dirty little secret is that all news agencies have been captured by agents of British intelligence which uses them to deliberately spread anti-American propaganda. You may have heard of the Rothschilds and George Soros. You haven’t heard of the other British. Ronald Cohen, Lubna Olayan, and Richard Branson are co-sponsoring a huge spy network that numbers in the tens of thousands within the United States, many of them masquerading as journalists. Everyone relies on the “experts” at the Council on Foreign Relations; it was founded as a British spy ring. They’re all British agents. The Queen knighted Len Blavatnik for bringing the Alfa Group billionaires under the umbrella. Fox News is owned by an Australian who has to follow British orders, and by Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia. OANN is literally the one American news network. Everything else is British. The “left-right” divide is between the fake British propaganda plus the foreign propaganda that the British run through their chain of command in exchange for kickbacks, and literally everyone else.

George L. Rockwell
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Between the corrupt media, degenerate programming to their IDF being garrisoned here in contravention to the provisioms of law outlined in the status of forces agreement as mentioned by @Din Djarin above, it is readily apparent the Joos are up to no good. They want this country to go down. They would be the muscle behind a UN force being here. They honestly think that they have a shot at suppressing us. They dont have a chance.
Din, what you reveal is not cool, especially given how you have observed it first hand.
But, it is long past time to discuss solving the Jooish Question once and for all. And no, people, I am not an anti semite, only a genuine realist…who converted to Christianity to embrace God’s Holy Spirit. These nosy crooks have been behind te destruction of over 100 societies for the last few thousand years. They are the Devil.
Solve the Question, and you solve Society’s Problems.

Din Djarin
1 year ago

I appreciate the mention, Commander, and I decline to comment on your theories concerning the Jewish Question. I do, however, agree with your notion that the IDF may be the muscle behind a UN-directed “Peacekeeping” force. If any of those rape-happy MF-ers touch down within our borders, I hope they step onto our territory knowing that it is a one-way ticket. UN rape story: https://apnews.com/article/69e56ab46cab400f9f4b3753bd79c930
Tactically, UN soldiers would only exist as an expendable wave, much in the fashion of a fainting goat in a farmer’s herd. However, once we drop the UN and pause to reset and reload, that is when their backers and muscle come into play. Then, as they say, it gets real.
Practice your marksmanship, and be proficient up to 300m. Maintain your arms and stockpiles. Have escape and rally plans for your families. Pray for Peace, but be fully Prepared for War.
This is the Way

George L. Rockwell
1 year ago
Reply to  Din Djarin

Why call me Commander?

Din Djarin
1 year ago

LCDR George Lincoln Rockwell, former leader of the American Nazi Party. I hope its only an unfortunate coincidence. You are opening the door to doxxing yourself with a screen name like that! Try a not so revealing name on the next thread. Just saying.
This is the Way.

Leih Geis
1 year ago

Let us address the media problem here. I can sum up the primary issue behind all problems here in the US, so I wrote a poem to describe it accurately:

Killjoy reporting
Is awful. They notoriously take
Known facts and twist them to their sick
End. It is truly, truly

Sgt. Joe Friday
1 year ago

If you have a small business that loses money year after year, the IRS will conclude that it’s not really a business, but a hobby and will disallow all the expenses you’ve written off. Why should Twitter, the WaPo, and all the other money losing social media companies be treated differently? What am I missing?

Px Fragonard
1 year ago

Good point. I also had to stop reporting losses after 3 years without a profit. But it was a second income. Maybe that’s the dividing line for the IRS. Maybe something to do with employing people too?

Px Fragonard
1 year ago

This is very close to the truth. I’d just say that many of these institutions didn’t begin this way but have been taken over by people who want to assert their power, including journalists themselves who get to assert a great deal of influence without this risk of running for office or facing consequences for the deleterious effects of their reportage.

4 months ago

Most of the media is devoted to political manipulation. In this landscape you have be fearless not to be, enter Tucker, Darren, and a few others.

4 months ago

What a piece of Fake journalism. Laughable! 😂😂😂

4 months ago

As usual Darren crystallizes and codifies another massively important conceptual “anti-venom” to this toxic PsyOp proxy war of globalist/ elite LIARS AND MANIPULATORS against the people of the USA’s civil liberties, freedoms and right to accountability and transparency from their governing institutions. Keep it up Mr. Beattie. You are truly doing missionary work in the service of the restoration of our nation.

4 months ago

Excellent article. Spot on.

4 months ago

If these businesses have truly put power over profits then they can be sued in state and federal court by shareholders and states for not maximizing investor rate of return and not maximizing taxable income.

4 months ago

Media is an extension of the Alphabet agencies they only tell you what they want you to hear NOT the truth

Thomas J Shepstone
4 months ago

Civil Society Is All But Totally Corrupted by Our Ruling Class


4 months ago

None of the corporate conglomerates should own media companies. WaPo is to push Amazon’s bottom line. NBC Comcast etc etc. I just turn them off. No customers no power and I dont use Amazon etc

4 months ago

The CCP is “carrot and sticking” the MSM as they represent a market 5-6 times larger than the already saturated ad market in the USA. Either play along with the CCP or your future in the mass media market is over! Signed: Emperor Xi

4 months ago

Hannity plays patty-cake.

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