Frustrated Trump Can’t Believe No One’s Been Prosecuted For Treason Yet
October 7, 2020 (2w ago)

President Trump retweeted this image. Spicy.

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President Trump took to Twitter late last night to vent his outrage over the fact that no one has been prosecuted for treason or sedition for their role in the Russia hoax.

President Trump is finally fed up — the only question is, is it too little too late? The Deep State is trying to run out the clock. Trump is trying to speed up declassifications, but only time will tell if this gambit succeeds.

President Trump also retweeted this spicy meme directed at Attorney General Barr.

Attorney General Barr may or may not be dragging his feet. It’s very hard to tell exactly what is going on. Perhaps the only thing we do know is that, to date, Barr has done nothing to publicly convince the public that he is going to get to the root of the problem.

Trump tweeted and retweeted a whole series of missives about the Russia hoax. Here they are, reproduced below, in chronological order.

The Deep State appears to be getting away with it, and they are gloating.

This is why it is so important that actions have consequences. Clearly, these men have to respect for Barr or Wray, and their actions tell you all you need to know about whether or not the Durham investigation will actually bring justice to treasonous and seditious Deep State criminals.

Things are moving at glacial speed, and that is probably deliberate.

Maybe if President Trump gets re-elected, justice will be done. I wouldn’t bet on it. But I would be willing to bet that, if Joe Biden gets elected, then the whole thing will be swept under the rug. They might even flip things around and try to prosecute our president on trumped-up charges. The New York Attorney General would love to sink her teeth into President Trump.

Just take a look at those chompers.

New York State Attorney General Letitia James

Anyways, back to Trump’s tweet storm.

Shut it down?

The media is indeed in on it.

It certainly isn’t fair, is it? That’s life.

And here’s the final tweet.

There’s really nothing more for us to do here but pray that justice is done. Because things sure aren’t looking pretty at the moment. Let’s hope Barr and Durham are serious about ensuring justice is done regardless of the fallout.

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21 responses to “Frustrated Trump Can’t Believe No One’s Been Prosecuted For Treason Yet”

  1. Trump should have declassified everything 2 years ago. He had the power and the authority to do so. His friends and alliances were begging him to do so. He had misplaced trust that there were some, in the pit of vipers, that had the same values and beliefs that he held. He was gullibly wrong. Is it too little too late? Maybe, maybe not. I pray that God casts a ray of cleansing light on this cesspool called “The Swamp”. I truly love our President Trump and hope that he gets re-elected to finish the job of ridding our society of the filth and vermin that has infiltrated our government.

    • Not familiar with that one, but I’ll check it out. The one that works for me is the fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, by the great Hans Christian Andersen. I am waiting for that moment when someone finally says “But he has got nothing on”.

  2. From day one Comrade Obama, a known Marxist for 30 years, has done everything he could to subvert, undermine, divide and destroy America.
    The last act of treason of his presidency was to knowingly approve and collaborate on the overthrow of his successor and the overthrow of the United States;
    that is called treason.
    Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Comey, McCabe, and the rest of the Leftist scum
    have as much chance of meeting up with a firing squad or a 6×6 cell as pigs flying.
    They will go scott free.
    What has Durham been doing all these months? years?
    He has met up with an absolutely corrupt and sold out to the Left FBI and
    Justic Dept. who are delaying, obstruct, obfuscate requests for evidenciary documentation so Durham can build a case for indictment.
    In all likelihood, behind the scenes, Durahm and this case are going
    no where.
    If it turns out that Biden and the Left manage to outright steal the presidency in a few weeks, this case will disappear and be swept away as if it never happened.
    Will the Marxist Media ever mention it?
    Barr and Durham have had oodles of time to bring indictments
    for the sake of the American people and all we get is
    The consequences of this latest failure to find actual justice in a corrupt
    and broken political system is profound.
    It truly signals the complete and final breakdown
    of our poliical institutions and a potential unraveling of the whole
    house of cards.

  3. Not sure which is worse, the fact that it happened or that they will get away with it. Regardless, Trump will win this election.

  4. Once the election is settled and you have four more years, immediately, within a day or less, fire the fat piece of crap you appointed as AG, replace him by Sydney Powell, someone who will defend the Constitution and the laws and apply them vigorously, fairly, and equally. She is the real deal. Barr is a timid fraud who is nothing more that a tease, at best, and effectively is just another lackey of the DS. Fire Wray, a real criminal as FBI Director. He should be indicted and prosecuted for obstruction of justice, at least. Rick Grennell, someone with character, integrity, smart and honest, to replace the dispictable Wray, a minime Comey. Fire the CIA Director, she is deep state, the CIA is not a country of its own, it is part of the USA funded with citizens tax money. She is rouge, not as bad as Brennan, but nearly so, and a Brennan protege. Why you picked Barr, Wray, and Haspert is beyond me. Her replacement, Gen. Flynn.

    With these replacement, we get the country back. Barr simply lacks courage, commitment to the law, integrity, and I would say brain power, since he is damaging the country and DOJ and probably thinks he is not. He is a putz.

  5. One Long Rope – Lots of Leftist Traitor’s Necks! If they get away with this Treason then I say Washington DC deserves to be burned to the ground “By Any Means Necessary” for it no longer will have any integrity or value to the American people.

  6. Election season, Trump posturing, getting the normies excited so they will vote.

    Shortly after being elected, he said Hillary was good people and should not be prosecuted.

    He has had four years. If he wanted arrests, he would have done something.

    All those pictures with Epstein. The decades long friendship with Epstein. Is that why Bibi brings literally his dirty laundry to wash when he visits Trump?

    They own him.

    I voted for Trump last time. I already voted for him this time, becoz, Ho Harris.

    I like Trump. But they own him, Epstein’s employers.

  7. Indictments taking forever to drop indicates no one really wants to get to the bottom of anything. What is the actual depth of the deep state?


  8. wtf has trump been doing for the past 4 years, only when it comes time to get re-elected he starts tweeting again?

    nothing will come of this, Trump is weak , these people attacked him and he does nothing about it, but tweet, hes the most powerful man in the world and whines on twitter.

  9. because no one will be prosecuted and when Biden wins the presidency this will all be swept under the rug because American people don’t care. It makes you sick that American people can be so dumb by electing Democrats and Biden after what they have done to this great country. You get what you voted for and it’s not gonna be good.

  10. If things are this corrupt, dirty beyond anything Americans could have imagined, and there are no consequences except elected officials griping on Fox News literally for years, then the message to the American population is why vote anymore? We no longer have a representative government, it is a charade.
    There are always excuses, just like inmates have excuses for their crimes, I am talking about investigators of the corruption, not the slime who did this to our country. Where are you? Are you hiding? We sure wouldn’t want to expose state secrets, better than America go down in flames and our younger generations learn beyond a shadow of a doubt that this country has been taken over by slime and nobody can do anything about it. God bless all the soldiers who fought for freedom in all of those wars…..travesty.

  11. This failing on the part of the Republican Party to defend the principles of our Constitutional Republic and the sanctity of our vote speaks volumes about what they really believe vs what they know they have to say to keep getting us to vote for them in Red States. Trump is right about what happened with the “wiretapping” he complained about years ago and the sad thing is that unlike the current so-called social “justice” movement’s approach to justice, where even people in the midst of committing violent felonies are given the benefit of the doubt and a sympathetic ear, the Republicans mostly ridicule Trump and his supporters for complaining that we have been disenfranchised by the deep state/swamp plots aimed at invalidating the election because Trump doesn’t express himself with the correct, coded, insider language. They make fun of the word “wiretapping”, ignore the injustice Trump is trying to draw attention to, and do nothing.

    But then let’s be honest, the Republicans will simply walk away from justice in a bizarrely Machiavellian way whenever it suits them and always have. The most egregious example in my lifetime was back when Bush II instituted the program of black site prisons to torture Muslims, which almost certainly was a war crime if you look at almost any credible discussion of the matter from the time. And given the fact that the Antifa/BLM rioters active today have committed thousands of acts of arson, numerous political killings, etc with almost no repercussions even though everyone can plainly see that they are an “organization” and that they receive funding from some of wealthiest people in the world, it is even more abundantly obvious that the torture of Muslims overseas was not really a matter of “protecting America”. I say it that way because the Antifa/BLM kids are doing far more damage, in far more cities, for far longer than any jihadis were able to do and yet almost nobody at that top of the Republican party (e.g. Bill Barr and his friends) are rallying to protect America… because they want Trump to lose.

    In short, I think the highest level power elite in the old Republican party use religious values and patriotism as a kind of political tool but in the end, they do not represent us or even care if our rights are defended. Like Obama with the “wiretapping”, they will violate any norm they have to whenever they feel like it to get what they want. You can torture people in black site prisons, sponsor mass arson and looting, turn Spy agencies against your own citizens and on and on and nobody will ever prosecute anyone who is in on the “joke”.

    I support Trump and agree that all of this is frustrating because even though he plays hardball and can play dirty to win, he does really care about representing us and our values even if he is ridiculed by every Bush-Romney-Wallace-Barr swamp creature at cocktail parties and in the news. He stands up for what he believes on our behalf even in the face of unfair/withering criticism.

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